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Unique Engagement Rings

by Caroline Clark
Last updated on February 2, 2023
woman wearing halo style lab grown diamond engagement ring

While engagement rings are symbols of the love and devotion that a couple shares, this is also a piece of jewelry that you’ll be wearing for a long, long time. One of the most important things to remember when deciding on its style is that you want your engagement ring to reflect your personality and personal taste through every season of your life. You are seeking unique engagement rings that are a visual representation of your love.

Why Seek Unique Engagement Rings?

You are looking for unique engagement rings so that your engagement ring is a particular, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Today, there are thousands of different engagement rings—from modern settings to different shaped diamonds—and endless combinations you can choose from.

If you’re like many others out there, you’re looking for a unique engagement ring. You want a ring that reflects who you are and one that is all your own. To assist in that search, we’ve rounded up our favorite and most unique engagement rings, all of which incorporate quality, ethical, lab-grown diamonds. You may also seek unique details like yellow diamonds and colored stones or striking rose gold.

Unique Solitaire Style Rings

When you’re looking for your one-of-a-kind dream ring, you might think you should steer away from minimalist-inspired designs like solitaires. Choosing a solitaire setting is anything but boring, though!

Modern Precious Metals

We love this engagement ring style because it allows your diamond to truly shine and be the focal point of your engagement ring. Rings like these with us can come in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum. White gold is the most commonplace, but you cal still design a unique engagement ring with this popular metal.

Choosing a modern metal is a great way to take your solitaire up a notch. Rose gold is a favorite among those seeking unique engagement rings today. Yellow gold also makes a statement. You may want to go through the custom design process to ensure that you get the ring of your dreams.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut stones are also a great way to add some flair to these rings. Many people specifically love an emerald-cut center diamond solitaire. We offer a range of beautiful solitaire engagement rings, each one unique in its own way. While subtle in their designs, our solitaire engagement ring designs offer something for every type of bride. 

Braided Solitaire Ring

This diamond ring is a true classic with a twist! Our Braided Solitaire Ring adds soft lines to make this setting anything but ordinary. This unique style securely holds a Round diamond firmly in place with its 4 prong setting. Whether you decide to wear this ring in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum, it will have an exciting custom feel to it with the gorgeous braided band. Pair it with our stylish Braided Matching Band, and you’ve got two unique engagement rings that are sure to please the bride looking for a unique spin on her wedding day.

Marseille Solitaire Ring

Looking for engagement rings that are trés chic? Our Marseille Solitaire Ring has the perfect blend of feminine style with a modern spin. With a six-prong setting and dainty tulip motif gallery, this solitaire diamond style showcases your diamond as the ring’s focal point. It is even more stunning in rose gold. Perfect for the bride who is looking for a powerful diamond presence. 

Rialto Ring

Next, we travel to Italy for our Rialto Ring. While this is a proper solitaire setting, this diamond ring is perfect for the bride looking for unique engagement rings with simple lines with head-turning flair. With the curves of the band wrapping around your center round stone, this setting is the definition of romance. Paired with its matching wedding band, this style is perfect for the romantic at heart. 

1.5mm Solitaire

If you love the look of a simple solitaire setting, an easy way to make it your own is to add a unique diamond shape. Choosing a fancy-cut diamond, like an emerald cut diamond, for your center gemstone really add lovely flair to this one-of-a-kind, delicate ring. Our 1.5mm Solitaire with a radiant-cut diamond would do just the trick!

Unique ‘Classic’ Style Rings

Classics are classics for a reason. Even if you are looking for a truly unique ring that reflects your personal style, a classic ring collection often provides extra glamour and details that allow for additional diamonds, which means extra shine! Every jewelry designer knows that the perfect ring can come from just the right details coming together rather than reinventing the wheel. Despite their name, our classic engagement rings can still be perfect for the non-traditional bride. Check out our most unique ones below!

Soprano Ring

Maybe your future fiance is a singer, or perhaps she loves Tony Soprano. Either way, our Soprano Ring is sure to catch her eye. The number of stones in this ring’s band alone makes for a stunning piece of jewelry, but the center gemstone is the star of this ring. Featuring the center stone shape of your choice — the diamond seemingly floats between the shimmering, encrusted arms of this whimsical and unique design. Want an extra unique diamond engagement ring for life? Choose a heart-shaped diamond to really show her the love. With over 20 handset lab-created diamonds, this setting has the perfect amount of glamour and flare while also remaining timeless. 

Belize Ring

Our Belize Ring is one of a kind for all the right reasons! With over 50 handset lab diamonds, this style sparkles from all angles! You must view this ring 360º to catch the hidden diamond that sits under the center round stone and the triangles of accent diamonds on each side. The side set stones, and hidden gem underneath make this a ‘can’t miss it’ kind of ring! This setting has every element you could ever want and is perfect for the bride searching for that perfectly unique ring. 

