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All About The February Birthstone

by Moya Guy
Last updated on August 18, 2023

February is a month that’s usually filled with sunshine and chills. For those born in February, your birthstone is amethyst. February birthdays are lucky to have a royal purple gemstone as their birthstone. This purple gemstone features a dazzling deep reddish purple that will stun you!

History of February Birthstone

Amethyst is a quartz gemstone with various properties. The name amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos which translates to “non-intoxicated.” In early greek mythology, ancient greeks believed that the gemstone protected its user from drunkness. The greeks wore amethyst in hopes of it protecting them from being drunk. It makes sense that amethyst has a wine-like color that ancient greeks often referred to.

Furthermore, ancient greeks were not the only people to use amethyst. Ancient Egyptians carved the purple gemstone into animals and jewelry as they believed that amethyst would protect them from negative energy and feelings.

What is Amethyst Use For

Today, there are many stories to tell regarding amethyst. Amethyst’s shade ranges from pale lilac to a deep wine-like color. Its most common use is for spiritual practices such as tarot and psychic readings. February’s birthstone, amethyst, has several healing properties. Including inner peace, positive transformation, and relieving stress. Furthermore, this birthstone has a calming presence that helps to soothe its wearer. These are all things that make amethyst a fascinating gemstone.

Where Is Amethyst Found?

February birthstone, amethyst clusters.

The purple February gemstone is usually found in Africa and South America. Phoenix, Arizona, produces amethyst as well. This location is quite dangerous despite it producing beautiful crystals.

In the past, Russia was the main source of amethyst until large deposits of amethyst were found in Brazil. This made the access to amethyst.

Amethyst ranges in color depending on where it is sourced. For example, amethysts mined in Africa tend to have vibrant pigments and are high quality. On the other hand, the amethyst mined in Brazil has lighter shade ranges. Moreover, amethyst can also have hints of yellow and gold tints. When amethysts have yellow-gold tints, it is considered ametrine because it is a mixture of amethyst and citrine. Citrine is a gemstone part of the quartz family and features a yellow, gold tint that makes it charming. When amethyst and citrine form together, they have a glistening balance of purple and yellow-gold.

Siberian Amethyst

Siberia is home to the most valued amethyst in the world. You might be asking yourself, what’s so special about Siberian amethyst? Siberian amethyst is sparkling, and the gemstones produced here have red and blue tints. Due to the color tints, amethyst sourced in Siberia is quite rare. Additionally, Siberian amethysts have darker purple tones compared to other countries, making the gemstone more expensive.

Amethyst Necklaces

Necklaces containing amethyst are great gifts for someone born in February. Amethyst necklaces are rather stunning with the color purple hues. The birthstone amethyst comes in a variety of purple shades ranging from a soft purple all the way to a dark tint.

Amethyst jewelry can be in several metals, such as sterling silver and yellow gold. These metals give the fascinating stone a beautiful touch, leaving it with elegance. The February birthstone is quite versatile. It can be customized in various shapes and sizes.

Amethyst Ring

Rings featuring amethyst are simply stunning. As valentines day approaches, an amethyst ring carved can be the perfect gift.

Rings containing amethyst can be customized to your liking and typically come in various metals and styles. Some of the most popular amethyst rings feature a large center stone of amethyst. If your loved one likes bling, consider adding diamonds to the band for that extra sparkle! To make it even more special, you can add special carvings to the ring.

Ideal Setting For Amethyst

Purple is a royal color. The purple hues that shine while wearing amethyst jewelry are memorable. Speaking of royalty, the late Princess Diana had a very special necklace that featured several carved amethysts.

Whether you’re looking for amethyst jewelry that is simple or blinged out, there are many options out there. Amethyst is an affordable crystal, especially when looking at paler-toned stones. Stones of higher quality are usually darker with hints of red. Additionally, amethyst is perfect for everyday wear. It simply looks gorgeous with any metal or style, including the classic three-stone setting.

Tips For Purchasing February Birthstone

Amethyst is indeed the February birthstone. Nonetheless, it is also a good option for someone who loves purple or gemstones.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when purchasing amethyst jewelry for you or your loved one.

The Four C’s

The Four C’s are important to pay attention to when purchasing a high-quality gemstone.


When we see the word cut, we might assume that it means the shape of a diamond or gemstone however it refers to the reflection of light through a gemstone. Popular shapes for amethyst are oval, round, and emerald.

Higher-quality amethyst is rated AAAA. This means that the gemstone is brilliant and reflects light effortlessly. Amethysts with lower ratings have lighter pigments of purple and do not reflect the same. The special thing about amethyst is that it has a variety of shapes and styles that have a radiant finish due to the versatility of the stone.


The color of amethyst matters as they are priced depending on their color range. Shades range from pale lilac to deep purple. Darker tones of amethyst tend to be more expensive as they are considered higher grade/superior grade. Roughly only about 10% of these gemstones are higher grade, so it makes sense that they are more expensive.

Light-toned amethysts are considered budget grade as they are budget-friendly and easy to find. When purchasing jewelry, it is essential to think about the shade you like to remain budget conscious.


Amethyst is generally a gemstone that has little to no imperfections that are visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, it is still a good idea to pay close attention to the clarity of this gemstone.

A good way to tell if your amethyst has any inclusions is to look for imperfections inside of it. Inclusions are typically inside a gemstone or diamond. When a gemstone has inclusions, you may be able to see visible needle-like marks that are not flattering. Additionally, blemishes can also alter the clarity. Blemishes happen during the cutting and polishing process of a gemstone. Blemishes leave scratches and can alter the overall look of the gemstone.

In addition, the location of your amethyst places a big role in how clear it will be. For example, Africa produces high-clarity gemstones that feature a dark purple hue. However, they are more likely to be flawed. On the contrary, Amethysts sources in Brazil have lighter purple hues but have fewer flaws.


There is a variety of carat sizes that amethyst comes in. carat refers to the size and weight of a gemstone or diamond. The great thing is that the price of amethyst does not change much when purchasing larger stones. This makes the gemstone affordable.

How To Care For Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry

Gemstones, in general, are quite fragile. Amethyst is rated a 7 in hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness. However, it is important not to drop or scratch the gemstone. Dropping the gemstone can cause it to crack or shatter.

In addition, amethyst is quite delicate to sunlight. It is essential not to leave the crystal in direct sunlight for long time periods. To explain, when amethyst is left out in the heat, the radiant purple color changes to a more pale color.

The best way to clean amethyst jewelry is to use warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush. This will prevent the stone from scratching or being exposed to high temperatures. Using soft strokes call also helps in preventing damage to your amethyst.

Furthermore, It is important to pay attention to any liquid or gas bubbles that might be trapped inside the amethyst. If you are considering using an ultrasonic cleaner, inspecting for imperfections is a good idea. Inclusions within the crystal can cause it to break in ultrasonic cleaners.

Why You Should Buy Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst necklace with gold.

With its elegant purple variety and beautiful finish, amethyst is a favorite of many. The ancient Greeks loved it because of its protection against drunkness. Ancient Egyptians wore the gemstone for protection against negative energy.

How you wear amethyst is up to you! Amethyst has a spectrum of colors ranging from pale lilac to a darker purple with reddish or blue tones. There is a variety of jewelry that amethyst comes in, such as necklaces and rings. Besides the pretty purple hue, amethyst can be paired perfectly with diamonds and metals of any color. Additionally, amethyst is a rather inexpensive gemstone to purchase, making it budget-friendly and easy to find.

Even if you or someone you know may not have amethyst as a birthstone, this gemstone is still a good option. The February birthstone is versatile and can be in whatever shape or size you like!