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Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

by Annie Earnshaw
Last updated on August 18, 2023

Wedding favor ideas are a critical part of your wedding. Wedding favors are a small gift that you and your partner give guests as a thank-you for attending your wedding. They are also a memento that your guests can use as a reminder of the happy day that you all shared.

The History of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors first appeared in history during the 16th century. Back then, couples commonly gave their guests love knots, which are little fabric knots made of lace and ribbon. Love knots represent the bond of love.

From there, the tradition of giving favors evolved. French and Italian aristocrats gave their guests bonbonnieres, which were porcelain, crystal, or metal boxes that contained sugar delicacies. Bonbonnieres represented luck as well because, back then, weddings were considered lucky occasions. By gifting bonbonnieres, the couple passed their good luck onto their guests.

Another tradition that still exists is Jordan almonds. The traditional bonbonnieres evolved as candy makers started dipping almonds in sugar or another sweet coating. Many couples give five Jordan almonds as a favor to represent the five wedding wishes: fertility, health, wealth, happiness, and longevity.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Favor

The perfect wedding favor ideas are a reflection of you and your partner, so they should be something that the two of you love! Wedding favors also commonly align with your wedding theme or aesthetic, so that’s a great way to decide which wedding favor is right for you as well.

You also want your wedding favor to be functional for your guests. We’ve all been gifted something that we never ended up using, and that’s not what you want to happen at your wedding. If your wedding favor isn’t useful to your guests, they might not take it and leave you with a bunch of extra favors!

To ensure that you get the most out of your investment in favors, consider your favor’s usability. Is your favor something a commonly-used tool? If you received it as a favor, would you incorporate it into your home or toss it when you’ve left the venue?

Another great way to decrease excess is with edible or single-use favors. Food, drinks, alcohol, and bath products are easy to use and won’t take up clutter in your guests’ homes.

Traditional Wedding Favor Ideas

If you and your partner want the perfect favor for your tradition-inspired wedding, look no further! Here are some tried-and-true wedding favor ideas.


Take a note from your favorite restaurants and offer mints to your guests! This classic wedding favor idea is perfect for couples who are serving dinner during their reception. Give your guests a chance to freshen up as they head home. You can also include a custom “mint to be” favor tag on the packaging.


Incorporate this French dessert into your wedding day by offering your guests a late-night snack. You can package the delicate macarons in a beautiful gift box that matches your wedding decor for a custom touch.

Kissing Bells

Kissing bells are a lovely tradition: every time a guest rings the bell, you and your partner share a kiss! You can also pass out the bells before your exit from the reception for a gorgeous photo opportunity and fun exit.

Rustic Wedding Favors Ideas

If your wedding features a rustic theme, then your favors should definitely match! Here are some wedding favor ideas for any rustic affair.

Jar of Honey

Honey is the perfect wedding favor if you and your partner have a sweet tooth. This favor idea is a practical gift that your wedding guests can incorporate into their pantry. For a special touch, tie a wooden honey dipper onto the jar with a twine string and a custom tag.

Heart-Shaped Bird Feeders

Birdseed hearts are a fantastic wedding favor for our nature-loving couples. Gift these seed-covered heart ornaments to your guests and invite them to hang the bird feeder in their yard. You’ll give back to nature with your wedding gifts!

Mason Jars

A mason jar is the perfect rusting wedding favor! You can adorn your mason jar favors with chalk labels and favor tags that lead your guests to their seats. These unique wedding favors are also reusable and multi-purpose so your guests can use them for years to come.

Personalized Wedding Favor Ideas

The best wedding favors are unique to you and your partner! Check out these customized wedding favor ideas for your upcoming ceremony.

Box of Matches

A box of matches is one of the best wedding favor ideas because it is practical and a little nostalgic. This wedding favor has a wealth of customization options. You can either design your matchbox label yourself, hire a graphic designer to create a custom label, or work with a matchbox company directly.


Coasters make fantastic wedding favors because of their function. Most people have a stack of coasters in their living room, so a simple, customized coaster is a great memento to pass on to your guests! Stick with a neutral material like marble, wood, or etched glass that will go with any home decor.


Magnets are a practical wedding favor because they are very functional. A customized magnet that features the couple’s names and their wedding date is a special reminder of your big day without taking up too much real estate in the home. Opt for a magnet with a clip if you want extra usability.

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas

Share the love of crafting with your guests with a cool DIY wedding favor. These kits allow your guests to get engaged with your favors and create a special memory as well.

