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Matching Wedding Bands

by Caroline Clark
Last updated on September 1, 2023
Matching Wedding Bands

You’ve secured the engagement ring, but now you must make yet another decision–you have to choose your wedding ring. The wedding band is exchanged on your wedding day, and unlike your engagement ring, your new husband gets a wedding ring too! While traditionally you and your partner will wear matching wedding rings, this rule on wedding bands isn’t set in stone.

Wedding bands can be as elaborate or as simple as you want, but finding the perfect style may be tricky. Here, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites in hopes of guiding you on what to choose for a wedding ring set.

His and Hers Matching Bands

On your wedding day, the rings you exchange are more than just a symbol of your love. They also represent your devotion and commitment to each other as a married couple. And while traditionally the groom only had the option of wearing a simple, metal band, today, men have more choices than ever when it comes to wedding band styles.

Now they can ditch the simple bands and add lab grown diamonds, metalwork, or details that weren’t available before. This means that if you’d like to match your husband’s ring so that you have matching his and hers wedding bands, there are tons of options to achieve the look.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorites to show you what matching wedding ring sets we love.

Myron Diamond Band and 11 Stone Milgrain Channel Ring

11 Stone Milgrain Channel Diamond Ring. matching wedding bands.

The men’s Myron Diamond Band and women’s 11 Stone Milgrain Channel ring both feature beautifully intricate milgrain detailing on the band. Both of these matching wedding bands are elegant and crafted for a lifetime of wear.

Niko Band and Corin Diamond Rings

The men’s Niko Band and women’s Corin Diamond Rings, which come in various diamond sizes, look fantastic together, with both bands featuring lab diamonds handset in a channel setting. Great for the couple that’s always on the go, as this setting style protects your diamonds.

Arden Men’s Band and Serendipity Ring

Serendipity Diamond Ring

For the modern couple, our Arden Men’s Band and Serendipity Ring go together like red on a rose. Modern but simple, these matching wedding bands are studded with our lab grown diamonds, adding just a touch of sparkle to an otherwise simple band.

Mix and Match

Of course, you and your husband don’t have to match at all when it comes to wedding bands. You may have different styles and tastes, and if so, you’ll want to wear a band that reflects who you are.

If your husband is looking at gold men’s wedding bands and you want a rose gold ring studded with diamonds, that’s okay! It’s important to remember that your rings should represent not only you as a couple but also who you each are as individuals — it’s the symbolism behind the rings that unifies you.

Women’s Wedding Bands

You’ll want to choose a wedding band style that matches your engagement ring. Luckily, we offer matching wedding rings that fit a range of styles and designs.

For many solitaire and classic style settings, our handset diamond bands will pair beautifully. Our favorites are the Eleganza Matching Band, which matches our Eleganza ring, or any other ring that has a similar style. Another style we love is our Charmant Matching Band, which matches our Charmant Ring.

If you want something without diamonds, our Antique Solitaire Matching Band has lovely vintage details and pairs with our Antique Solitaire. Our Tulip Solitaire band is also a beautiful option if you’re looking for a plain metal band, and while it’s made for the Tulip Solitaire ring, it looks great alongside other setting styles like our Sorriso Ring.

Bridal Sets

MoonBeam Bridal Set

A bridal set consists of an engagement ring with a perfectly coordinated band–and we love bridal sets for a number of reasons. First, they save you time. Both rings come together, and you won’t have to worry about ordering your wedding ring later on. Second, they take out the guesswork of deciding which style matches your setting.

We offer many intricate and elaborate settings, like our Garden Ring, Filigree 3 Stone, or MoonBeam setting, that need a special band that will sit properly against your ring. You want the two rings to go hand-in-hand like you and your boo.

However, unless you are absolutely certain that the ring you hinted at is the ring you will keep, we don’t recommend having your future fiancé purchase the bridal set immediately. Bridal sets are great if you are absolutely certain that you’ll like both ring styles, otherwise it’s best to buy individually. Besides, once you get your dream engagement ring, you may want to play around with different band styles and metal colors for a more unique look. 

Engagement Rings Without a Matching Wedding Band

Depending on the type of setting you have, there might not be an exact “matching wedding band” to coincide with it. However, there are still many different wedding ring styles you can choose from that will go great with your engagement ring setting style. If you have a simple solitaire setting, you definitely get your pick of simple matching wedding bands, as solitaire settings typically fit well next to most style bands. However, any ring with a classic band shape will fit nicely against most of our wedding band styles.

If you’re looking to add more bling to your hand, try our classic Coupé 9 Stone Diamond Ring, which features 9 stunning handset diamonds around the band. Our Trellis Ring has 5 stones totaling 1 CT, that sit on top of the band, rather than going around as an eternity band would. This ring is available with a range of diamond sizes, allowing you to have more or less bling.

Another Clean Origin favorite is our Fleur Diamond Ring, with 14 lab created diamonds connected by a single prong to create a striking look that really emphasizes the diamonds. All our wedding bands come in 14k and 18k white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. And if you’re confused as to which band will match best with your setting, contact our team and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. 

Shopping With Clean Origin

wedding ring set -- matching wedding bands

The diversity of products on our site gives you tons of flexibility in terms of his and her matching wedding bands, as well as your matching band to your engagement ring. Browse our selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, and sets, and find the right one for you today!