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How to Keep Your Proposal Covert

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on November 10, 2020

So, you have your gorgeous, Clean Origin ring all picked out… but now you’re stressing about how to keep your proposal a surprise. You are in luck! We’ve teamed up with the founders of the Box Sock to help give you some helpful hints on how to keep your proposal on the DL. So sit back, relax and know that we’ve got your back!

1. Make sure that the engagement ring box is HIDDEN. Nothing will give your proposal away like a bulky ring box in your pant pocket. Not to mention, it could also be super uncomfortable for you! So, where should you hide that sparkling surprise? Inside your Box Sock!  This is the pocket sock that hides your engagement ring box up until the perfect moment. The pocket is specifically designed so when “the proposer” kneels down on his right knee, he or she can swiftly pull out the engagement ring box from the left sock. Brilliant right? Simple, easy and stylish.

2. Slim down your engagement ring box.  Traditional engagement ring boxes can be bulky and unnecessarily large considering the size of an engagement ring
. Thankfully, Box Sock has the perfect, concealable ring box for you (and it fits right into the pair of Box Socks you’re planning to purchase!). This black, thin ring box has a classic look and better yet – it is totally discreet.

3. Have a perfectly planned ruse. Keeping your love distracted with a “plan” while having total confidence in that plan will make the day so much smoother. You can keep it super simple, for example – tell her you’re going to meet friends at a swanky new restaurant for drinks. That way, she is dressed up – but doesn’t necessarily know TOO much. You could also tell her you won a gift card at work and you want to share it with her or plan a fun “date night” a week in advance. Need some backup? Get trustworthy friends and family involved to push the plan along. She will ask fewer questions if you and your team are calm, collected and fully committed to a great surprise!

4. Still feeling a little nervous or anxious about your proposal? Don’t worry, we have one last secret weapon – a proposal planner! That’s right, a team of experienced planners can not only come up with a totally unique proposal idea based on your relationship, but they can find the perfect location, lock down the best vendors, design, coordinate and make sure your idea comes to life wherever you plan to pop the question.

Now that you have some tricks to keep your proposal completely covert, we want to wish you an — early — congrats on your upcoming special day!