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Celebrity Engagement Rings: How Different Are They?

by Adriana Perez-Nakamura
Last updated on September 13, 2023
celebrity engagement rings.

Celebrity engagement rings have been intriguing fans around the world for decades. So much so that when our favorite stars get engaged, we do a deep dive into social media to find out what the ring looks like.

But what makes celebrity engagement rings so fascinating? Maybe it’s the assumption that all celebrity rings are over the top. They seem unattainable by the average person. Perhaps this is true in some cases, but not always. In fact, celebrity tastes when it comes to engagement rings are surprisingly similar to what the average consumer wants, too.

So wait…are celebrities just like us? Keep reading to find out!

Styles: Celebrity vs Non-Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are many interesting celebrity rings out there, like Lady Gaga’s heart shaped diamond ring and Elizabeth Taylor’s 69-carat pear shaped diamond. So yes, the extravagance of many celebrity engagement rings is mind boggling. But for the most part, the overall settings, gem shapes, and styles they choose are not much different from what a non-celebrity would go for.

Thanks to data provided by Jacob Clarke from Teach Jewelry, we’ve assessed hundreds of celebrity engagement rings going back to the 90s. We then compared this data to what the average consumer has preferred over the years.

The most interesting finding was that the top three diamond shapes chosen by both celebrities and non-celebrities have consistently been the same. These top shapes are, in order of popularity, round, oval, and emerald. So now that we know this, let’s examine each diamond shape. We will also discuss several celebrity rings and compare them to some pieces from our collection of lab grown diamond engagement rings.

Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamond timeline.

Engagement rings with round cut diamonds are the most popular across the board for a few reasons. But the number one reason is they shine beautifully.

A well-cut round diamond has alluring fire and scintillation thanks to its 58 facets. It goes well with almost any setting, and it radiates a classic elegance that never goes out of style.

Round Cut Diamond Celebrity Engagement Rings

Diamond timeline. Round cut with percentages.

While the round cut diamond engagement ring was quite popular among celebrities in the 90s, it did see a bit of a dip in the early 2000s. Yet despite these two periods, the round diamond has maintained consistent popularity over the years.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these rings, as well as how you can get similar looks with Clean Origin.

Michelle Obama

The Obamas have been married since the early ’90s. And when former President Barack Obama proposed to the former First Lady Michelle Obama in 1991, he did so with a 1-carat round cut diamond set in a yellow gold band. Michelle Obama wore her original ring up until a few years ago, when she quietly upgraded it in 2017.

While it’s not clear what type of ring she is wearing now, some sources believe it might be a round or square diamond shape (maybe a cushion cut diamond?) on a platinum or white gold band.

Sylvie Solitaire Ring

Sylvie Ring.

The original ring Obama wore is a timeless classic, and it reflects the enduring popularity of the round cut diamond. Our Sylvie Solitaire Ring in yellow gold is one of our most popular options, and it mirrors Obama’s classic and chic style. You cannot go wrong with this ring on your finger.

Kate Upton

The round cut diamond engagement ring may be the most popular overall, but there’s certainly nothing average about Kate Upton’s classic large center stone.

Weighing in at around 8 carats, the flashy ring is set on either a platinum or white gold pavé band. She and her now-husband, pro baseball player Justin Verlander, got engaged in 2016.

Kate Ring

The Kate Ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

The appropriately named Kate Ring is the perfect choice for you if you’re loving the classic beauty of Upton’s engagement ring. With its round center stone as well as extra slim 1.6 mm sparkling band, it can hold a center diamond up to 5.5 carats in weight.

Idina Menzel

What sets Idina Menzel’s stunning engagement ring apart from the rest on this list? The fact that it features a lab grown diamond, of course!

Menzel’s now husband, Aaron Lohr, reportedly paid $30,000 for her ring, which features a 2-carat round cut diamond. Tapered baguettes flank the center diamond on both sides and are set in a platinum band.

Again, simplicity seems to be the name of the game when it comes to the classic round cut diamond, and Menzel’s ring is no exception.

Classic Tapered Baguette Ring

Classic Tapered Baguette Ring. Celebrity Engagement rings.

Our Classic Tapered Baguette Ring is a standout among classic engagement ring settings. It makes a simple yet eye-catching statement with its pretty diamond baguettes.

The balance of the enduring round center stone with the angles of the side diamonds gives it an interesting appeal. This ring is without a doubt sure to draw eyes and compliments for years to come.

Carrie Underwood

In 2016, Carrie Underwood became engaged to pro hockey player Mike Fisher. Underwood’s ring finger caught the eye of many fans–but not simply because she was sporting a brand new engagement ring. It gained attention because the diamond is a striking yellow color.

