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Wedding Rings for Women: Top 8 Trends for 2023

by Moya Guy
Last updated on August 23, 2023
lab grown diamond bridal set

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies that bond two people together as they exchange rings filled with sentiment. With that in mind, the ring one chooses says a lot! Wedding rings for women come in all different shapes, sizes, and metals.

Finding the perfect wedding ring for your bride is crucial as it represents your everlasting commitment to her. As we welcome 2023, it’s a perfect time to begin thinking about the best wedding ring to choose to make your loved one feel special.

The perfect wedding ring is out there! Here are a few to consider as we dive into the top 7 wedding ring trends for women in 2023 that your loved one will cherish forever!

Stackable Wedding Rings

Stackable wedding rings that highlight each memory.

Stackable rings are stunning and add layers to one’s finger.

Altogether, each ring complements the next to create a beautiful and unique stack of sentimental wedding bands. Each band features different styles and metals, such as white gold and yellow gold, that will add a signature touch to a wedding ring. Stackable rings are great engagement rings; each band has a sentiment to make your loved one feel special.

Matching Wedding Bands

With so many options for men’s wedding rings now, it’s easy for you to match yours to your partners. And if you don’t want to have exact matching wedding bands, then choose two different styles that are similar.

Unique Wedding Rings

Wedding rings for women do not have to be simple; shaped rings contour the finger leaving it with an elegant touch. Uniquely shaped wedding rings have been trending as they have a distinctive style that one customizes to their liking, making them stunning jewelry pieces.

In light of the countless options to choose from, unique wedding rings began to stun many in this new year. This wedding ring for women comes in various styles, including pear, cushion, emerald, and heart, all dazzling ways to make a wedding ring special.

Vintage Rings

Vintage wedding rings can make women feel special as they are unique and inspired by the past. Moreover, these rings for women are perfect for those who may be considered an ‘old soul’ or inspired by the past. They come in various shapes, sizes, metals, and more.

Vintage rings will surely stun you, as you can’t go wrong with them. The wedding bands are uniquely shaped and have a variety of styles making a wedding ring special and detailed.

The specialty that vintage wedding rings for women offer is that they can be passed down from generation to generation and refurbished to have that beautiful elegance. They are great engagement rings that have high elegance.

All in all, wedding rings are known to be special, and that is what vintage wedding rings for women provide.

Oval Shaped Wedding Rings

So many women love oval-shaped wedding rings as they are beautiful and classic. They add a simple yet elegant shine to their fingers.

Oval rings are a great option when choosing the right wedding ring because they are classy and stylish. These rings offer a beautiful piece of jewelry filled with everlasting beauty that one can customize at an affordable price. Oval-shaped wedding rings for women are elegant and fit with just about anything!

Customized Rings

Customized ring sets in rose, gold, and silver.

Customized wedding rings are so unique as you are the one in control. A personalized ring for women is curated to the taste of the bride.

There are many options regarding a customized wedding ring to be discovered, as there are no limits. One can choose the design and shape of the ring, the wedding band, and its style. You get to choose the metal, style, shape, and gemstones that make customized wedding rings for women so exciting! Overall, customized wedding rings for women are stunning and deepen the sentimental value of a ring.

Toi et Moi

Toi et Moi, Clean Origin

There is so much one can feel from having a piece of jewelry that symbolizes love. Toi et Moi is a beautiful wedding ring that has been climbing wedding rings for women trends recently. They feature two gemstones side by side to represent two lovers. Toi et Moi is a french word that translates to ‘you and me,’ making these rings memorable as they resemble unity between lovers.

Without a doubt., Toi et Moi wedding rings for women are remarkable. They can be customized and have various styles of gemstones, metal, and gold that one can pick to suit their bride best.

Clean Origin has a wide selection of stunning Toi et Moi wedding rings that feature different shapes and wedding bands for you to discover!

Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Created Diamonds; Clean Origin

Diamonds are genuinely eternal; they glisten and shine with the touch of any light. Lab created diamonds have taken over the world by creating cruelty-free diamonds. They provide you and your bride with beautiful gemstones free of a history of poor working conditions and human cruelty. There are many ways to style and wear lab created wedding rings for women, as there is a wide selection. In fact, you can pop in a gold band or even a rose-colored gemstone that will last an eternity. Lab created gemstones provide a large selection of wedding rings for women that touch a woman’s heart with the sentiment of love.

Although the process of lab created diamonds may look a bit different compared to mined ones, trust that they have the same shine and sparkle we all desire in each carat. Additionally, lab grown diamonds offer a sustainable choice of jewelry to couples with a variety of styles. They are effortlessly stunning and make the purchase worth every penny. We have a variety of diamonds to choose from.

All things considered, whether you are looking for colored diamonds such as pink or purple or specially crafted shapes and sizes, Clean Origin has it all–from engagement rings to wedding bands, and even jewelry for anniversary gifts.