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Britney Spears Engagement Ring

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 19, 2023

Celebrity engagements are always exciting stuff! Seeing pop star Britney Spears get engaged after her legal battle to end her conservatorship only makes this proposal even sweeter. Sweeter still is the glory of Britney Spears’ engagement ring. 

Spears showed incredible determination and strength this year! We hope her lovely engagement becomes an even more delightful marriage, where she can include her two sons and build a larger family.

Britney Spears is Engaged!

Who is she engaged to? If you have not been following Britney’s life lately, we’ll catch you up.

Boyfriend Sam Asghari made their long-standing relationship official on September 12th, 2021. They met on the set of Britney’s “Slumber Party” music video in 2016 and have been together since. 

Britney wanted to be free to get married and have kids with Sam Asghari finally. During the legal battle to end her conservatorship, she spoke of the support, dedication, and love between them. Asghari’s manager, Brandon Cohen, spoke to the commitment and passion expressed between them when they unveiled their engagement. All the while, the happy couple focused on celebrating.

Who Made The Ring?

Britney’s now-fiancé Sam designed the ring in secret with New York City master jeweler, Roman Malayev. His company, Forever Diamonds New York, was said to be amazing with great ideas by Sam, and the final execution was gorgeous. Forever Diamonds NY worked closely with Sam to execute his vision of timeless and classic while including some close-up details in the ring just for Britney.

What Type of Ring is She Wearing?

The final ring is named “The Lioness” and is a platinum cathedral setting. Britney’s engagement ring features a few extra details that make it stand out from other floating solitaire design options. The flush set diamonds on the prongs and basket add some extra sparkle, and the pavé detailing on the bridge is the perfect cherry on top. 

Detailing on the bridge of a ring is only getting more popular these days! Roman Malayev differentiated his floating solitaire setting with flush set diamond detailing on the bridge and prongs. Also, with the addition of a secret diamond beneath the bridge. The flush set diamonds are only just the beginning of how sparkly this diamond ring gets.

Forever Diamonds New York engraved inside the band a special message from Sam to Britney as well! Britney Spears’ engagement ring has the message “Lioness” inscribed inside the band, laying against her ring finger. The inscription honors the fearless determination that Britney had to have to receive the special ring from Sam Asghari. 

Sam chose to work on his engagement ring with Forever Diamonds NY because he and Roman Malayev got along so well. Roman was deeply touched by the love that Sam put into Britney’s ring.

Clean Origin Options, So You Can Flash a Rock in Britney Spears Style

We all want to find a love like Britney’s, or at least a ring like Britney’s, I’m sure! While no one can have precisely the diamond ring that Spears received, there are plenty of similar options on the market. We offer some lovely engagement ring choices that pay homage to Britney’s ring. As always, we utilize lab-grown diamonds for a more ethical, affordable jewelry choice.

The Holly Solitaire Ring

The Holly Solitaire Ring is similar to Britney’s ring, featuring a diamond bridge, floating solitaire style, and cathedral setting.

Della Solitaire Ring

Our Della Solitaire Ring has about 50% of the bling factor that Britney’s ring has, featuring a hidden diamond of its own and a gorgeous cathedral band. This ring is definitely a more modern version of Spears’s ring while still keeping some sparkle for yourself.

Lyra Solitaire Ring

The Lyra Solitaire Ring is the definition of understated elegance. If you took the glam factor of Britney’s ring down, you would get this ring. If you want something minimalist but with fun structural details, this is the ring for you!

Quiet Beauty Engagment Ring

If you love the extra bling on Spears’s ring, but you aren’t a floating setting fan, our Quiet Beaty Ring is a great compromise. It references the main details of Britney’s ring but is still personal to you.