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How to Take the Best Engagement Ring Photos

by Hunter Kemp
Last updated on October 18, 2023
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You’re engaged! That’s so exciting, and we couldn’t be happier for you. Now it’s time to capture your big milestone and show off your beautiful ring with some engagement ring photos! Whether you plan to share them on social media or send them to a few close friends, we’ve put together a guide to help you make your engagement ring selfie as stunning as possible.

Factors to Consider when Taking Engagement Ring Photos


To get the best engagement ring selfie, it’s ideal to use natural light– lots of it. If you’re indoors, take the engagement ring selfie near a window (or several!). This allows you to incorporate artificial light sources as well. Because diamonds have so many facets facing in all different directions, they can produce a stunning sparkle when light hits them from multiple angles. Wedding photographer Jonathan Perkins explained to that if you only use one light source, the facets that aren’t facing the light won’t shine as brightly.

If you use several light sources, though, you can make the diamond glimmer as much as possible. Jewelers actually do something similar when they put their diamonds on display, using an array of tiny lights. Sunlight will really enhance the brilliance of your ring, especially if it’s coming from multiple windows. Even light from your phone could work as another source for your ring selfie. Stay away from the dim or yellowish light you may find indoors, though, as this can make the diamond’s color grade look lower.

Angles and Placement

Before taking your engagement ring selfie, it’s a good idea to remove most other jewelry from your hand. Smaller pieces are ok to leave on, especially if they complement the style of your engagement ring. Certain types of more subtle jewelry can really enhance the beauty of your ring. But larger pieces in particular– big watch faces, for instance– can make your ring appear smaller and take the focus away from it. Bringing the camera close to the ring will also help the center stone appear larger.

Avoid zooming in, however, as this can produce a photo that isn’t as crisp. As far as angles, experiment with a few of them to determine which suits your diamond cut the best. Also, make sure to focus the camera on the ring, too. If you have an iPhone, just tap the ring or tap and hold to lock in the focus and exposure.

The placement of your hand is another piece of your engagement ring selfie to consider. If you’re having trouble finding a position for your fingers that seems natural and relaxed, try holding a prop. Something as simple as a coffee cup would work well, and a bouquet of flowers would make the photo even more romantic. You could even rest your hand on top of your wedding planner!


While the ring itself is going to be the focal point of your photos, the background gives you a great opportunity to really customize the picture. It’s a great idea to choose something that’s important, whether that be important to you personally or important to your relationship. You could also use props in the foreground of your photo to add a similar kind of personalization and fun.

Ideas for Engagement Ring Photos

Not sure how to bring your own style and personality to your engagement ring photos? If you want some inspiration, check out the ideas below for some of our favorite ways to show off your dream engagement ring.

With a Scenic View

Whether it’s a city skyline, a beach, some snowy mountaintops, or a field of flowers, a beautiful view can be the perfect background for any engagement ring photo. Find a day with perfect weather and take advantage of sunlight to make the photo even more stunning. If the two of you have a favorite place or somewhere that’s special to you, this could be a great option as well. If your proposal spot or the location of your first date is nearby, you could take the picture there as a reminder of the special moment.

With Those Who Matter Most

As you capture one of the biggest milestones in your life, reflect on everyone who was there by your side along the way. This includes your fiancé, of course, but it may also include your family. They may have helped with wedding planning, kept your proposal a secret, and just shared your excitement through the whole process. If you want to take your pictures with your fiancé, you have so many fun options. One of our favorites is having your significant other jumping in the air– jumping for joy!– behind your proudly displayed ring in the foreground.

If you’re into a little PDA, we also love shots of a kiss with the diamond engagement ring clearly visible. Another more subtle way to feature your partner is by snapping a picture of your interlocked hands. This is a classic photo idea, and these photos make for great engagement ring selfies.

A beloved pet could be sweet to include, too. Everyone loves animals, so this would be an awesome option for Instagram. If you and your fiancé have a pet together, showing them off in your engagement ring selfie would be a great way to let others see another glimpse of the life you share.

In Everyday Life

Why not snap a photo when it just feels right? Maybe you want to show off the bold colors you’re wearing that day, you think the dark hues of your car would make a cool backdrop, or you’re sitting in bed marveling at the brilliance of your diamond engagement engagement ring. Photos showing how you wear the ring in everyday life are just as perfect as any others.

Your engagement ring photos can capture the joy you felt on the day of the proposal, but they can also just celebrate the fact that you’re engaged! You’re carrying that with you as you go through our everyday life, so why not make that the subject of your engagement ring photos? Whenever your bling jumps out at you next, forget about having to pose perfectly and just let the photo happen.

With Seasonal Decor

Whether it’s the middle of spring or the holiday season, there’s plenty of gorgeous seasonal decor to use as a background or prop for your engagement ring selfie.

Take inspiration from all the beauty around you! Snap the photo in a field of blooming flowers, in front of a sparkler or two that light up the summer night, or among the branches of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Use your engagement ring selfie to show off your dream engagement ring and celebrate the season as well.

Sharing Your Engagement Ring Selfie

So now you’ve taken several photos and chosen the perfect engagement ring selfie to share. Great! There are just two major etiquette rules to keep in mind before you click “post.”

  1. Make sure you’ve already told your closest friends and family about your engagement. You don’t want them to hear about it for the first time when everyone else does!
  2. Tag your partner! If they aren’t featured in the engagement ring selfie itself, make sure to mention them in the caption. You might also consider including some photos of the two of you in a carousel on Instagram. After all, this is about both of you!

We hope that your engagement ring selfie will make you even more excited than you already are about your engagement. Congratulations, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @cleanorigin to show us your ethically created ring!