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Unique Mens Wedding Bands

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 19, 2023
Man wearing yellow gold men's wedding ring

You may not think too much about men’s wedding bands when getting married because the woman’s engagement ring usually gets all the attention. We believe men should also be able to show off their stylish and unique wedding band. It’s essential to take time to shop for unique mens wedding bands to make sure the groom has a ring that matches his style and personality.

Wedding bands and engagement rings remind you daily of your love for your partner and your commitment to them for life. When you look down at your ring finger, you want to see something that makes you smile.

From classic wedding band styles to unique and custom designs, Clean Origin offers a wide selection, so you can find the perfect wedding rings for your special day. Men’s wedding bands can be as spectacular and stylish as the engagement ring. They come in different metals, styles, and even feature gemstones.

How to Shop for Unique Mens Wedding Bands

Three mens wedding bands.
Mens Wedding Bands in Different Metals

You may be wondering how to shop for a wedding band. Engagement rings are hard enough to find, but now you have to look for the perfect wedding band to match. Knowing your preferences will be easy to narrow down your choices to find the perfect ring. But before you shop for a wedding band, keep a few factors in mind.


Wedding bands come in many different metals like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum. A yellow or white gold band is probably the most common and most widely available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other metals. There are also black rings made out of tungsten or titanium that are becoming more popular as modern wedding bands.

Ring Width

You can customize ring width on many ring styles online. So if you prefer thinner or thicker rings, you can choose the exact width you want. This allows you to create the ring you want and give it a unique shape.


We definitely love including diamonds in all our fine jewelry, men’s bands included. You can feature a single gem or multiple diamonds on a special wedding band. It’s common to find multiple diamonds in a line on a men’s wedding band.


Style is the most important and variable factor when shopping for your wedding ring. Often, it is best to browse some options until you know what style you want. Maybe you like bold signet rings, a satin finish, a rustic look, or simple traditional precious metals.

Unique Wedding Bands

Groom on his wedding day.
Groom On His Wedding Day

Finding unique mens wedding bands can be simple. You can customize the metal, gemstones, and even ring width. Classic wedding band styles include simple gold rings and silver rings. You can also use creative designs and repeating patterns to turn a plain wedding band into a unique one with style.

Unique Mens Wedding Bands With Diamonds

Modern wedding bands feature diamonds, even for men’s wedding bands. Diamonds on your wedding band make the ring glimmer and shine. You can show off your special wedding band when it has amazing diamonds on it.

Ten Stone Men’s Diamond Band

10 Stone Men’s Diamond Band

This wedding band features ten beautiful diamonds that wrap around the ring. It’s available in a white gold or yellow gold wedding band.

Arden Men’s Diamond Band

Arden Men's Diamond Band

As part of the Precision Collection at Clean Origin, this band has three lab grown diamonds in a unique staggered and stacked design. It is also sleek and features a wide band.

5 Stone Men’s Diamond Band

5 Stone Men's Diamond Band

This band features five stunning diamonds in the center of the band with a thicker front, resembling a signet ring. So if you really want to show off the diamonds in your wedding band, this is the perfect one.

Textured Design in Unique Mens Wedding Bands

A textured design is a great way to get a unique look but still have a classic wedding band. If you’re not a fan of diamonds, then a textured ring is perfect for you!

Kevin 6mm Men’s Band

Kevin 6mm Men's Band

This ring has square indents like picture frames around the ring. Therefore, it gives it subtle texture with an exceptional design. The Kevin band is perfect in yellow gold, which gives it a fine look.

Caleb 6mm Men’s Band

Caleb 6mm Unique Mens Wedding Band

The Caleb band has a unique design of brushstroke texture inlaid in the ring and etched details that make it stunning and sophisticated.

Alex 6mm Men’s Band

Alex 6mm Unique Mens Wedding Bands

This textured ring has small circular divots that create a woven texture and give this wedding band details you won’t want to stop looking at. The Alex band also combines a traditional style with unique features that give it more personality.

Rose Gold Unique Mens Wedding Bands

If you don’t want the classic white gold or yellow gold, rose gold is an excellent option because it adds a new element to the wedding ring that isn’t common. Rose gold wedding bands are available in many styles. Here are some of our top picks for rose gold rings.

Cody 6mm Men’s Band

Cody 6mm Unique Mens Wedding Bands

This band has round divots spaced around the whole ring. These add a subtle shine without a diamond, making it perfect for a sophisticated look. It is available at Clean Origin in 14K rose gold.

Brian 7.5mm Men’s Band

Brian 7.5mm Unique Mens Wedding Bands

The Brian wedding band is thicker for a sturdy look. It has interlocking ridges and texture for a sleek design. It is also available in 14K rose gold, giving it a beautiful finish.

Ryan Band

Ryan Band

The Ryan band in rose gold is absolutely stunning. It features equally spaced indents around the whole ring that are simple yet create a beautiful style. Additionally, you can customize the ring width. Rose gold has a unique coloring with a rosy tint that will help you appreciate your eternal love.

Simple Designs for Unique Mens Wedding Bands

Just because a design is simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t shine with its own personality. You can still find unique wedding bands that have simple patterns or designs.

Men’s Knife Edge Band

Knife Edge Unique Mens Wedding Bands

This simple yet unique men’s wedding band comes in different metals and widths. The center ridge that it forms adds some personality while keeping the wedding band classic. In short, it is a great choice for anyone who wants a sleek design and the ability to customize their wedding band.

Men’s Low Profile Milgrain Band

Low Profile Milgrain Unique Mens Wedding Bands

With six metal options and five different widths, this milgrain band will satisfy any groom. It is a simple band, but the small circle beads on the top and bottom edge make it one of a kind. This design is sophisticated and is sure to make your future spouse happy.

Jeb Band

Jeb Band

The Jeb band is elegant and unique. It has a subtle texture but is extremely strong. We think the style shines in white gold or yellow gold especially. If you also like soft features and the subtle design, we think you’ll love this wedding band.

Other Unique Mens Wedding Band Options

If you’re looking for something other than the affordable, extremely durable, and ethical unique mens wedding bands options at Clean Origin, then you may have to do more searching to find your wedding ring. Your local fine jeweler or silversmith could help you design your own wedding band. Whatever you’re looking for, we want to help you find the one.

Indeed, your wedding band should be just as important as any other wedding jewelry. Unique styles represent your unique relationship and your commitment to your partner. We hope you like some of our favorite men’s wedding bands at Clean Origin!