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What Are the Most Popular Colored Diamonds?

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on August 23, 2023
colored diamonds

Color has long been regarded as one of the most important factors when looking at the appearance and beauty of a diamond. For many, the white or colorless appearance creates a magical brilliance that is highly desirable. However, colored diamonds are increasing in popularity, with colored stones bringing the “wow” factor to engagement settings. These gorgeous stones are now more accessible to consumers due to advanced lab techniques for man made diamonds. Mined colored stones are both expensive and rare, but either option presents a new choice in diamond purchasing. Shopping for affordable lab created diamonds can save a fortune for the colored diamond customer.

Choosing Between Rare or Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

When thinking about which colored stones are the best choice for you, you have to start by looking at the two categories of diamonds. You can choose from either lab-grown diamonds or earth-made colored stones. In the jewelry world, both categories are also referred to as fancy diamonds.

Lab-Created Colored Stones

Lab-made enhanced diamonds are stones that originally had off-yellow hues to them. Exposure to intense heat and the addition of certain elements turns the hues into bright, brilliant colors such as pink, green, canary yellow, or tropical blue. The color depends on how long the heat is administered, the temperature used during the process, and the particular elements added. Heating the diamond replicates the natural pressures applied through nature. The end results are beautiful new shades of color. Some popular tones include yellow, browns such as chocolate, blue, or black.

Earth-Colored Diamonds

An earth-colored diamond receives its hue directly from the environment where the stone develops. The shades are impacted by the natural mixing of carbon with nitrogen, irons, minerals, hydrogen, or boron to change the stones into oranges, reds, blues, pinks, blacks, greens, or yellows. These colors are permanent and long-lasting but incredibly rare. With earth-colored diamond purchases, the more vivid the shade, the rarer it is. Although the more popular tones are browns and yellows, reds and pinks are the most uncommon.

Choosing the Right Color

Fancy diamonds are trending in engagement rings as center stones, but the classic white diamond remains the most popular choice. Still, adding color to your jewelry collection, whether through an engagement setting or a unique piece, really shows off your style and superb taste. Many individuals look to iconic symbols, memories, or their own personal treasures to inspire their color choice in a diamond. A lot of people also study some of the most famous colored stones to tip their eyes toward a particular hue or brilliance. Some of the most popular colors were made famous by original pieces on display around the world.

  • The Sancy Diamond: This light-yellow, 55-carat diamond on display in the Louvre is the most famous fancy yellow diamond uncovered on earth.
  • The Tiffany Diamond: Another member of the light-yellow family, this is a 287-carat stone that has the appearance of a smoldering fire.
  • The Moussaieff Diamond: This brilliant, red 5.11-carat gem is currently the largest of the natural red stones in existence.
  • The Darya-i Noor Diamond: This is a very rare, natural pink diamond weighing approximately 182 carats, and it is one of the largest pink diamonds in existence. Fun fact: Clean Origin used a record-setting 5.01 carat radiant-cut lab grown pink diamond in a ring for Riverdale actress, Camila Mendes, for the 2018 People’s Choice Awards.
  • The Dresden Green Diamond: This is the most famous and largest green diamond in the world, with an apple green color and weighing 41 carats.
  • The Blue Hope Diamond: This 45.52-carat diamond is a deep blue that has a unique glow-in-the-dark effect when exposed to short-wave ultraviolet light.

Do these shades and hues sound intriguing? Though you may not be able to purchase a 10+ carat fancy diamond, jewelry processes have made it possible for you to possess your own bit of diamond brilliance.

Choosing Popular Colored Diamonds

The most popular colored diamonds appearing in ring settings or jewelry collections are blue, pink, black, red, purple, and yellow, although there are some variations within each color category.

Pink Diamonds

pink diamond

These colored diamonds are said to represent love, romance, femininity, and creativity. Some geologists believe that a deformation in the atomic structure in the Kimberley region of Australia created a mineral that transformed the diamond into the pink tones, which can move into variations of brownish-pink, pink champagne, or purplish-pink.

Yellow Diamonds

The meaning behind this color is associated with prosperity, happiness, and joy, though it has also been attributed to increasing an individual’s clarity of thought, creativity, and self-confidence. Nitrogen in the stone’s structure reacts to light to create canary yellow, orange-yellow, greenish-yellow, and brownish-yellow.

Blue Diamonds

A diamond in this color is associated with sophistication and elegance, though it’s also thought to promote serenity, calmness, purpose, and truth. The color is created in mined diamonds by the presence of the boron atom, and the higher the concentration, the more brilliant the color. Variations include grayish-blue, turquoise, greenish-blue, and aquamarine.

Purple Diamonds

This regal-colored gem is said to represent luxury and nobility, and some believe this colored stone can connect a wearer to the universe. It is also associated with strong, lifelong relationships, wisdom, guidance, inner strength, and inspiration. The purple color is present according to the grain formation and existence of hydrogen in the mined stone, and variations include grayish-purple, pinkish-purple, or violet.

Black Diamonds

The strong, bold color of a black diamond symbolizes power and strength, and some believe the wearer has an increased ability to face adversity. It is also thought to bring resilience to relationships and the power to overcome obstacles. Different graphite inclusions in mined stones, as well as traces of hydrogen or nitrogen, create a dark color. Although there are no shade variations, small inclusion of gray and white make the stone more interesting.

Red Diamonds

This brilliant hue represents intense love and passion, although it is believed it can also bring good luck, energy, power, and self-awareness. The color is formed through the deformation of the atomic structure, and variations include pinkish-red, brownish-red, and purplish-red.

Choosing Your Perfect Match

Once you know your options and understand the symbolism behind these popular colored diamonds, you can start the search for your perfect match. At Clean Origin, we only offer 100% lab-grown diamonds, as this is the only way to ensure your diamond is 100% ethical. We currently offer blue and pink lab-grown diamond stud earrings which can be found here. If you’re searching for an engagement ring setting with a pop of color, we offer settings with 100% lab-grown sapphires.