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8 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Clean Origin
Last updated on October 17, 2023

Are you looking for a bronze anniversary gift for your spouse? Before you start searching for the perfect 8-year anniversary gift, take a second to congratulate yourselves on this remarkable milestone. Eight years ago, on your wedding date, you promised your undying love to each other – and you’ve kept that promise! That is no easy feat, and plenty of reasons to celebrate. After all, your eighth wedding anniversary only happens once!

Although your eighth anniversary may feel less “important” than commonly celebrated milestones like your 10th wedding anniversary, it’s still a moment to commemorate. Read on to hear about the eighth anniversary traditional gifts and for some thoughtful gift ideas!

What Are the Traditional Bronze Anniversary Gifts?

Pottery and bronze are traditional gifts to celebrate eight years of marriage, hence the nickname “Bronze Anniversary.” Bronze is the biblical symbol for strength – an obvious trait to describe a marriage that’s lasted almost a decade. Bronze is also an alloy, a homogenous mixture of different elements, similar to the blending of you and your partner’s lives. It is a durable material meant to last and a beautiful symbol of your love and the years to come.

What Is the Eighth Wedding Anniversary Flower?

There are two flowers that represent the eighth wedding anniversary: lilacs and clematis. Lilacs are commonly found in a deep shade of magenta and symbolize love and passion, though each color varietal can have additional meanings. As one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they can also represent renewal and reinvigoration. 

Clematis are climbing vines of Chinese/Japanese origin. They are known for their ability to climb up steep faces and around corners. For this reason, this flower represents cleverness and adventure. The perfect gift for your daring darling!

What Is the Eighth Wedding Anniversary Gemstone?

Are you opting to gift jewelry or a gemstone for your eight-year anniversary gift? Tradition dictates you choose something made with tourmaline or tanzanite. Tourmaline comes in multiple colors, including blue, green, pink, and every shade in between. You can even find rare rainbow-colored tourmaline stones. Tourmaline is believed to bring love and protection to the beholder. 

Tanzanite is a gorgeous cobalt blue gemstone. It can only be found in a small region of Tanzania, around the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It symbolizes truth, prosperity, and good energy prevailing over negativity. Tanzanite stones are quite rare; some think we may soon run out of supply because of their popularity. Just like diamonds, the value of tanzanite is graded according to the 4C’s – cut, color, clarity & carat.

What Is the Modern 8-Year Anniversary Gift?

Bronze gifts can be hard to find these days. To take a more modern approach, consider giving lace or linen for your 8-year anniversary gift. These fabrics require hard work to produce but are lasting and timeless, just like your eight-year marriage. Unlike bronze, lace, and linen are easy to come by and can be incorporated into many gift ideas.

How to Pick the Right Bronze Anniversary Gift

If gift-giving is your worst nightmare, picking the right gift for such a special day can feel daunting. After all, you’ve already given eight years’ worth of gifts!

When thinking about what to get your spouse this year, take some time to really think about your relationship history. Sometimes the most thoughtful gift can be the simplest romantic keepsake, like a framed memento from your wedding day.

Before you start shopping, remember that wedding anniversary gifts should be an expression of your relationship and the things you love about your partner. There is no minimum spend requirement! You can still find a great gift on a budget. Your wedding anniversary should be an occasion to celebrate, not one to stress about.

The perfect present for your eighth wedding anniversary is out there, no matter your situation. If your spouse doesn’t care much for material things, a practical gift will show you know them. For the couple that loves to enjoy life’s biggest moments, think about giving an experience or trip instead of an item.

Below, we’ve picked out a few eighth-anniversary gift ideas to help guide you in your search. Don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional bronze anniversary gifts and pick something that truly represents your relationship.

7 Modern Gift Ideas for Your Bronze Anniversary

Blue Diamond Jewelry

Cushion Blue Diamond Earrings
Cushion Blue Diamond Studs

Although tanzanite can be difficult to come across, any blue-toned jewelry can carry its lovely symbolism. A pair of blue diamond earrings are the perfect reminder of all the good moments you’ve shared together. Clean Origin jewelry is made with ethically sourced man-made diamonds, so you can look good and feel good about it. In your card, you can even add a note about tanzanite and its properties…and maybe even a plane ticket to Tanzania?

Bronze Cocktail Shaker

After eight years, sometimes you need to shake things up! A bronze cocktail shaker is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to entertain. Here’s an anniversary date idea: stay in, learn to make each other’s favorite cocktails, and raise a toast to how far you’ve come and everything the future will bring.

Potted Lilac

Whether you’re staying away from giving “things” as anniversary gifts or simply want to keep the budget down, a potted lilac is a unique gift that still commemorates your amazing eight years together. Make it a bronze pot to hit the jackpot of traditional 8th-anniversary gifts.

Outdoor plants are affordable, eco-friendly presents that keep on giving long after the day. Be sure to get a large pot, as lilac roots need space to spread out and grow.

Diamond Bracelet

Tennis Bracelets
Tennis Bracelets

Let’s face it: nothing says “I love you” quite like diamond jewelry. A diamond bracelet (or even a necklace as a gift) is a timeless piece that will definitely bring a smile to her face. The best part? This 8-year anniversary gift can be as opulent or understated as you’d like. Go big with a tennis bracelet adorned with lab diamonds, or choose a simple-yet-elegant petite diamond bracelet for a more minimal approach. Whatever you choose, feel confident knowing that 100% of Clean Origin diamonds are 100% ethical.

Lace Lingerie 

For a more modern eighth-anniversary gift, opt for a lace lingerie set. Consult with your spouse before you buy to make sure it’s something she’ll feel comfortable in, or pick it out together to make it a complete date night. This is an intimate and personal gift, but lingerie shopping can help bring back the playfulness from when you first met.

Ceramics Class

Looking for a non-traditional eight-year anniversary gift? If your other half’s love language is quality time, see if any ceramics classes are offered in your area. The two of you can celebrate the special occasion with handmade pottery to brighten up your home or office. According to Psychology Today, trying new things together is key to a healthy marriage. Who knows, maybe you’ll even surprise yourself with your artistic ability!

Linen Bedding

Linen Bedding

For a luxury gift you both can enjoy, try upgrading your bedding to a lush linen set. Few experiences are as refreshing as laying on soft, breathable, and durable linen sheets. Though linen gifts may not seem romantic, getting a great night’s sleep is a surefire way to keep the happy couple… happy! What better way to celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary than the gift of comfort?

Framed Photograph

A framed photograph of both of you is a simple and easy way to commemorate your 8th wedding anniversary. This romantic keepsake shows that, above all else, you value your spouse and the memories you create together. Pick a photo with special meaning, or hire a professional photographer to capture the perfect shot.

Shop Clean Origin

Diamond Studs
Diamond Studs

Whatever you choose for your eight-year anniversary gifts, the most important part is giving them with love! Still stuck? No worries! Clean Origin diamonds make for a thoughtful and modern gift. Shop with a clean conscience and get your other half the gift of their dreams.