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9-Carat Diamond Ring: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 21, 2023

A 9-carat diamond ring is a premium dream for diamond lovers because it is scarce. They are costly, making it easy to notice if something isn’t right about the color, cut, and clarity.

When buying a 9-carat diamond ring, you want to aim for quality at an excellent price. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on a grade with no apparent difference when seen with the naked eye.

How Big Is a 9-Carat Diamond Ring?

Carats are often mistaken for diamond sizes because they are smaller than diamonds. Carats measure weight and are approximately 1 gram each. The 9-carat diamonds, on the other hand, weigh 1.8 pounds. Carats have an inverse relation to their dimensions. Any 9-carat diamonds will have huge holes.

A 9-carat round brilliant diamond is the commonly used shape of approximately 13.20 mm in width. The approximate sizes depend primarily on the cutting process of the diamond. Some types, such as pear and oval shape, have more tables, enhancing their appearance.

How Do Cut and Shape Affect the Price of a 9-Carat Diamond?

the most expensive diamond cut

The shape of the diamond plays a prominent role in the appearance of the diamond ring, even more than the clarity or color. Not only that, but the shape also has a considerable impact when deciding its price.

You might think the price for a large carat is determined by only its weight, but that isn’t always the case. The shape/cut of the diamond you choose can affect how high the price of a diamond can go.   

Diamonds are available in several sizes, so the cuts that suit your style will depend on your taste and how much money you want to spend. In contrast with clarity and color, no standard determines which diamond cut is better.

Round cut diamonds are much cheaper than princess cut diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds. Marquise cut diamonds or other unusual shapes. What’s the reason? More raw diamond is lost when creating square or rectangle diamonds than round diamonds.

Simply put, all the diamonds wasted while cutting out the shape of the diamond takes the price higher. The cost of a 9-carat diamond ring would also go up if the diamond ring were set in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.

How Does Color Influence the Price of a 9-Carat Diamond?

The diamond grading system reflects if colors in the gemstone are visible. The grades of all rocks vary between D and Z, with D being the highest. A diamond graded with D means they are completely transparent and colorless diamonds.

Z has the lowest grades, with diamonds visible brown or yellow tint. Like clarity, a diamond’s color rating determines its beauty. A clear or colorless stone is more radiant, but many prefer this option over a colorless one. For clarity grades, you do not need any high grades.

The color of the 9-carat diamond can be seen when it is set a rose gold, yellow gold, or any darker metal.

How Does Carat Weight Affect the Price of a 9-Carat Diamond?

Diamond carat should be considered a significant factor when buying diamonds. Carat describes the diamond’s weight. The more it weighs, the more the size and the higher you pay. 1 carat equals 1 kilogram. Consequently, the diamond of 9 carats weighs 1.8 grams.

A 1-carat diamond costs about half of what is required to buy nine-carat diamonds. Moreover, a larger diamond carat can trap and reflect light more efficiently, and thus it can cost 5 – 10 times as expensive as diamonds with similar quality half the size.

Factors That Influence 9-Carat Ring Cost

What is the 9-carat diamond ring price? Several 9-karat diamond rings have an estimated value of around $150,000. The reasons are varied. The amount of 9-carat diamond rings is determined by several attributes, from their certified grades to their workmanship and quality.

A 9-carat diamond starts at $19,000 each carat, based on the minimum grade of K/SI2 color and clarity. It costs between $20,000-$40,000, perfect for a lovely quality diamond. Factors that influence 9-carat ring cost includes:

The Band

This is where you or your partner will wear the diamond on the finger. Without the band, you can’t complete your ring, and it is impossible to wear on your finger. The band can increase the price of your ring depending on the type you are going for.

Yellow Gold

This gold is the most popular precious metal used for rings. It is mainly used for jewelry, especially for wedding rings and engagements. It had a solid and rich appearance when worn.

Rose Gold

This metal is made of real gold, but it is a careful mixture of classic copper metals, silver metals, and yellow gold. They are combined to create the pink hue that the rose gold has.

White Gold

White gold is a mixture of white metals and pure gold such as palladium or silver and is covered with a rhodium coating. This metal isn’t made entirely of gold, but it is still real gold. Its durability is sustained by including other metals when formed into jewelry pieces.

For a simple solitaire, White gold could cost about $170, while a more complex vintage ring setting would go for about $2,700, depending on the karat.

