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16 Stunning Wedding Cake Ideas for Your Big Day

by Kamillah Khalif
Last updated on August 20, 2023

While some parts of wedding planning can be stressful, wedding cake planning doesn’t have to be one of them. Most people look forward to collecting wedding cake ideas that tie their entire wedding themes together and make for the perfect ending to their big day.

A wedding cake is perhaps the most memorable centerpiece at a wedding, and each couple can work with a cake designer to create a wedding cake design that fits their unique style. Don’t worry. We understand how overwhelming making your perfect wedding cake can be. Should you have a three-tier wedding cake or five? Should you go with a blue cake or an orange one? Explore fun themes like geode wedding cakes, or keep it simple? And don’t worry about freezing a piece for your one-year anniversary, most bakeries will now bake you a small cake to celebrate.

Whether you want an eye-catching wedding cake, a traditional cake, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered with these 16 inspiring wedding cake ideas.

Simple Wedding Cake Ideas

Whether you like simple pieces or complex flavors, keeping your wedding cake traditional and minimalist can be a blast.

Traditional Wedding Cake

Did you know that traditional wedding cakes were fruit cakes covered with marzipan icing? Although this flavor isn’t quite in style anymore, the traditional three-tiered cake with white icing is still a trendy choice for soon-to-be newlyweds. The classic look of a conventional wedding cake goes well with any wedding theme.

You can even opt for a sponge-cake base with fruit topping to add to the traditional feel.

Naked Wedding Cake

Another simple wedding cake option is to have a naked wedding cake. A cake made with icing only between its layers allows the base and topping to be the center of attention, giving it a rustic vibe. You can add variety to this cake design by incorporating multiple cake colors and flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. Garnishments like fresh flowers and a beautiful wedding topper can add the perfect finishing touches.

Semi-naked Wedding Cake

A semi-naked wedding cake gives you the best of both worlds since the cake is still frosted, but the base peeking through adds dimension. The fresh figs and leafy vines are the perfect garnishments for fall weddings.

The Statement Cake

His & Hers

If you and your beloved can’t decide on a wedding cake design, never fear! Why not do both? This half and half wedding cake was made to satisfy vanilla and chocolate lovers alike. Chocolate drip cakes and white buttercream cakes belong together, just like the bride and broom.

Tier Wedding Cake Ideas

One-Tier Wedding Cakes

A one-tier wedding cake is a perfect option for a small, intimate wedding with a minimalistic theme. This perfectly smooth, small cake would also look great at a dessert bar with other dessert options for your sweet-tooth guests, such as cupcakes and candy.

Four-Tier Wedding Cakes

This half gold, half white four-tiered wedding cake is the perfect statement cake for an elegantly themed wedding. The rose bed cake stand and huge white rose with gold trimming as the topper pull the two tones together. The slant of the icing creates visually pleasing geometric shapes that your guests will love.

Floral Wedding Cakes

Edible Flowers

This four-tiered wedding cake is ideal for a wedding with a purple color theme. The all-white cake is complemented by the purple drizzle and adorned with edible flowers—the perfect cake inspiration for a simple yet elegant look.

Fresh Roses

Continuing with the floral theme, have you thought about trying a cake with fresh flowers? If so, this white wedding cake with a trailing bouquet of fresh roses is a perfect inspiration. In addition to the eye-catching floral arrangement, the golden cake stand brings the whole look together.

Sugar Flowers

Not all floral wedding cakes need to feature fresh flowers. Sugar flowers are a great and tasty way to incorporate the floral theme into your wedding cake. This one-tier cake features colorful hand-painted florals as the icing design. This would also pair well with matching cupcakes to complete your dessert bar.

Colorful Wedding Cake Inspiration

Yes, the traditional white wedding cake look is classic and elegant, but there’s a reason people are steering away from this tradition. Color wedding cakes are fun! Why not have a cake design that goes with your wedding theme’s accent color? Not all brides wear white on their wedding day. Whether pink, blue, or gold, you can design a wedding cake that matches your wedding dress! Here are a few colorful cake ideas for inspiration.

Blue Wedding Cake

This blue wedding cake has two tiers, a beautiful bouquet of blue and white fresh flowers, and is perfect for a small summer wedding. Try a white chocolate fondant for added flavor complexity your guests won’t expect.

Gold Wedding Cake

Although gold is the traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary, you can get a head start on commemorating the longevity of your marriage by incorporating gold into your wedding cake. This stunning cake features gold trimming on the two bottom tiers and two top tiers, with total gold plating on the third tier. Gold will add a luxurious feel to your wedding cake, and eating edible gold will have your guests feeling like royalty.

Orange Wedding Cake

An orange wedding cake is perfect for a fall wedding, especially outdoors. This cake is quaint and simple, but the orange detail and citrusy-sweet pop of color are something everyone can appreciate.

Pink Wedding Cake

If Pretty in Pink had a wedding, this would be its cake. This gold accented pink cake is adorned with a pink and white rose, gold leaf, and golden orb details. This is a beautiful, subtle, yet statement-making wedding cake.

Try a Fun Wedding Cake

Real weddings don’t have to be traditional. You can satisfy your need to be adventurous and create new traditions in your wedding cake selection. Here are some out-of-the-box cake designs for inspiration.

Geode Wedding Cakes

These weddings cakes are the perfect statement for weddings with a Bohemian vibe. Geode cakes are decorated to look as if crystals are incorporated into the cake. You can customize the crystallized sugar to look like any crystal. This three-tier cake looks similar to amethyst, emerald, and quartz.

Geometric Print

Looking for a cake with a little pizzazz? Try a patterned wedding cake. Wedding cakes with patterns like this geometric print give the cake a chic yet fun feel.

Jasmine Rae Cakes

Looking for a cake designer known for making cakes your guests won’t forget anytime soon? Jasmine Rae Cakes are a work of art. She creates beautifully sculpted cakes for those wanting to splurge on their wedding. This stunning green and white ombre wedding cake is an example of the edible fine art she creates.