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The Best Proposal Spots in Dallas, TX

by Alexandra Wolf
Posted July 23, 2020

Last updated on November 4, 2020

Although Texas isn’t famous for romance, special and romantic spots can be found all over Dallas! Dallas has an amazing variety of places, including ultramodern skyscrapers, the largest arts district in the United States, incredible and inspiring museums, and thriving nightlife. Whether you’re looking for something city-oriented or surrounded by nature, we have curated a list of our favorite go-to spots for your perfect Dallas proposal. 

Nature-Escape Proposals

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This stunning and colorful garden sits on the shores of White Rock Lake, and its beauty has been recognized by many — anyone can see its world-class status from all the awards! Because the Garden can get fairly busy at peak times of the year, there are private areas that you can rent out to set up the dreamy ambiance for you and your loved one’s big moment.

Bluebonnets in Spring 

Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower, loved by all. They are abundant all throughout Texas, so do some research on a great hike or picnic spot surrounded by bluebonnets. This one is time-sensitive as they are only in bloom from late May to mid-July, but they’re sure to blow your S/O away! 

Proposals in the City

Canopy by Hilton Rooftop Lounge 

With the beautiful backdrop of the Dallas skyline behind you, order a signature cocktail with your partner and relax. Enjoy the views and the hotel’s gorgeous atmosphere as the sunset illustrates the sky and buildings. Pop the question at the perfect moment, and celebrate with champagne or a night at the hotel and spa!  

Trinity Groves Overlook

Trinity Groves Overlook is another great option, as you can enjoy this pocket park for any number of fun activities with your partner. The unmatched sights of the skyline combine with a great view of the Trinity river peacefully flowing beneath you. What a beautiful setting!

The Dallas Opera 

Book tickets for the Dallas Opera at the Winspear Opera house for a classically unique and romantic proposal. The architecture of the opera house is inspiring enough to get down on one knee, but we’re sure that after witnessing the beauty of the opera you’ll be compelled to get married as soon as possible! 

Sports Fan Proposals

AT&T Stadium

It’s no secret that Southerners love their sports, and Dallas is no different! AT&T Stadium offers tours of the field and the tunnels, so book in advance for you and your S/O. Once you both get to the center of the field, you can ask for their hand. Alternatively, get on the Jumbotron for a spectacularly public proposal!

Out-and-About Proposals

Mandalay Canals

Whisk your loved one away to a romantic gondola ride in the canals just a 15-minute drive from Dallas. Float over the serene waters, stopping at boardwalk spots as you please. Remember to bring a bottle of bubbly or some snacks for the ride, or celebrate with an after-party as you get off the boat!

Dallas Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Coast through the air overlooking the beautiful landscape, and wait for the sun to dip toward the horizon. Pick your perfect moment, because the view only gets better! Pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate as you float down from the sky; you will be toasting to the memories and rest of your lives forever!

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My sweet husband planned the most amazing birthday gift I’ve ever received! Yesterday we went on a sunset hot air ballon ride and it was just as amazing as I’d hoped it be! This gift really felt two fold because I got to do it on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is always hard for me ever since my mom went to see Jesus in January of 2010. My first birthday and Mother’s Day without her was so hard, I couldn’t understand how I was supposed to go on celebrating without her. Yet year after year here we are. And It’s become even more important for me to celebrate and live my life to the fullest. With each year I feel just how precious life is. Now I know that in the celebrating I am honoring my mom! I’m celebrating the life that she brought into the world. And living out the things she instilled in me from a young age. Even though she is not here to love on and celebrate with I still have the beautiful peace in knowing I will see her again! I couldn’t help but feel a little closer to heaven while I was up in the clouds. And then I thought about the sweet fact that the next time I see my mom we’ll be up in the clouds together! 🌥These beautiful verses were on my mind all day yesterday so I’ll just leave you with this. 1 Thessalonians 4:17-18 “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” God is so good! ♥️ #hotairballoon #rohrballoons ‭‭

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