Lab Grown Princess Cut Diamonds

A princess-cut diamond is a popular diamond that combines the maximum brilliance of round brilliant cuts with the strong lines of a square shape.

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What is a Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?

As the name suggests, a princess-cut diamond is fit for royalty. Princess-cut diamonds feature a square top, four beveled sides, and a point resembling an inverted pyramid beneath the stone's surface. Princess cut diamonds are essentially the square versions to round brilliant cuts. This is why princess cuts are also referred to as "square modified brilliant."

Princess cut diamonds sparkle bright and are traditional yet unique enough for people who prefer a popular style with a classic twist. Princess-cut engagement rings have a timeless look and make an excellent shape for diamond engagement rings.

Is a Princess Cut Engagement Ring Out of Style?

While the cut of a princess-cut diamond dates back to the 1960s, stunning princess-cut diamonds are anything but old. Among other diamond shapes, this one is more popular than ever!

Celebrities like Kate Bosworth and Emily Ratajkowski are flashing princess diamond engagement rings. Princess cuts may continue to 'reign' supreme and outshine traditional round-cut diamonds.

Princess-Cut Diamonds - The 4 C’s

As with any diamond shape, a princess-cut diamond's overall quality and value are determined by four factors: cut, clarity, color, and carat (AKA the 4 C’s).

Cut Grade

While the shape of a diamond refers to its physical appearance, the diamond cut refers to how a diamond’s features interact with light. Clean Origin only offers princess-cut diamonds at or above a good cut quality. The four options are good, very good, excellent, or ideal.

While there is not an official GIA rating for princess-cut diamonds, we provide a rating system for every princess-cut diamond to help you determine how well it shines.

Clarity Grades

Clarity refers to the number of inclusions and blemishes in a particular stone. Each princess-cut diamond will have a different amount of these flaws, ranging from SI2 (having the largest amount) to VVS1 (having the least). While princess-cut diamonds hide imperfections better than round diamonds, be sure that your stone passes the “eye test.” You should not be able to spot any flaws when you examine the stone yourself.

Color Grades

Color refers to the absence of color in a diamond. Diamond experts can grade a diamond's color and value using an alphabetic scale starting at D (completely colorless) and ending at Z (noticeably yellow). Clean Origin only offers diamonds from D through J on the scale. The choice of color in a diamond is very subjective. In any case, remember that princess diamonds can hide some color but are not capable of disguising it all.

Carat Weight

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, though purchasers often think of carats in terms of size. One of the best assets of princess-cut diamonds is that they usually cost less than other stones due to the number of rough diamonds they use. Plus, when you purchase a lab grown princess diamond, you can save an additional 20-30%. This means you can buy the diamond that will sweep your loved one off their feet without wiping out your bank account.

Buyers' Tips for Princess-Cut Diamonds

The cut of a princess-cut diamond is one of its most significant advantages. Not only is it both modern and elegant, but it uses more of a rough diamond than the typical diamond cut. These elements make princess-cut diamonds cheaper and lower the overall price of your jewelry.

However, the square diamond does have sharp corners that need to be protected. Opt for bezel corners or a secure prong setting to protect your partner's princess-cut diamond ring.

Thankfully, most settings, especially V-prong settings, will keep the center stone safe no matter the conditions in which your princess-cut ring is worn.

Princess Shape Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds have identical chemical makeup and appearance to mined diamonds. When you compare two diamonds of the same shape, the cut, clarity, color, and carat qualities are the same. The main difference between lab-grown diamonds compared to mined diamonds comes down to their history. Otherwise, lab-grown diamond's brilliance is almost identical to a mined diamond.

Lab grown diamonds have an added benefit. Princess-cut diamonds are sold at a lower cost than other shaped diamonds. So, a lab grown princess-cut diamond ring can add a 20-30% discount and feature all the brilliance we crave in a diamond. You can surprise your significant other with a larger diamond than you thought possible.

Why Choose a Princess Cut Engagement Ring

While princess-cut diamonds are not as brilliant as round brilliant-cut diamonds, they are still gorgeous and less expensive. Making them a popular diamond shape with a classic look. Princess cuts are quite durable and use up most of their rough diamond compared to other diamond shapes, such as round cut diamonds. Round cut diamonds require more of their raw material. During the cutting process, more than half of the rough diamond from round cut diamonds is thrown away, making it more expensive.

A princess-cut diamond will often appear larger than a round diamond, even if they have the same carat weight. The reason why it appears larger is because of its large diagonal measures. Furthermore, princess cuts are simply stunning and are the perfect ring for someone who is looking for a classic shape with a large setting on a budget.

Clean Origin’s Selection Of Princess-Cut Diamonds

Due to their eye-catching yet easy appearance, princess-cut diamonds work well with nearly any engagement ring setting. Our selection contains over five hundred princess-cut diamonds to choose from.

If you are looking for extra support when browsing for engagement rings, schedule a visit from the comfort of your home with a virtual consultant. Virtual consultants will assist you in finding the perfect engagement ring by figuring out the style you like and sharing our variety of options.

Effortlessly match yours with any setting from our solitaire, halo, classic, and vintage collections. Whether you like a round or princess cut, it's easy to find the pairing (and price) of your dreams with Clean Origin.

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