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Oval Engagement Rings

With a distinctive yet timeless oval diamond engagement ring, your love will stand out from the crowd. Because oval diamonds have an elongated, symmetrical shape that slims and lengthens the finger, they are a popular choice of wedding jewelry for elegant brides-to-be. These modified brilliant-cut gemstones particularly shine when accompanied by one of our oval engagement ring settings. Add to this the fact that they are a perfect match for a number of bands; whether you accompany your ring with a wedding band or not, matching to yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or any number of metals is no problem. Often flanked by side stones or set in a classic solitaire, oval engagement rings appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Clean Origin’s Selection Of Oval Engagement Rings

Featuring a diverse selection of diamonds and ring settings, our collection of oval engagement rings has something that your significant other will adore. Our lab-created diamonds come in a variety of carats and colors to suit your love’s fancy—and your budget. Once you choose the perfect oval stone, let its true beauty shine with a compatible oval engagement ring setting from our distinctive halo, classic, vintage, and solitaire collections.


Tips For Buying An Oval Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement and wedding rings can be a tough task. That’s why we’ve created a short list of the most important details you should be considering as you shop. Here is an easy ring guide for when it comes to picking your oval engagement ring.

Tall or Short? — While the standard length-to-width ratio of an oval cut is 1.35–1.50, whether you should purchase a longer or wider oval is entirely up to the look that you and your significant other prefer. A more elongated oval cut will appear striking, while a wide oval engagement ring will appear slightly softer. If you know that your oval-cut diamond will be surrounded by accent stones, be sure to choose a narrower length-to-width ratio.

Mind the Bowtie — Every oval-cut diamond ring will have a trace of the bow tie effect, which looks like a shadow in the center of the diamond. Usually, a mild bow tie will enhance the unique beauty of the diamond, but if the bow tie effect is especially obvious, you may want to avoid that particular gem. The bow tie effect is best identified with visual inspection. Ask the jeweler who analyzes your ring to view the certification report, just to be sure that the bow tie in your diamond matches its notation on the certificate.

Room to Shine — On average, 1 carat oval diamonds have a 10% larger surface area than 1 carat round diamonds. Because of this special surface area difference, oval diamonds appear larger than round diamonds with the same carat weight. Ultimately, when you purchase an oval diamond engagement ring, you can get a diamond that appears bigger than its carat, or you can purchase a lower carat weight with the same appearance as a higher carat gemstone.

More Beauty for Your Buck — Oval diamonds are rarer than round or princess cuts—but they’re not as in-demand. You will pay more for a round or princess-cut diamond than an oval diamond of the same carat weight. This surprising price difference is due to the fact that oval diamonds allow jewelers to cut away less of the original rough than they do when shaving a round-cut diamond.


History of Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Diamonds have been shaped into ovals for hundreds of years, but the oval cut as we know it wasn’t popularized for use in jewelry until 1957, by Russian-born Lazare Kaplan. Kaplan was born into a family of skilled jewelers. He studied and worked with his famous uncle, Abraham Tolkowsky, who, in his prime, invented the ideal cut. While Kaplan was already well-known for his talent with cleaving—cutting flawed or cracked diamonds into smaller diamonds—he was only fully recognized when he designed the modern oval cut and was inducted into the Jewelers International Hall of Fame. Today, oval diamond rings have secured a place as some of the most upscale engagement rings on the market.

Celebrities With Oval-Shaped Engagement Rings

Kate Middleton — Perhaps the most famous oval-cut diamond world-wide belongs to Kate Middleton. Prince William gifted her a beautiful blue sapphire oval engagement ring, originally belonging to his mother, Princess Diana from her own engagement to Prince Charles.

Sofia Vergara — The stunning star isn’t interested in subtle, that’s for sure. Hubby Joe Manganiello gave her a striking oval engagement ring, set off by a diamond halo on a pave band.

Selma Hayek — Estimated to cost $200,000, Selma’s platinum-set five-carat oval-cut was given to her by husband Francois-Henri Pinault.

Amber Rose — Her marriage may not have lasted, but her solitaire oval engagement ring sure is memorable. A gift from ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, Amber’s 10 carat oval-cut diamond truly stands out.

Blake Lively — Husband Ryan Reynolds gifted Blake Lively a gorgeous oval-cut engagement ring that features an oval center stone surrounded by a three-sided diamond band. This stunner was designed by Lorraine Schwartz.