Coming in at about 5 carats, the lovely yellow round diamond is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. Additionally, the ring band is covered in diamonds. The total carat weight of Underwood’s ring is 12 carats.

Alexa Halo Ring

Alexa Halo Ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

A halo setting adds extra sparkle to any ring, and it can also make a center stone seem larger than it is. Our Alexa Halo Ring can hold a center diamond up to 5 carats. But anything less than 5 carats will look just as beautiful–and even a bit larger, thanks to that size-enhancing halo.

Emily Blunt

Actor John Krasinski no doubt chose a gorgeous ring for Emily Blunt when he proposed to her in 2009. A Neil Lane creation, Blunt’s ring is notable for its Edwardian-inspired design and 3-carat round, antique cut diamond.

What gives the ring an Edwardian look? The center stone’s antique cut, as well as the exquisite engravings, done by hand, that grace its band.

Natura Ring

Natura Ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

Engraved ring bands are exceptionally pretty and enhance the look of an otherwise minimalist ring.

Our Natura Ring reflects the natural and floral inspiration of the Edwardian era with its romantic filigree and milgrain work. This sweet and carefree ring will serve as a reminder of a love that spans the ages.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut timeline.

Much like a round diamond, an oval diamond has about 58 facets. Thanks to these facets, a well-cut oval has the potential to shine as beautifully as a round.

Oval diamonds have a longer table. This means they can look larger to the naked eye than their carat weight indicates. Their extra length also has a desirable slimming effect on fingers. Finally, they’re less expensive than round diamonds but no less stunning.

If you choose an oval diamond, make sure it doesn’t have a prominent bowtie. A bowtie is an undesirable shadow at the center of the stone. Bowties appear in oval, marquise, and pear shaped diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamond Celebrity Engagement Rings

Among celebrities, oval cut engagement rings saw a surge in popularity around the early 2000s. Sometime after 2005 that began to change, but the level of popularity didn’t seem to get as low as any time in the 90s.

Younger celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Simone Biles have recently chosen oval cut engagement rings. It will be interesting to see if ovals continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

Now let’s look at some famous oval shaped diamond rings, along with some similar styles non-celebrities love.

Katie Holmes

In 2005, Tom Cruise excitedly jumping on Oprah’s couch about Katie Holmes had people talking.

Not long after that event, he proposed to Holmes in Paris with a 5-carat oval cut diamond ring. The ring features a diamond halo with a split shank platinum setting with rose gold accents.

Contorto Oval Halo Ring

Contorto Oval Halo Ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

A rose gold band is always a standout when it comes to rings. Our Contorto Oval Halo Ring comes in several metal colors, but the rose gold band is exquisite. The Contorto’s oval cut diamond is surrounded by a beautiful halo of pavé diamonds. The split shank is further enhanced with the unique texture of a woven band.

Salma Hayek

In 2007, Salma Hayek became engaged to billionaire businessman François-Henri Pinault.

Pinault proposed with a gorgeous oval shaped diamond engagement ring with trillion cut diamonds on either side of the center stone. Between the radiant sparkle of the oval diamond and trillion cut diamonds, this ring undoubtedly shines like no other.

Claudette Ring

Claudette Ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

If you like the look and symmetry of the oval shaped diamond paired with the triangular-shaped trillion diamonds, then you should consider our Claudette Ring.

Although it’s only available with a round cut diamond center stone, the pavé diamonds above and below it are arranged in an arch shape. This shape gives the ring the look of an oval. The Claudette Ring is an exquisite piece that features a total of 24 gemstones.

Kate Middleton

In 2010, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s famous sapphire ring. The iconic engagement ring features an oval shaped Ceylon sapphire. The sapphire is surrounded by a halo of 14 diamonds.

Modern Sapphire Halo Ring

Modern sapphire halo ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

A splash of color in an engagement ring is always fun and unexpected. Our Modern Sapphire Halo Ring combines the unique and dreamy look of beautiful sapphire with white diamonds. The sapphire halo surrounding the ring gives the center stone an oval appearance fit for royalty.

Blake Lively

When Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake Lively in 2012, he did so with a jaw-dropping 12-carat, light pink, oval diamond set in rose gold.

The delicate gold band is encrusted with pavé diamonds and, as a bonus, it has a hidden halo of diamonds below the center stone. The ring is said to be worth about $2 million because pink diamonds are rare, especially in larger carat sizes.

Coral Bell Promise Ring

Coral Bell Promise Ring.

If a pink diamond ring is something you must have, our Coral Bell Promise Ring is a breathtaking option.