Diamond Shapes

The diamond shape can also affect a 9-carat diamond price. When a raw diamond is cut, the value of the diamond wasted in the process is included in the diamond price. The more diamond wasted to form the diamond jewelry, the higher the carat diamond pricing.

How Can I Get the Best Value for a 9-Carat Diamond Ring?

A diamond dealer will tell you a diamond’s value, but you shouldn’t just take the price as-is.

Nine-carat diamond rings are rare; therefore, they are pretty expensive. However, in the above cost, you can reduce the final cost of the rings by focusing on specific grades in the 4 Cs.

Aside from this, it is possible to get hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by using your money in the wrong area or buying an expensive diamond from a non-conventional source.

The best advice for getting diamond jewelry at the jewelry store is to choose the best quality. This helps ensure that you know that the diamond was worth the grades on the list and that the grade was not inflated to increase prices.

Clarity Grade for 9-Carat Diamond Ring

Clarity grade tells you how clear a diamond appears. It is an essential factor when choosing a 9-carat diamond ring. This is because the higher the grade means the absence of visible flaws or inclusion in the diamond. If the clarity grade is poor, the diamond has defects that can be seen with the naked eye.

Make sure the diamond you are buying has no visible flaw that can be seen with the naked eye. Although buying diamonds with the best clarity grades isn’t always the most important because you can’t always tell the difference between one grade and another. Regardless have a critical look before buying the diamond.

Color Grade for 9-Carat Diamond Ring

When it comes to a large and difficult-to-find diamond as a 9-carat diamond, color is a crucial grading factor you have to take note of. The color grade tells you how much color can be seen in the looks of the diamond. Color grades typically range from D to Z.

D signifies that the diamond is clear and colorless, while Z identifies diamonds with a yellow tint or brown reflection. How attractive your diamond will look is significantly influenced by its color grade. A white or colorless diamond is brilliant and preferable to a yellow tint.  

Cut Grade for 9-Carat Diamond Ring

9-carat diamonds can be cut into very beautiful shapes and sizes, but they are likely to be within certain limits. However, you should be able to select a good and attractive one if you visit a high-quality diamond retailer.

Your choice of a diamond depends on the wearer’s style, taste, finger shape, and size. Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular because of their universal appeal.

Other options include a marquise or pear shape; they have a longer shape giving the same diamond an oversized look for equal price and carat weight.

9-Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

There is a lot that goes into choosing engagement rings. This ring represents your commitment to one another and a decision to spend forever together.

Of course, we don’t judge love by how deep your pocket is, but if you want to propose to the love of your life with a 9-carat diamond ring, then your pocket has to be as deep as your love.

9-carat diamonds cost ten thousand dollars. Plus, they are scarce. Getting diamonds is no child’s play, and getting 9-carat is not for the fainthearted. You should ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

Check the color, clarity, and cut and ensure the diamond doesn’t have any inclusion visible to the human eyes. Here are more things you should take note of when picking up your engagement rings

Visit the Jewelry Store

You have decided you want to propose and get married. The next step is to visit the store and have a professional conversation with the diamond dealer, who can advise you on all the information you need.

You have agreed on the choice of diamond and the price. Now you need your partner’s ring size and taste, then go with other necessary details when getting ready to buy.

The 9-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Style

Another thing you should consider is the diamond ring style. There are different styles of 9-carat diamond rings. Ensure that your ring is what you are looking for and that it fits your partner’s taste. 9-carat diamond ring style you should consider

Oval Diamond Style

Oval diamonds are one of our favorites for many reasons too. One is its elegance. When worn, it looks longer, making your finger look slimmer.

The oval diamond cut also appears larger than you would expect. The oval diamond has a larger surface area than round diamonds with the same weight. One thing is sure your partner will love the elegance the oval diamond engagement ring brings.

Emerald Diamond Cut

Emerald cut diamonds have a rectangular and elongated shape with straight linear facets and step cuts. The cropped corners give them a more significant appearance than their carat weight.

Emerald cut diamond is another lovely shape for your engagement ring because of its personality. This stylish cut indicates style and elegance and never goes out of season.

Cushion Cut

Another diamond cut to consider as your engagement ring is the cushion diamond cut. It is a classy cut with a vintage-style shape. They are shaped like a square with cut corners. Cushion diamonds are featured in other square or rectangle shapes, so you have different style options to choose from

The cushion diamond has become one of the most customizable diamonds for an engagement ring and has been very popular among stylish women over the years.

