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Can You Shower With Engagement Ring: When to Take It off

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on September 28, 2023
can you shower with engagement ring

Your engagement ring is a symbol of a lifelong commitment to love and partnership. It’s a precious piece of jewelry that holds sentimental value, but it’s also a financial investment. With so much importance attached to this piece of jewelry, it’s important you take proper care of it. But…how do you keep it in perfect condition? Can you shower with an engagement ring? Can you wear it while playing sports? So many questions!

In this guide, we will address this concern and explore other aspects of engagement ring care. We will talk about when to take it off, how to store it safely, and how to protect it with insurance.

By the end of this article, you’ll have all the knowledge needed to safeguard your special symbol of love.

Showering with Your Engagement Ring

Showering with your engagement ring on may seem like a harmless habit, but it can lead to damage and even loss. The two main risks associated with showering while wearing your ring are:

  • Soap and water
  • Your ring slipping off and getting lost

Soap and Water Dangers

When you shower, soap and water can cause a dull finish and buildup on your engagement ring. This build up can potentially damage your metal and gem settings.

Soap can affect the ring’s shine, making the metal and diamond appear dull over time. In addition to soap, other substances like shampoo and conditioner can also add to the buildup on your ring.

Even hand sanitizer can harm your precious jewelry. Over time, it can discolor the metal setting and reduce the sparkle of your stone. If you can, your engagement ring before using hand sanitizer and put it back on once your hands are dry.

Slipping and Losing the Ring

Wet and slippery conditions in the shower increase the risk of your engagement ring slipping off and getting lost. Losing your cherished ring down the drain can be a heartbreaking experience, not to mention the financial loss.

The best way to avoid losing your engagement ring in the shower is to remove it beforehand. Store it in a safe place like a ring dish or a jewelry box. This simple habit can save you from the anguish of losing your most treasured piece of jewelry.

Other Times to Remove Your Engagement Ring

Remove your engagement ring before showering, working out, and cooking.

Aside from showering, there are other times when you should take off your engagement ring to protect it from potential damage.

Remove your ring when you clean and do household chores, exercise, participate in sports, cook, and prepare food.

When you take off your wedding ring during these activities you help maintain its beauty and ensure its longevity.

Cleaning and Household Chores

During cleaning and household chores, your engagement ring may be exposed to harsh chemicals found in many common household cleaners. These chemicals can cause damage to the stone and setting of your ring.

Even lotions, cosmetics, and hair products can leave a residue or film on your ring, diminishing its brilliance and clarity.

Remove your engagement ring while doing household chores and store it in a safe place to avoid potential damage. This practice helps preserve the shine and quality of your ring, and prevents any accidents or harm.

Exercise and Sports

If you exercise and play sports while wearing your engagement ring, you open yourself up to certain risks. Activities involving vigorous use of the hands, such as weight lifting, can cause wear and tear on the ring–and even lead to injury.

Additionally, the impact and sweat involved in these activities can damage your ring. The type of damage possible includes your diamond chipping or scratching, your band thinning, or your ring’s metal breaking.

You can prevent any damage or injury with these steps:

  • Remove your engagement ring during exercise and sports.
  • Store it safely in a ring dish or jewelry box.
  • Put it back on after you’ve finished your workout.

Cooking and Food Preparation

When you cook and prepare food, bacteria can get on your engagement ring and possibly make you sick. Your ring can even slip off your ring finger when you handle wet or slippery ingredients.

Take your ring off when you cook, and store it in a safe place. Doing this can help prevent bacterial buildup, as well as the risk of losing your ring.

Helpful Ways to Store Your Engagement Ring

Store your engagement ring in a special box or on a jewelry dish.

When you safely store your engagement ring (and other wedding jewelry) you make sure it lasts. When you use ring dishes, jewelry boxes, and other travel storage solutions, you can keep your ring secure and easily accessible.

