Independently Certified Diamonds

Grading a mined diamond or a lab created diamond can be incredibly subjective. Even experts with decades of experience will argue with each other over the color and clarity of a stone. A stone examined on Monday morning while the person is fresh and well rested with the sun pouring in through the office window can be confidently called a G color VS2. The same stone examined by the same person late on Friday afternoon while they are tired and thinking about going home can be called an E color VVS1.

Pretty confusing right? We at Clean Origin have taken steps to remove this subjectivity from the grading process. Each and every one of our Lab Created center diamonds are examined in detail by an Independent Diamond Grading Lab. Each stone is sold with a detailed Lab Created Diamond Certificate which notes all the details of your specific stone. The Certificate notes the Color, Clarity, Dimensions of the stone and also has a “map” of your stone showing you all of the “birthmarks” that occurred during the creation of your stone. 

View an example of Certificate from IGI

To give you additional piece of mind each of our center diamonds have the actual report number laser engraved on the girdle of the stone. This laser inscription can only be seen under magnification and in no way impacts the beauty.


The laser inscription will never wear out or rub off and serves as sort of a VIN number for your stone. You can be confident that the stone you purchased is the stone you will proudly display today and all of your tomorrows.