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamond is a spectacular diamond with enough diamond brilliance to turn heads when you wave your hands. They have a timeless look and are perfect for 9-carat diamond engagement rings.

The princess cut engagement rings uniqueness has made it a favorite among couples; it can also be more affordable than another diamond cut because they use a lot of uncut diamonds. So, if you are looking for a ring with a timeless appearance, then a princess-cut diamond is the way to go.

Round Diamond

Round diamonds are just the right type for your engagement ring if you are more of a traditional person. They work in whatever setting you choose, and their diamond brilliance is noticeable.

They are traditionally the symbol of commitment; you can choose this to add a deeper meaning to your love story.

Another exciting thing about the round diamond cut is it makes inclusion and color better than other fancy colored diamonds. An easy consideration for an engagement ring if you are not sure what to go for.

Tips for Getting the Best Value for Your 9-Carat Diamond

9-carat diamonds tend to cost much more. It’s possible to make the lowest price by doing the following tricks:

Choose a Lower Scale

You don’t have to go for diamonds with high-quality clarity and color. Most of the time, the difference in clarity and color of one diamond to another isn’t very much. Instead, try to get a 9-carat diamond with just enough color and clarity.

Try Loose Diamonds

Buying your diamond from the same store where you got the engagement ring isn’t always a good idea, especially if you are trying to avoid extra cost. Instead, try loose diamonds, meaning you buy a package with all the components. This can help you save money.

Go for Fancy Shapes

9-carat diamonds are expensive, and you want to get your money’s worth and want it to be fashionable and in vogue. The best way to achieve this is to choose fancy shapes that give your diamond ring a distinctive and excellent look.

Shop for Your Diamonds Online

If you want to get your 9-carat diamond ring at a reduced price, you should consider buying from an online store. Online stores like Clean Origin shorten the supply chain, including diamond brokers and diamond retailers.

Ensure the store is a reputable one. You can find out how well their services are by online reviews about the store.

Buy Only the Best Quality Diamonds

The beauty and size of a 9-carat diamond quickly turn heads. Buy only the best quality diamond, make sure there are no visible flaws, and take a very close look at the color, cut, and clarity. Pay a lot of attention to the extremely rare diamond before you buy.

Before Buying, Compare Prices

If you have the time, compare prices before buying the diamond. Visit other jewelry stores; you might be getting your diamond for far too much.

Certified Diamonds

The most valuable tip that you probably need to know and give the best value is ensuring your diamond ring has a GIA or AGS certificate. The diamond certification will guarantee the diamond dealers have assigned your diamonds the correct diamond grades. Do not take this lightly. According to the diamond industry standards, this certificate is as valuable as your diamond.

Get Professional Help

A professional who knows what to do can help you evaluate the 9-carat diamond before you purchase it. This would ensure you don’t get cheated or spend an extra cost.

Check the 9-Carat Diamond Attentively

Before buying a 9-carat diamond ring, look at it critically use the following diamond grades to know if you are on the correct part.


The color grade influences the beauty of a 9-carat diamond. A colorless diamond is preferable and has more radiant than colored diamonds. Your color grading of the diamond should be between G to I. your diamond will look colorless, more expensive, and of good quality.


A diamond’s clarity tells how clean the diamond look. High-grade clarity tells you the 9-carat diamond has no imperfection that is obvious to the naked eyes, while a diamond with low-grade clarity has apparent flaws. Choose a diamond with a clarity rating of VS1 on an excellent diamond price and value.


Choose a 9-carat diamond with an ideal cut like the emerald cut, round cut, or any other excellent diamond shape to bring out the elegance and beauty of your 9-carat diamond ring.

Final Thoughts

A 9-carat ring will attract people wherever they are. Diamonds of the same size and beauty are scarce. Many people will never see a diamond of this size in their lifetime. However, diamond carats aren’t the only thing that matter.

Again, carefully check your diamonds for the grades’ cut, clarity, and color. A large diamond ring can cause some problems with its imperfections. You shouldn’t pay for a 9-carat diamond that has an obvious flaw.  

Once you’ve settled on the perfect diamond for your 9-carat ring, you’re ready to create your spectacular piece of jewelry. By going with a lab created diamond, you are showing you care.