Ring Dishes and Jewelry Boxes

Ring dishes and jewelry boxes are a great solution for storing your engagement ring at home. They offer protection and organization for your valuable jewelry items.

They can also be personalized to make a thoughtful gift, adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to your home decor.

When you use a ring dish or jewelry box, you can: avoid losing your ring; maintain your ring’s quality; save yourself from the stress of searching for your ring; ensure it stays in excellent condition.

Travel Storage Solutions

When traveling or going on vacation, it’s essential to keep your engagement ring secure.

Travel storage solutions, such as portable ring cases, jewelry boxes, and travel pouches, offer a safe way to store your ring while on the go. These solutions help to prevent misplacement, loss, and theft during your travels.

When you use travel storage solutions, be sure to keep your ring in a secure place, such as a locked suitcase or hotel safe.

Caring for Your Engagement Ring

London Cathedral Ring. Can you shower with engagement ring.

You can maintain the beauty and longevity of your engagement ring by caring for it properly. By following simple guidelines, such as regular cleaning and avoiding harmful products, you ensure your ring remains a stunning symbol of your love and commitment for years to come.

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean your engagement ring to preserve its shine. And be sure to inspect it for any potential damage or loose settings.

We recommend you clean your ring at least once a month, and use a mixture of gentle dishwashing soap and warm water. Start by soaking your ring, then pat it dry or use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush away any residue.

When you regularly clean your engagement ring it maintains its sparkle and ensures it remains in the best possible condition. Taking the time to care for your ring will not only enhance its beauty, but also prolong its lifespan.

Avoiding Harmful Products

To prevent damage to your engagement ring, especially if it features a cloudy diamond, don’t use harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. These types of cleaners can ruin the metal and gemstones. Instead, use a gentle soap and water to clean your ring.

Ring Insurance and Protection

vintage-inspired lab grown diamond engagement rings.

Considering both the sentimental and financial value of your engagement ring, it’s important to have it insured. When you buy your diamond engagement ring you should be given a certificate that gives an idea of the diamond’s value. That certificate will be used to help insure your ring.

Insurance is an important part of keeping your ring protected in case of loss, theft, or damage. Whatever you do, don’t skimp out on insurance.

Final Thoughts on Taking Care of Your Engagement Ring

When you take proper care of your engagement ring you maintain its beauty and ensuring that it lasts looking its best for years to come. When you follow our suggestions, like removing your ring during certain activities, safely storing it, and investing in insurance, you can protect your precious symbol of love and commitment.

Remember, your engagement ring represents your love story and deserves to be treated with the utmost care and attention. By taking these simple steps, you can ensure that your ring continues to shine brightly, just like your love, for years to come.

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Engagement Ring Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear my engagement ring while showering?

We don’t recommend you wear your engagement ring while showering because soaps and other cleansers can cause oils to build up and make the diamond look cloudy.

Additionally, the risk of it slipping off in the shower is also high. Don’t take chances, just remove your ring before showering to keep it safe.

Is it OK to wash your hands with engagement ring?

Yes, it is ok to leave your engagement ring on while washing your hands. It’s ideal if you can remove it first but we know that’s now always possible. If anything, use gentle soap and thoroughly rinse your hands to avoid any damage and maintain the sparkle of your jewelry.

Is it OK to sleep with engagement ring on?

Yes, it is generally safe to sleep with your engagement ring on. But if you sleep with it on it can lead to red marks on your skin or tangle in your hair.

It could also potentially scratch your partner or cause damage to bedding, so consider taking your ring off before you go to bed. Finally, if you leave it on while you sleep you could accidently hit it on your headboard or side table. If this happens you can dent your setting or possibly damage your diamond.

How often should I clean my engagement ring?

We recommend cleaning your engagement ring at least once a month.

Use a gentle dishwashing soap and warm water solution for best results. And if you can, take it to a trusted jeweler for cleaning and inspection at least twice a year.