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Lab Grown Diamond Channel Set Engagement Rings

A channel set engagement ring is a band with accent stones set into a groove in the band. It can be combined with a center stone for a dazzling combo.  

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What Is a Channel Set Engagement Ring?
A channel set engagement ring is a row of diamonds set within a groove in the band, also called the shank. The stones are situated in a channel, which is where the name came from. This type of ring doesn’t have prongs for the row of diamonds because they’re situated in the band itself. Channel set engagement rings typically also have a center stone of your choice. The diamonds set in the band add a dazzling accent to frame the center stone. 
Who Chooses Channel Set Engagement Rings?

A channel set engagement ring is a secure design that is ideal for anyone who wants a little extra sparkle on their ring. The small diamonds in the band add more shine than a simple band and center diamond.

A channel ring can be a great choice for someone who likes a little extra sparkle on their engagement ring but who also has an active lifestyle where the diamonds (or other gemstones) could get bumped. The channel protects the diamonds because they’re flush with the band itself. There also are no prongs (which hold diamonds within a ring setting) for the accent diamonds, which reduces the risk of losing a diamond.

If you’re looking for a little extra sparkle but are on a budget, a channel set engagement ring can be just what you’re looking for. Because the diamonds are set within the band, it minimizes the diamond imperfections. You can get slightly less expensive diamonds with this setting but really get a shine out of them as accent stones.

What’s the Difference between a Channel Set Ring and a Pavé Engagement Ring?
A pavé engagement ring uses prongs to hold an accent stone in place on the band. A channel set ring has the stones embedded into the band, which sit flush with the edge of the band. Both a channel and pavé setting add a brilliance to an engagement ring, but they’re both very different looks, so it’s up to you what style you like best.
Are Channel Engagement Rings Available in Different Styles?

Yes, channel engagement rings are available in different styles. "Channel set" is only referring to the way accent stones are set within the metal walls of the band.

A diamond engagement ring with a channel band can be paired with any style of center stone diamond shape of your choice. Whether you're considering emerald, marquise, or even princess cut diamonds, they'll all look beautiful with a channel set diamond band. You can also add side stones (like baguette cut diamonds), or choose a style like a three-stone ring or a solitaire.

Another way to add personality to a channel set diamond band is with the metal you choose. Metal options for channel settings include yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and even platinum. The options are endless when it comes to a channel set engagement ring. You can even have a matching wedding band with channel set diamonds!

Are Channel Ring Sets Hard to Clean?

Channel rings have a reputation for being difficult to clean. There is a little truth to that. The groove where the diamonds sit can easily catch dirt and build up if you’re not properly cleaning your ring. But luckily, with the right cleaning routine, your channel set ring doesn’t need to be harder to clean or have built-up dirt in it.

To clean your channel set ring, you should take it into a jeweler at least once a year. They have professional tools and can easily clean your channel setting and have it just as clear and sparkling as the day you bought it. At home, you can clean your channel engagement ring with warm water and dish soap. Soak your ring for about 20 minutes and then gently brush with a soft toothbrush.

Is It Easy for Stones to Fall Out of a Channel Set Engagement Ring?

Some people worry that channel set diamonds fall out easier, but that’s not the case. Channel set engagement rings are secure, especially if you buy from a reliable jeweler like Clean Origin.

Our rings at Clean Origin go through thorough quality checking to make sure the stones are secure. We can create a dream engagement ring for you that will last a lifetime. To help your ring last a lifetime, it can be beneficial to have it regularly checked by a professional jeweler to make sure none of the channel stones are coming loose.

Can You Resize a Channel Set Ring?

Resizing channel set rings is difficult but not impossible. It's easier to resize channel set diamond rings if the channel doesn't go all the way around the band. In that case, the part of the band that is solid metal can be cut in order to resize the ring.

If the channel goes all the way around the ring, diamonds may have to be added or removed when the ring is resized. Doing this could potentially change the shape of the channel. The jeweler resizing the ring must ensure they place the diamonds securely so they don't fall out.

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