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Simple Engagement Rings

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 25, 2023

While some people enjoy maximalist rings, others want rings that have elegant, classic beauty. Simple engagement rings are a perfect option for many a bride because they are a timeless choice and wear incredibly well over time. Even celebrities like Kate Middleton appreciate a simple style diamond engagement ring! If you’re looking for simple engagement rings but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

What is A Simple Engagement Ring?

Simple engagement rings are about exuding elegance and maintaining a classic look. The perfect balance of glamour and minimalist details are, as a general rule, what makes an engagement ring simple in style. These rings tend to have smaller diamonds, timeless features, and few accent stones. The main highlight of these engagement rings is the center stone, which can be in a fancy cut or bezel setting but otherwise is meant to be set simply.

Keeping It Classic: Solitaire Settings

Classic solitaire engagement rings are a perfect choice if you’re hoping to find a simple engagement ring. Simple engagement rings like these make a splash because of their easy-going elegance. Rather than clouding the beauty of your center diamond with other side-set diamonds or stones, you are elevating the center stone to the spotlight. The focus of these simple engagement rings will always be on your marvelous center diamond, as well as the thin, delicate band you may choose. Check out a few examples of some solitaire-style simple engagement rings below!

The Notre Dame Ring

This cathedral top solitaire rises up to embrace your center stone, revealing a high-polish open gallery profile. This is the perfect simple engagement ring for an elegant and enhanced classic solitaire look. One of our favorite things about this engagement ring is that it offers so many fancy diamond cut options, so if you are not that interested in round diamonds, you’ll still have plenty of options. The diamond shapes available include: Asscher cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, round cut diamond, marquise cut diamond, pear cut diamond, oval cut diamond, cushion cut diamond, heart cut diamond, princess cut diamond, and radiant cut diamond. This ring features so many choices in a diamond shape that we’re practically swooning! Can’t decide? Oval engagement rings, along with square diamond rings are trending right now.

The Marseille Solitaire Ring

The Marseille Solitaire features a six-prong setting and dainty tulip motif gallery, perfectly balancing simplicity and femininity. Simple engagement rings like these are fan favorites for their subtle details. A solitaire engagement ring with flower-like details in the setting, a delicately thin band, and a glimmering round stone in the center are the factors that make this ring so devastatingly eye-catching. Your simple engagement jewelry won’t need to break the mold to be stunning when you go with the Marseille Solitaire engagement ring.

The Jade Solitaire Ring

Are you looking at simple engagement rings that still bring the sparkle? You may have just found the one. The Jade Solitaire is elegant with an edge. This ring features north, south, east, west prongs studded with diamonds on the gallery and an extra slim 1.5 mm band. This diamond engagement ring is a fan favorite for its extra diamonds on the setting, making this diamond ring a stunner. This ring stays well within the solitaire engagement ring category but makes sure that your round-cut stone is the centerpiece of the entire diamond engagement ring.

Simply Excellent: Simple Engagement Rings With a Twist

The Matte Finish Quinn Signet Solitaire Ring

If you like a sleek, modern look with your simple engagement rings, you’ve come to the right place! This fabulous bezel set ring is the perfect way to keep your ring timeless without a thin band. This particular ring is also a wonderful style to give a gorgeous round-cut diamond a chance to shine. The bezel setting of this ring is matte brushed so that your sparkle is all from your round diamond. Details like this keep simple engagement rings so popular. They are the perfect fine jewelry accessory without being too much. The best thing is, if you’re bored of round cut diamond rings, then you can opt for something more unique, like an emerald cut diamond. This ring is gorgeous with various diamond cuts and is one of our more fabulous solitaire emerald cut engagement rings. Whether you select an emerald diamond, an oval diamond, a pear diamond, or any other fancy cut, you’ll be sure to fall in love with this unique engagement ring. For added contrast, consider a yellow diamond engagement ring!

The Lena Solitaire Ring

There really is nothing as unique as bezel settings on simple engagement rings. This lovely bezel set engagement ring can hold an emerald-cut or pear-cut diamond and is available in rose gold, platinum, white gold, or a yellow gold band. This engagement ring is the perfect blend of classic and modern with its diamond-cut options paired with a sleek bezel set.

The Orbital Solitaire

Were you looking at simple engagement rings but hoping for something out of this world? The Orbital Solitaire engagement ring features a ring of lab-grown diamonds around the 4-prong setting, available in your choice of precious metal. This engagement ring is the perfect blend of modern, classic, glamorous, and demure with its rounded platinum or gold band, secret diamond studs, and lovely center stone.

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