DIY S’mores Kits

For an extra sweet treat, give your guests the gift of s’mores! Combine two graham crackers, a marshmallow, and a few pieces of chocolate for the perfect s’mores kit. You can also add a cute tag with your names and wedding date or a wedding-related pun.

DIY Cocktail Kits

Cocktail kits are one of our favorite party products for weddings! This gift idea creates a special moment for each of your guests even after they’ve left the venue. You can also customize your cocktail kit to match your and your partner’s favorite drinks.

DIY Flower Crowns

Every person at your wedding reception can take part in the flower crown trend with this favor! Your guests can create a custom flower crown with their favorite colors and buds that they can sport during and after the reception.

Food Wedding Favor Ideas

When you’re thinking of wedding guest gift ideas, you should definitely consider an edible wedding favor. Here are some of our favorite party favors, which all make a great late-night snack.

Sweet Treats

Top off a fun evening on the dance floor with a little something sweet! Here are our favorite wedding favor ideas for sugar-loving couples.

Custom Iced Cookies

One of our favorite wedding favor ideas is custom sugar cookies for your wedding guests! This wedding favor idea can match your wedding’s theme and even feature your wedding hashtag. Cookies are a fun way to share a final sweet moment with your guests before the end of the night.

Local Pastries

If you and your partner have a favorite local bakery, inquire to see if they’ll create your wedding favors! This unique idea is perfect for doughnuts, croissants, cupcakes, or any other type of pastry you adore. You can also work with them to customize the sweet treats so they match your special day.

Candy Buffet

Of all wedding party favors, a candy buffet might be one of our favorites. This is one of the best wedding favor ideas if you know your guests will be picky. Every guest gets to customize their candy bag to exactly what they want!be

Savory Gifts

If you want an indulgent treat to cap off your wedding day, opt for savory food or condiments for your guests. Whether you offer fresh food or a special gift to take home and use later, here are some perfect wedding favors.

Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

If you and your partner love a little spice, mini hot sauce bottles are the perfect wedding favor for you. You can either DIY these hot sauce bottles with a homemade hot sauce recipe or order mini bottles of your favorite hot sauce. You could even make them unique with a custom label!

Homemade Pickles

For our couples who love pickles, share your favorite pickle recipe with your wedding guests! Use locally-grown produce and bulk ingredients to reduce shipping emissions and contribute to your local economy. You can also purchase recycled or reusable jars to hold the pickles.

Flavored Salt or Spice Mixes

A custom spice blend or flavored salt is a great functional wedding favor! You can also include a card with your favorite recipes to give your guests ideas.


The best unique wedding favors for you and your partner might be a little something for your guests to sip. Send guests home after your big day with your favorite beverage inspired by your favorite drinks. This way they can think fondly of you while sipping and recalling how stunning you looked in your dress and engagement ring.

Mini Champagne Bottles

Keep the party going with a mini champagne bottle! This wedding favor gives your guests the opportunity to share a drink at another time. Decorate the champagne bottles with a custom label thanking your guests and a beautiful bow on top. And while you’re at it, why not save a couple for yourselves to open up on your first wedding anniversary?

Loose Leaf Tea

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea! Gift your guests a sachet of your favorite loose leaf tea or tea bags that you use often. This gift is perfect for guests who want to relax with something warm at the end of the night.

Fireball Shots

For the couple who loves a good time, a mini bottle of your favorite liquor is a great idea. Pass these out to guests who drink alcohol so they can take them at the wedding or enjoy them later on after you see your guests home.

Sustainable Wedding Favor Ideas

Clean Origin is committed to environmentally-conscious practices. You can make a similar commitment on your wedding day by choosing sustainable wedding favors.

Wildflower Seeds

Support local bees and pollination efforts by giving your guests wildflower seeds. Invite your guests to scatter the seeds in their yard for a colorful surprise when the flowers start to bloom. You could also get seeds that match your wedding colors for a custom touch.

Message in a Bottle

An eco-friendly and ocean-inspired favor? Look no further than a message in a bottle. Reused old bottles and source recycled paper make the perfect pair for this wedding favor. You can write custom letters to each of your guests as well and even use these favors as seating cards.

Bars of Soap

Join in on the zero-waste movement by decreasing the amount of waste in your wedding favors. Hand-crafted bars of soap with no packaging or recycled packaging are a functional and eco-friendly wedding favor idea.

Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

When you’re celebrating away from home, your wedding favors should match the location! A unique wedding favor for your guests reflects your wedding location. Here are some gift ideas that you’re sure to love.

