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The best anniversary gifts are tokens of appreciation exchanged between people celebrating the time they have spent with one another.
Should You Buy a Gift for Your One-year Anniversary?

Yes! The first year is about celebrating your new life with your partner. How you celebrate is up to you, but a gift is a superb option.

A wedding anniversary gift can be anything you'd like, but it can be a great addition to the tokens that represent the relationship you have with your partner.

One year of marriage is coined the Paper Anniversary, so traditional gifts are paper-based. A personalized journal will suffice, but so will diamonds. It is fine to be as extravagant as you want, no matter what year of marriage, to celebrate your union.

What Is the Purpose of an Anniversary Gift?

Anniversary gifts are tokens of appreciation and, as the years continue, can act as a time capsule of your relationship. Our lab created diamonds are long-lasting, so choosing them to symbolize your relationship is a display of its beauty.

What Is the Meaning Behind Anniversary Gifts?

Anniversary gifts are items that symbolize or celebrate the conclusion of a year of anything you can think of: marriage, friendships, store openings, jobs, and more.

Which Anniversary Gifts To Buy Based on Years of Marriage?

Not every year is defined, but the ones that are may offer a helping hand in your gift giving. Each year is indicated by types of colors, gemstones, flowers, and other miscellaneous objects.

Depending on your region, the symbols associated with wedding anniversaries may vary. Generally, the integrity of each gift gets stronger and represents a strengthening relationship. That is why, traditionally, the first year is paper, and the last is a diamond.

Here are the names and anniversary gifts (by year) for the first 10 (and a few honorable mentions) years of marriage.

Anniversary Gift Suggestions by Year

First Year: The Paper Anniversary

Paper gifts are the main symbol of the first wedding anniversary. Other attributions to inspire additional first anniversary gift ideas include carnations, yellow colors, and gold metals.

Second Year: The Cotton Anniversary

As suggested by the name, cotton is a staple gift for two years of marriage. Supplemental gift ideas include fine china, a bouquet of cosmos, garnet, and other red items.

Third Year: The Leather Anniversary

The leather anniversary gifts encompass things made of leather, crystal, glass, or pearl. White and jade are the staple colors for the third marriage anniversary. Sunflowers are also plausible.

Fourth Year: The Linen Anniversary

Traditional Linen wedding anniversary gifts are fruit and flowers, specifically geranium. Other tokens include appliances, the blue topaz stone, and the colors blue and green.

Fifth Year: The Wood Anniversary

Common fifth-anniversary gifts are silverware, sapphire, and daisies. Based on tradition, a wooden wedding gift (such as a favorite wedding photo in a wooden frame) is the supreme emblem of this wedding anniversary. This is also one of the interval years couples choose to renew their wedding vows, but this can occur whenever decided upon.

Sixth Year: The Iron Anniversary

The traditional gift for the sixth wedding anniversary is iron-based. Beyond this, calla lillies, and wood items make suitable anniversary gifts. The colors to look out for are turquoise, purple, and white.

Seventh Year: The Copper Anniversary

Copper and wool are traditional options to follow for a 7th-anniversary gift, but in the modern day, a desk set is the particular symbol of the occasion. Other symbols include the colors yellow and off-white, the onyx gemstone, and freesias.

Eighth Year: The Bronze Anniversary

Eight years of marriage is called the Bronze anniversary, so bronze gifts are fitting. In addition, pottery is also a traditional choice. Complement tradition with linen or lace goods, the tourmaline gemstone, or a clematis bouquet.

Ninth Year: The Willow Anniversary

The ninth anniversary year also invites pottery as a symbol, along with willow. To stay on theme, ensure leather, poppy flowers, and terracotta-colored items are in your search. Another token of this anniversary is the stone lapis lazuli.

Tenth Year: The Tin Anniversary

Celebrate the tenth anniversary with a bundle of daffodils, or diamond jewelry. The signature gifts for a decade of partnership are tin and aluminum, but it might be better to focus on modern gift alternatives. The colors that mark the Tin Anniversary are silver and blue.

The gemstone for this anniversary year are diamonds, the strongest of them all. Your relationship has lasted ten years, so it's a great time to upgrade your wedding ring.

Twelfth Year: The Silk Anniversary

Anniversary gifts that represent 12 years of marriage are traditionally silk or linen. Contemporary themes include oyster white tones, peonies, pearls, and jade gemstones.

Twenty-fifth Year: The Silver Anniversary

The 25th anniversary is deemed the Silver Anniversary. Celebrate 25 years of marriage with all things silver. Find gorgeous jewelry pieces to symbolize the strength of your relationship with your partner.

Thirtieth Year: The Pearl Anniversary

Of course for the Pearl Anniversary, think pearls! Alternative options for this are diamonds and items covered in green tones. To complement the anniversary gift, include a bouquet of lillies.

Fiftieth Year: The Golden Anniversary

Fifty years of marriage is a milestone anniversary and definitely something to celebrate. Its grandeur is why it is called The Golden Anniversary.

Center your gifting search around gold jewelry to stay in line with both traditional and modern-day symbols of this anniversary milestone.

Additional signs of 50 years together are yellow rose and violet flowers.

Sixtieth Year: The Diamond Anniversary

Diamonds! The 60th anniversary is The Diamond Anniversary, so it is fitting to hone in on the diamond theme. Celebrate sixty years together by upgrading your diamond ring, or purchase a matching diamond set.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

There are many types of anniversaries. At the core, an anniversary celebrates the beginning of a new year, and the end of a great one gone by.

Anniversary gifts are typically exchanged between family members, friends, and romantic partners.

Are Anniversary Gifts Necessary?

No, anniversary gifts are not necessary. But they are worth investing in.

While purchasing the perfect gift is not the only reason to buy, it is a token of a matter that you feel is significant. The beauty of an anniversary gift is that it can be anything, but don't be afraid to be creative. Personalized gifts show your knowledge of your significant other which can enhance the warmth of a wedding anniversary.

Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts With Clean Origin

If you can't decide what you gift your loved one for your anniversary, why not choose jewelry? At Clean Origin, we have a wide selection of lab grown diamond jewelry in both traditional and modern gifts. Your spouse is sure to love your selection and will cherish it for years to come.

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