Aspen Ring

Are you looking for a classic style that is sure to be one of a kind? Our Aspen Ring, pictured in white gold above, is perfect for you! With 40 handset diamonds, this style features shimmering lab-created diamonds along the sides and the top of the band, assuring your bride to be significant sparkle. Who doesn’t love some extra gemstones? We love this ring for the extra bling and because it is compatible with our 9 different stone shapes. No matter your preferred diamond cut, you will find the diamond gemstone that fits your style with us. Try adding a radiant-cut or pear-shaped diamond to make this ring extra unique. 

Classics can still be unique! Don’t let the category name deter you from exploring this gorgeous selection of diamond engagement rings. You may just find precisely what you’re dreaming of while you shop in the classic section, and still find the perfect diamond ring.

Unique Halo Style Rings

Halo engagement rings are a sparkly and fashionable unique engagement ring option with a center stone surrounded by micro diamonds. Known for their romantic and feminine style, halo engagement rings are also loved because of how the surrounding diamonds accentuate the center stone — often making that center stone look larger than it really is. This is the perfect style if you’re on a budget or want to add some extra glam. Traditionally, round and cushion-cut diamonds are used in a halo, but today you can find other fancy-shaped halo settings, such as pear or oval, reasonably often.

We have many halo settings that offer a unique take on the traditional halo style, but here are a few of our staff favorites. 

Starburst Halo

Make a stunning statement with our Starburst Halo — available in platinum, as well as white, yellow, and rose gold (in 14K or 18K), complete with a brilliant round-shaped diamond center stone. The lab-grown diamond of your choice would be handset in this stellar-like design that includes 24 accent diamonds around your center stone and along with the band—a one-of-a-kind, unique engagement ring that is just as beautiful as it is uncommon. 

Fifth Avenue Ring

Are you looking for a halo design inspired by vintage style? Look no further than our Fifth Avenue Ring. This timeless ring is unique in that it features an oval-shaped diamond center stone, elegantly framed by sparkling lab-grown diamonds. Unlike a traditional prong setting, a bezel setting keeps your diamond very secure by completely wrapping the center stone in metal. This is the perfect setting for those who have an active lifestyle and worry that their diamond will get damaged. And like all halos, the diamonds surrounding your oval stone will make it appear more prominent, which is great if you’re purchasing a smaller stone. With more diamonds added to the ring’s shank, this setting provides plenty of sparkle for the non-traditional bride

Sienna Ring

Our Sienna Ring features a delicate, antique-style filigree that perfectly frames this vintage engagement ring with the center round stone surrounded by small diamonds and engravings. Totaling more than 20 gemstones, this non-traditional ring showcases some incredible detail! The perfect balance of halo and vintage makes this bold ring a favorite for the bride, who loves the look of antique diamonds but prefers modern sustainable flair. 

Unique Vintage Style Rings

Vintage-style engagement rings are loved for their old-world charm and elegant details. Vintage rings have some of the most unique designs because of their many years of influence. From Art Deco to glam Mid-Century modern design, vintage rings today are more popular than ever, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a design seen on your everyday bride. 

Private Garden Solitaire

The Private Garden Solitaire is a unique engagement ring with a perfect touch of vintage style. This setting is the ideal combination of modern and vintage with the twisted, hidden band of lab diamonds under the center stone and along the band. We also love this ring because it’s compatible with our 9 different stone shapes. From princess to pear, this diamond is playful, elegant, and dying to be noticed!

Concerto Ring

Love our Rialto Ring, but craving more? Look no further than our Concerto Ring, the perfect vintage style that packs on the drama in all the right ways. With milgrain edges that encircle the center diamond for a dramatic look, this ring is anything but ordinary but still filled with stunning vintage elements. Let your diamond take center stage and up the glam with smaller diamonds inlaid in the band. A mix of old and new will please any bride that has an old soul. 

Entwined Solitaire

The Entwined Solitaire represents the blend of two lives becoming one. The beautiful twists that make up the band bring your eye to the stunning petal-shaped lab-created diamond accents that cradle your round center stone. With its Victorian-era-inspired details, this ring looks just as good in the ultra-modern rose gold as it does in classic yellow gold. With diamonds hidden through this setting, we love this ring for its feminine beauty and floral elegance.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Like snowflakes, no two lab-grown diamonds are the same. Although some people believe that lab-created diamonds are all flawless, the reality is that they are grown in an environment that replicates that of the earth. For that reason, every lab-grown diamond is unique, just like every mined stone. This is precisely why the 4 C’s grading system (rating the cut, color, clarity, and carat of every one of our diamonds) was put into place — to add a reference guide that helped jewelers and shoppers group all of these individual diamonds on a large scale. So, even if you end up going with a more traditional setting, your diamond will ensure that your ring is unique no matter what. 

Your engagement ring is a physical representation of the love that you and your partner share. As such, it should be as unique and as personal as your relationship. Clean Origin makes finding a beautiful, unique engagement ring easy, so you’ll always have a diamond ring you can be proud to wear, and that will help light your life’s journey for decades to come.