Custom Venue Paintings

To commemorate your wedding venue, commission a local artist to create mini paintings for your guests. This option is perfect for the couple that wants personalized favors that are special to their venue. You’ll also be supporting a small business and giving your guests a unique piece of art!

Leather Luggage Tags

When you and your guests are jet-setting around the world for your wedding, a travel-themed wedding favor is a must. Collaborate with a small business to create a custom leather luggage tag that you can give to your guests.

Herb-Infused Olive Oil

Olive oil is a globally-inspired wedding favor that is perfect for your destination wedding. Source locally-made olive oil to contribute to the local economy. You can also offer plenty of secure packaging for any guests who need to fly home.

Seasonal Wedding Favors

The best wedding favor ideas are inspired by your venue and wedding aesthetic. Taking the season into account is a fantastic way to choose cute wedding favors.

Summer Wedding Favor Ideas

Summer is in the air and your guests are here to celebrate! Here are some summer-inspired wedding favors.

Hand Fans

Folding handheld fans are an elegant and vintage-inspired wedding favor idea. Other than being a beautiful memento, these fans are truly functional and will keep your guests cool during your reception.


Keep your guests cool with an ice-cold treat! For a cost-effective option, buy popsicles in bulk from your favorite bulk store. If you want a custom wedding favor, work with local ice cream shops to create a new flavor or design.

Autumn Wedding Favor Ideas

Autumn weddings are known for their rich colors and casual vibes. Here are our autumn-inspired recommendations for wedding favors.

Apple Cider

End the night with a sip of something sweet! Apple cider is the perfect seasonal wedding favor because apples are in-season during your autumn wedding. If you live near an apple orchard, you can also purchase local cider for a special touch.

Candy Apples

This classic fair food will remind you and your guests of fun nights at the county fair or carnival! Customize your candy apple decorations to match your wedding theme.

Winter Wedding Favor Ideas

Cozy up during your winter wedding! The stunning scenery and seasonal traditions make for a fantastic wedding theme. Here are some wedding favors you should consider.

Maple Syrup

What’s more wintry than maple syrup? A small bottle of high-quality maply syrup is a lovely wedding favor for the season.


For a winter wedding, a stunning Christmas ornament is a fantastic wedding favor idea. You have so many options when it comes to the design. Whether you pick a classic ball ornament or a pressed flower ornament, this wedding favor is sure to impress.

Spring Wedding Favor Ideas

Spring is all about soft colors, floral scents, and delicate details. Here are two wedding guest favors that are perfect for your spring nuptials.

Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets bring the smell of springtime to your guests’ homes! Include a card telling them to tuck the sachet into a drawer, cupboard, or other closed space to infuse it with the calming smell of lavender.


If your wedding has a spring garden party aesthetic, then parasols are an incredible wedding guest favor idea. You should especially consider these as a favor if your wedding is outside or during the afternoon.

Wedding Favors for Special Guests

Your closest friends and family help you enjoy life’s biggest moments, so it’s always a fun idea to gift them an extra something special.

Bridesmaid Gifts

Your bridesmaids are with you every moment for your engagement party, bridal shower, and your wedding day. Celebrate your bridesmaids by selecting the perfect bridesmaid gifts.


A customized candle is a great gift option for your bridesmaids. You can give them each a scent that you think they would like and decorate the jars with their names for a special touch.

Monogrammed Tote Bags

To help your bridesmaids stay organized on your wedding day, gift them a monogrammed tote bag. They will be able to use this gift for years to come! You could also give them at your bridal shower or bachelorette party as multi-use favors.

Wedding Party Gifts

Your closest friends and family members stand with you on your big day. Show them your appreciation for being the best wedding party with some of these party favors.

Personalized Koozies

Keep your wedding party’s drinks icy cold with this customized wedding favor. Koozies are a great option for a wedding party favor because they’re functional and have lots of design options.

Bottle Openers

What’s more functional than bottle openers? These customizable gifts make great wedding party favors for both bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Kids Wedding Favor Ideas

Don’t forget about the little ones! If you’re inviting kids to your wedding, set aside a few favors for them to enjoy after the ceremony and reception.


Gourmet lollipops are a fun way to incorporate your wedding theme into a favor. Opt for a lollipop made by a local candy maker. Going local can also give you the opportunity to custom-make your lollipops to match your wedding day decor.

Boxes of Crayon

To keep little ones occupied during your reception, give them a box of crayons and some coloring pages. You can opt for custom crayons or stick with a classic box of 24 crayons from the store.

Published by Annie Earnshaw

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