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How to Clean a Diamond Ring

by Brandon
Last updated on November 17, 2021

When the love of your life asked you to be his wife, he opened up a box to reveal a diamond ring with enough sparkle to make your jaw drop. But now, you’re noticing that your ring is looking a little…dull. Fear not, that diamond just needs a good cleaning! But how do you clean your ring without damaging it? And do you need a professional to clean it? We’re showing you easy steps for how to clean your diamond ring to ensure that it sparkles year-round!

Clean Often

Our biggest tip is to clean your ring on a regular basis! Most jewelers recommend that you bring your ring in 2 times a year to keep it in great condition. You can, however, clean your ring as often as once a week. Everyday activities like washing your hands and dishes, putting on lotion, and taking a shower, can cause dirt and oil to build up around your diamond and on your setting. Plus, like anything else, your ring can start to be a carrier for germs — it’s not only important to clean it for the way it looks, but for your own sanitation! 

You Don’t Always Need A Jeweler

If you are unable to bring your ring to a jeweler for professional ring cleaning, clean your ring at home! No need for any special jewelry cleaners or special tools. It’s easier than you think and will save you some money by doing it yourself with everyday household items. The best way is to mix very warm water and dish soap in a bowl. NEVER clean your ring over the drain, as it can easily slip out of your hands. Let your ring sit in the mixture for 20-40 minutes, and gently brush the ring with a soft toothbrush. Avoid using a toothbrush with rough bristles as this may damage your ring. Finally, rinse your ring off with warm water and dry with a soft and lint-free cloth. And remember, while diamonds may be one of the hardest natural materials, they can be easily scratched or damaged. Be gentle and patient while cleaning to avoid loosening or damaging diamonds and scratching your metal, especially if you have an antique or vintage ring that may be more fragile. Choose dish soap that doesn’t include moisturizing elements, as those will add buildup to your ring, which is what you want to get rid of. It was known, however, that Elizabeth Taylor would clean her 33.19-carat diamond ring with hot water and gin. As strange as it may sound, that is also an option to use, but we would recommend soap as your first choice.

While you can also purchase cleaning solutions specifically for your precious engagement ring, soap and warm water will do wonders for your setting and diamond. If you do choose to purchase a solution, look for Non-Abrasive and Chemical-Free Solutions to avoid discoloring your metal

Clean With Caution

Some cleaning techniques and solutions are better than others. You’re probably familiar with ultrasonic cleaners which send a low-frequency sound wave through a solution,  causing the vibrations to shake off any dirt and grime that’s accumulated on your diamond and setting. However, use this device with extreme caution as the vibrations can easily shake stones loose or chip the girdles of diamonds. Additionally, if you use an ultrasonic cleaner, don’t use it on a daily basis as it can cause unnecessary wear on your ring. 

Activities That Could Damage Your Engagement Ring

If you choose to wear your beautiful engagement ring on a daily basis, take time to recognize daily routines that may- in fact- be damaging to your ring and other varieties of jewelry. Take your ring off before swimming in a pool, as chemicals like chlorine can damage some of the metals used to alloy gold for diamond settings. If you play any impact sports like baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or even weightlifting, take your ring off beforehand, as these activities can chip a ring, or knock the stones out of place if you aren’t careful.  Even everyday activities like taking a shower or cleaning dishes can dirty your ring quickly. Use caution and judgment when taking part in daily routines and activities with your engagement ring and other kinds of jewelry.

Scheduled Maintenance For Your Ring

Although you can get away with cleaning your engagement ring at home, we would advise anyone to still visit a local jewelry store to get professional ring cleaning at least once a year. They are, well, professionals after all, and able to make your ring look like new again! Also, bringing your ring to a jeweler for regular maintenance is very important. They will check to make sure the prongs are tight, the diamond isn’t loose, or check for any potential damage to the diamond, like cracks or chips.

How to Care For Your Diamond Ring

While you may have gotten your diamond ring looking shiny and new, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind to keep your ring looking that way. First, if you take off your ring before any activities or during any routine, consider an immobile safe or memorable hiding spot like a jewelry box, or that trusty engagement ring box you’re holding onto. First, this will help you remember where you placed it, we don’t want any lost diamond rings. Second, placing your ring on the counter or on your bedside table can be very risky, as it can easily get knocked to the ground, pushed into the sink, eaten by a dog. Maybe not the last one, but you never know…the point is, keep your ring safe and out of harm’s way by keeping it in an enclosed box. Also, when handling your ring, do not pick it up by the diamond. Natural oils from your fingers will transfer to the diamond and cause it to become cloudy and dirty faster. Pick your ring up by the band.

Congrats! You now know how to clean your wedding ring! These simple tips and tricks will ensure that your ring will continue to sparkle for the wedding day and for years to come.


Can you clean your engagement ring too much?

Not necessarily. While there is no such thing as over-cleaning your ring, we wouldn’t recommend cleaning your ring every single day. It is important to be gentle when you do clean, and if you’re using an ultrasonic machine, use that sparingly on both your ring and other forms of jewelry.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean My Ring?

Absolutely not! Never use any household cleaners such as bleach, acetone, or hand sanitizer to clean your ring, as this can damage or discolor your metal color. 

Do I Need Special Tools To Clean My Ring?

Nope! For most cleaning jobs, all you need is a gentle soap and a new, soft toothbrush. Never use metal tools or harsh equipment to clean your ring as this can both scratch your diamond or unintentionally loosen prongs on your setting.

What Metal Will Look Like New, Longer?

Gold is a soft metal, the more true gold that is present, the softer the jewelry will actually be. So, since 14k has fewer karats of gold, it will be a bit more durable. We recommend 14k gold for this reason. Rings that are made of 24k gold will scratch and warp easily and are not recommended for your engagement ring, especially if you plan on wearing it daily. But all metals eventually need a little care, so make sure to be gentle with your setting and get your ring professionally cleaned at least once a year!

How do I keep my engagement ring shiny?

Our biggest tip for keeping your ring looking shiny for longer is to remove your ring during hands-on activities. Working out, moving furniture, gardening, and swimming can put unnecessary wear and tear on your diamond and setting. We would recommend you also take your ring off when you wash dishes, as you can easily knock your ring onto hard surfaces and expose it to harsh chemicals. Taking your ring off and storing it somewhere safe when you plan on working with your hands will keep your ring looking newer, longer.

How do I make my diamond sparkle?

First, handle your ring sparingly. Touching your diamond will cause the natural oils and dirt from your fingers to rub off on your ring, clouding the diamond and causing it to look less shiny. Whenever you handle your ring, pick it up by the band, not by the diamond. And second, regular cleaning. Soak your ring in a gentle degreasing solution, like mild dish soap mixed with warm water, and gently clean with a soft toothbrush to keep your ring looking perfect!

How often should you clean your engagement ring?

You should aim to clean your engagement ring once every 2 weeks, depending on how often you wear your ring. Dirt can build up quickly, so we would recommend cleaning every 2 weeks at a minimum. A more thorough cleaning is good to do every couple of months, and we highly recommend taking your ring to get professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year. For rings that are more fragile, avoid cleaning weekly as you may only need to wipe them down with a soft cloth, but as always use caution and be gentle with your more delicate pieces of jewelry.