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Everything You Need to Know About Different Styles of Wedding Rings

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So you’re trying to decide on a wedding ring style. But with so many options and so much information out there, you’re getting a bit stuck. Luckily for you, we’ve assembled a guide to help you learn about the different styles of wedding rings so you can find the perfect fit. Before we jump into it, let’s review exactly what a wedding ring is and why it’s categorized differently than an engagement ring.

Everything You Need to Know About Different Styles of Wedding Rings

What’s the difference between your wedding and engagement rings?

Traditionally, the engagement ring is given during the initial marriage proposal and the wedding ring is added on during the marriage ceremony. Sometimes people will use the term ‘wedding ring’ when referencing an engagement ring, but rarely vice versa. 

What are the different styles of wedding rings?

Although a solid gold wedding band used to be the norm, it’s much more common nowadays to get a wedding band that matches the style of your engagement ring, or one that enhances it, like a rose gold engagement ring. If you’re going for more of a traditional wedding ring, you’ll want to opt for a solid band that matches the color of your engagement ring or a pave band made of the same metal. Both of these options offer a sleek and classic look. If you want to mix things up, there are a few things you can do. 

  1. Get a wedding band style with filigree or other metalwork
  2. Mix and match your engagement ring metal color with your wedding ring color
  3.  Couple your classic engagement ring setting style with something more vintage for a wedding band

What are the different types of ring settings?

The four most common ring settings are halo, classic, solitaire, and vintage. These will become important to know if you’re opting for a bridal set or to try and find a ring that sits flush against your engagement ring. If you have a halo ring, you might need to find one of our engagement ring band styles that fit underneath the edge of the center stone. With a vintage ring, you might need a different style of wedding band that is shaped specifically to fit the cut of the engagement ring (pictured). If you’ve already purchased your engagement ring in one of these four styles, one of our diamond experts should still be able to help you find a ring to complete your bridal set.

How do I choose a wedding ring?

Your wedding ring style is completely up to you! However, there are really three different routes you can take. Use it to dress down your wedding ring, use it to add more flair, or use it to complete a set. If your engagement ring is extremely sparkly with lots of diamonds and you want to offset that a bit with simplicity, opt for a solid band. Make it a bit more personal by engraving your wedding date on the inside. If your engagement ring doesn’t glisten quite as much as you want, find a style of wedding ring engraved with diamonds. And if you really love pairs, go with a bridal set. Although the majority of individuals buy a wedding ring that matches the color of their engagement ring, having various metal colors is trending because of the versatility it provides. 

Ring definitions to keep in mind:

  • Engagement ring: the ring that’s most commonly presented during a proposal
  • Wedding ring/band: the ring that sits next to the engagement ring and exchanged during your wedding vows
  • Bridal set: a combo of engagement ring and wedding ring that often match in style and color
  • Eternity band: another name for a wedding band, but can also be given as a gift, especially on an anniversary. These styles are often a bit simpler than what’s available for a wedding ring. They’re also great additions to a ring stack.
  • Pave ring: any style of ring (wedding or engagement) that features a band with side stones or accent stones). These often extend halfway or all the way around the ring.