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Disney Engagement Rings

by Hunter Kemp
Last updated on October 17, 2023

Looking to bring some Disney magic to your proposal? Whether you’re enchanted by Mulan’s bravery, Snow White’s kindness, Jasmine’s determination, or you’re simply a lover of all things Disney, it would be such a fun idea to choose an engagement ring that incorporates some of that magical spirit. While Disney itself does sell officially licensed engagement rings through a company called Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, you might prefer to just take inspiration from their fairy tales, get creative, and find a ring that feels unique and magical to you. That way, you can make sure your Disney-inspired ring is also in line with your personal style!

Snow White: Alexa Halo Ring

In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the forest animals become some of Snow White’s most loyal supporters. They give her help and protection from the evil queen when she needs it the most. And this friendship serves as the inspiration for this engagement ring, which has a gorgeous halo setting. Halo rings feature one main stone encircled by many smaller diamonds, adding an extra layer of sparkle to the ring. In this specific ring, the smaller diamonds are the forest animals and Snow White is the beautiful center stone. They surround her and lift her up with their fierce loyalty. The Alexa Ring is available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, all of which would complement the diamonds perfectly. The band is also extra thin, making the diamonds stand out even more.

Alexa Ring

Pocahontas: Primrose Ring

Like Snow White, Pocahontas has a special connection with the natural world around her. She spends her free time exploring in nature and can even talk to Grandmother Willow, a willow tree. Her ability to create harmony in nature and between different groups of people is an important part of her life and personality. An engagement ring with a leafy, nature-inspired accent around the center stone would be a perfect way to take inspiration from Pocahontas. The Primrose Ring does just that, featuring two leaf-like details on each side of the radiant center stone. You can choose both the shape of the center stone (cushion, oval, or round cut) and the metal of the band (white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum).

Belle: Vintage Solitaire Ring

Belle is stunningly beautiful, but she isn’t focused on just being a bride to the most handsome man. She ultimately proves that real beauty is found on the inside, winning her prince with her kindness and intelligence. A solitaire ring would encapsulate her independence perfectly, and the exquisite center stone could be a symbol of her beauty. Her name means “beautiful” in French, after all. The Vintage Solitaire Ring features delicate filigree to the sides of the center stone, adding a level of beauty and elegance that captures Belle’s style perfectly. It also has no additional diamonds besides the one in the center, speaking to the individuality of the princess. For the metal of the ring, yellow gold would be a perfect little nod to Belle’s yellow dress. 

Margaret Ring

Merida: The Noemie

Like Belle, Merida is very independent– she’s also outspoken, feisty, and determined. She’s the only princess without a love interest, showing us that she doesn’t need a man to live happily. To find a ring that reflects her spunky personality, look for one in a unique style. You could choose a less common cut, such as emerald or marquise, or you could opt for a metal that is different from the typical white gold, platinum, or sterling silver. Choosing a fancy colored diamond is another possibility– pink, yellow, blue, or green diamonds would be gorgeous in a ring.

The Noemie Ring allows you to combine several unique elements into one. First of all, it’s an asymmetrical ring that features two different diamonds. One of the two will be an oval cut diamond, and the other can be whatever cut you’d like. Its dramatic chevron shape is quite distinctive, and you can opt for a less common metal– rose gold, for example– to make the ring even more unique. You could also look into purchasing bold wedding bands to complement your Merida-inspired engagement ring. Even simple bands in an eye-catching rose gold would be perfect complements to rose gold engagement rings. 

The Noemie

Tiana: Starburst Halo Grand Ring

Tiana shows us that if you work hard, your dreams really can come true. She’s hardworking, driven, and hopeful, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her dream of opening a restaurant. A ring in Tiana’s style would be one that bursts with energy and excitement, celebrating all of the effort the princess put towards her dream. And the Starburst Halo Grand Ring is just that. A burst of small diamonds surrounds the center stone, and even more come up the sides of the band. As for the color of the center stone, green would be a cute way to match Tiana’s dress (or the frog that she kisses!).

Starburst Grand Ring

Choosing Disney Engagement Rings

Disney-inspired engagement rings are such a fun and beautiful way to add some Disney magic to your engagement. There are so many ways to take inspiration from one of the princesses– whether you’re looking for a ring that seems like it would be her style or you’re trying to find one that reflects her character and personality, the options are truly endless. Clean Origin has an exquisite collection of engagement rings in a huge variety of styles and settings, allowing you to find one that feels perfectly Disney to you. And after you have your beautiful ring, why not celebrate by curling up with your partner and watching your favorite Disney movie together?