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Wedding Bands for Pear Shaped Engagement Rings: How to Find the Right Fit

by Julianna Church
Last updated on September 1, 2023
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“Where, oh where is the right wedding band for my pear…oh where could it beeeeeee?” If this is the song in your head, you’re probably thinking about wedding bands for pear shaped engagement rings.

Pear shaped engagement rings are a popular and stunning choice for any bride or groom.

But finding a matching band to a pear shaped engagement ring?

Now that can be difficult, assuming your pear engagement ring doesn’t already come with its own band.

Fortunately, I can help in that area. But first, let’s find out what your style is.

With the Grain or Against It?

pave set pear shape halo engagement ring

So you’re either considering a pear shaped diamond for your ring or you already have one. Either way, by selecting a pear diamond, we already know you’re someone who likes something outside of the traditional engagement ring.

But what about your wedding band? Are you wanting a wedding band that will complement your pear engagement ring, or are you wanting something that isn’t so matchy-matchy?

There’s no wrong answer to this.

If you’re wanting your wedding band to fit snugly around your pear shaped engagement ring, there are some added things to consider.

If you’re wanting a wedding band that doesn’t necessarily have the same style as your pear shaped engagement ring but still looks good next to it, there are things to consider, too.

High or Low Profile?

pear shape aurelia engagement ring

Before we get into the different kinds of wedding bands for pears, we need to discuss your beloved pear shaped ring.

Determine where your pear shaped engagement ring sits. Is the pear propped up by prongs or a basket? If there’s a decent amount of space between the head and the shank of your engagement ring, you likely have a high profile engagement ring.

Some engagement ring styles are known for being raised up, like a cathedral setting. There are some cathedral settings that sport a low profile, but they’re not as common.

A low profile engagement ring would be the opposite. Instead of your pear center stone being raised above the band, the head of the diamond is level or close to it. Certain styles, like pears with a diamond halo, have to be a smidge above the band.

You can usually tell if your pear shaped ring is high or low profile by turning it to a side profile view.

So, why does it matter if your pear ring is high or low profile?

Because that will determine how your wedding band will fit against your engagement ring. And for those of you who are looking for a matching band to complement your pear cut ring, this is especially important.

  • If your pear shaped center stone is too low, a band might not be able to sit close to it.Typically, you wear a pear stone with the pointed end facing outward and the rounded end toward the wearer. The rounded end of the pear can block a wedding band from fitting flush against the band of your engagement ring if the profile of the pear is too low.
  • If it’s higher, the band should slide under the pear and rest neatly against the band of your pear ring. However, engagement rings with high profiles are more vulnerable to knocks and damage, as they stick out a bit more.

Single Band or Double Bands?

double peat halo bridal set rings

If you’ve chosen to get a wedding band for your pear shaped diamond ring, have you considered the option of getting more than one band?

We do realize that an additional band bumps up the price considerably, but there’s no rule saying you have to get both bands right now. Many couples opt to add a second wedding band to commemorate a milestone anniversary.

One of the biggest wedding band trends right now is engagement ring stacks. A ring stack is usually three or four bands that are worn together. They may have a mix of different styles, widths, and metal colors. An engagement ring stack simply adds your engagement ring in the middle of it.

  • Some people feel that a single wedding band is uneven and doesn’t look symmetrical
  • Others choose multiple bands for aesthetic and creative style

Two or more bands could be difficult to find for pear shaped rings. High profile pear cut rings will be much easier to accommodate because you’ll have to find another band that goes around the top of your pear diamond, too.

And if you simply just don’t have another wedding band in your budget, don’t sweat it. There are many couples that only wear the engagement ring or just a simple band. Don’t let anyone pressure you into a trend you can’t afford.

Straight Band or Curvy Band?

golden gate band

We’ve come a long way since the first recorded wedding band styles made of reeds, stone, and other natural materials. From that point came various metals and precious metals. The traditional plain gold wedding band gave way to the diamond and gemstone wedding bands we see today– now, there are plenty of styles to go around.

  • Curvy bands are very popular these days. Infinity bands, wavy bands, and any bands with freeform band style fall under curvy bands.
  • Straight bands have a timeless and classic look, perfect for those who are have more minimalist pear shaped engagement rings.
  • There are some ring styles that have a straight shape but may be twisted or braided. These are perfect for adding a bit of flair without overshadowing your pear shape ring.

Stones or No Stones?

Chances are you’ve probably already made this decision. But just in case you haven’t, we’ll just discuss it briefly.

Diamond wedding bands are the most common type of wedding bands for pear shaped engagement rings. But that doesn’t mean a metal band without stones won’t look just as nice.

When most people think of wedding bands without diamonds or stones, they see a plain gold wedding band in their heads. But a stoneless wedding band doesn’t have to be plain and polished if you don’t want it to be.

As mentioned above, braided metal bands like this one can look really nice with a pear shaped engagement ring:

braided band

The braided look adds texture to your pear shaped ring without overpowering it. It can work for a pear ring with a plain or diamond band.

Another beautiful style of stoneless wedding band is the engraved band. These have beautiful details carved into the metal. They tend to be garden-inspired designs and vintage-looking bands with scroll details, like this band below:

floral petal halo band

These require a bit more care and cleaning, but they can be well worth it. Engraved bands tend to have a little more width than a lot of diamond bands to have enough for room for the details. The point is, you can still dress up your pear shaped diamond engagement ring with a beautiful stoneless wedding band. After all, it’s your pear ring that’s supposed to be the star!

Gold or Platinum?

All of the pear shaped engagement rings and wedding bands in our inventory come in gold or platinum. These precious metals have been determined to be the best metals for wedding bands and engagement rings.

There are different reasons why one might choose gold over platinum or vice versa for their pear shaped engagement rings.

  • Platinum is a stronger but more dense metal than 14K or 18K gold. The density increases the weight. Some people like the heaviness of platinum wedding bands, but others prefer their wedding band to be lightweight. Generally, those who purchase pear shaped engagement rings will choose a wedding band made of platinum, too.
  • Both 14K and 18K gold tend to be less expensive than platinum wedding bands. That’s because platinum is a more valuable metal. Additionally, the density increases the amount of platinum needed to create a wedding band.
  • Unlike platinum, gold wedding bands give you color options. Platinum is always a silver metal. Gold wedding bands can be made in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. You can also make your pear shaped engagement ring set in two tones by using a different colored gold than your ring.
  • Despite the color options of yellow gold and rose gold, white gold is the most popular metal chosen for engagement rings. To keep its silvery appearance, it will need rhodium plating over the years. Platinum retains its silver color, but it will need polishing to buff out scratches occasionally. Fortunately, our Forever Service Plan covers both rhodium plating white gold and polishing platinum services. So, the choice of silver-colored metal is completely up to you.

Wedding Bands For a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Hopefully, narrowing your search for the best wedding bands to go with pear shaped engagement rings has become a bit easier. You should have a better idea of what style will look best with your own pear shaped ring. Happy shopping!