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5 Classic Engagement Ring Styles

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on January 19, 2022

Starting your engagement ring search means narrowing down your setting style and often choosing between four of the most common collections: halo, solitaire, vintage, and classic. Your engagement ring should truly represent who you are as a person, but also be a piece of jewelry that you’ll want to wear for years to come. That’s why many individuals love classic engagement rings. But, before we show you our top 5 favorite classic rings, let’s review exactly what a classic ring is and why you might want to choose one to represent your love.

What is a classic engagement ring?

When you think of a classic ring, think solitaire but with extra sparkle. A classic engagement ring typically features a pavé band, which is a band covered with smaller diamonds; these rings add a gorgeous row of glitter that adds to the overall beauty of your center stone. You might also hear these rings referred to as “timeless” or “traditional” wedding rings.

Often, both solitaire and classic engagement rings are great options if you’re hoping to have a fancy-shaped diamond. Although a brilliant round is the most popular center stone, a lot of classic rings can hold anything from ovals to emeralds. There are also lots of classic rings that feature double or triple pavé bands. This creates the look of a stacked ring and is a big hit with those who prefer a thicker banded look.

When it comes to the color of your classic engagement ring, it really all depends on personal preference. White white gold rings are currently the best-sellers, it wasn’t too long ago when yellow gold was found on the left hand of every fiance. Recently, rose gold has also made its way into the jewelry world and people are loving this unique option. All Clean Origin rings are available in white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as platinum.

Ready to make your pick? Check out 5 classic engagement rings that we love.

The Epitome of Timeless

The Petite Floating Gem is one of our best-selling rings, and for good reason. A traditionalist’s dream, this ring is the exact definition of a classic engagement ring. Incorporate any of our diamond shapes into the center of this gorgeous setting and transform it into a piece that’s all your own.

The Stacked Look

Our Venus Ring is perfect if you’re looking for the stacked or thick-banded look. Featuring three diamond-studded layers for a total of 38 accent diamonds, this ring gives a unique twist to the classic look. Match it with its simple, pave eternity band to create yet another layer on this beautiful ring!

The Braid

Our Delicate Twisted Vine Ring takes the double-banded look to a whole new level with the two layers twisted into a stunning, braided look. Since this setting protrudes a bit out of the ordinary, the matching band is a must if you want your engagement ring and wedding band to fit perfectly together. Buy them together in a bridal set so you don’t have to worry about the second ring down the road! 

The Cutout Look

The Fleur Ring is really great for someone that isn’t looking for an ordinal band. The accent diamonds on this ring look as if they’ve been cut out, creating a fun look that will show off a bit more skin under the ring. Mix and match the color of your engagement ring and matching band to really make the diamonds pop!

The Wrap

The Santa Fe Ring wraps around the center stone like an ocean wave and features two lines of bands: one pave, the other plain metal. Truly mixing the best of both worlds, this ring is a perfect harmony between solitaire and classic engagement rings.