The diamond halo surrounding the beautiful pink oval lab grown diamond is stunning on its own. But the addition of a pavé band takes it over the top. This is a ring you will love for many years to come.

Kirsten Dunst

When Kirsten Dunst attended a Ralph & Russo Haute Couture show back in 2017, she was recently engaged to her Fargo co-star Jesse Plemons. And all eyes were on the shiny new diamond ring on her finger.

Dunst’s ring suits her nicely. It includes a 2-3 carat oval diamond on a yellow gold band–a timeless option that stands out among a sea of white gold and platinum. Her center diamond is flanked by a diamond baguette on either side, giving it a vintage feel.

Madrid 3 Stone Ring

Madrid 3 Stone Ring. Celebrity engagement rings.

A vintage ring features beautiful details and settings that remind us of times past.

Get the look and feel of Dunst’s vintage-inspired ring with our Madrid 3 Stone Ring in yellow gold. With its oval center stone, adjacent diamonds, and filigree band, this ring masterfully represents the past, present, and future.

Hailey Bieber

Oval diamonds are having their moment again, and Hailey Bieber is one of the younger celebrities who has opted for the oval diamond shape.

Inspired by the sheer size of Blake Lively’s ring, Bieber’s ring is estimated to be between 8-10 carats and is set on an 18k gold band. The ring also hides a special secret–a hidden halo just beneath the center stone.

Split Shank Solitaire Ring

Split Shank Solitaire,

Our Split Shank Solitaire Ring in yellow gold is perfect if you’re feeling inspired by the hidden halo of diamonds in Beiber’s engagement ring. A hidden halo is a wonderful way to add a little something extra to an otherwise minimalist but beautiful ring.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Celebrity engagement ring timeline, emerald shape.

With their step cuts and unique hall of mirrors shine, emerald cut diamonds offer stunning sophistication with a vintage feel. When it comes to an emerald shaped diamond, be sure to choose one with a better clarity rating.

Clarity is important because, thanks to its cut, an emerald shape allows inclusions to be more obvious. However, this doesn’t mean you need to choose one with a Flawless (FL) clarity rating. You can get away with a lower clarity if the diamond is eye clean.

Emerald Cut Diamond Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity engagement rings emerald, with percentages.

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring saw immense popularity for a good ten years, from 1995 to 2005. Over the next 15 years it never went away completely, but its popularity did decline. Then 2020 hit and the emerald saw a sudden spike in popularity that seems to be growing still.

If an emerald cut ring is what you’re shopping for, these celebrity rings are sure to inspire. And to help keep your inspiration fresh, we’ve paired them with some of our own ring suggestions.

Kate Beckinsale

In 2004, Kate Beckinsale married American filmmaker Len Wiseman. Beckinsale’s engagement ring features an emerald cut diamond in an eye-catching and delightfully unexpected white gold or platinum east-west setting.

The ring features a glimmering diamond pavé band for a beautiful, understated sparkle; it enhances the emerald center stone instead of drawing attention away from it.

Arielle Ring

If you’re intrigued by Beckinsale’s ring for its unique setting, you will appreciate the beauty of our Arielle Ring.

The Arielle features a lab grown emerald cut diamond center stone on a pavé diamond band. Its sleek 1.7mm cathedral band elevates the center stone. This slight elevation brings the stone closer to the eye and makes it appear larger.


When Jay-Z decided to put a ring on it, he chose one appropriately suited for a queen.

The BeyHive was buzzing back in 2007 when Jay-Z proposed to his longtime love with an 18-carat massive emerald cut diamond ring. The stunning split shank engagement ring is estimated to have cost around $5 million, and the couple married in 2008.

Vienna Ring

The Vienna Ring.

When it comes to rings fit for a queen, we suggest our Vienna Ring. This stately ring features an emerald cut diamond set in a split shank band with pavé diamonds.

And like Queen Bey, this ring comes with the unexpected to catch your attention–a peek-a-boo diamond detail on its profile. This gorgeous engagement ring is sure to be the center of attention wherever you go.

Kristen Bell

In 2009, Dax Shepherd proposed to Kristen Bell with a 3-carat, emerald-cut, champagne-colored diamond in a bezel setting. The center stone in this stunning ring is flanked by diamonds on either side. The ring was designed by Neil Lane and stands out for the color of its center stone.

The Adeline

The Adeline.

Love the look of an emerald cut diamond in a bezel set diamond band? Look no further than The Adeline.

With its beautiful emerald center stone and pavé band, you get a ring with a modern look but vintage vibes. And if you love the look of a colored diamond, you can have that too. We offer lab created diamonds in a range of colors, shapes, and cuts.

We offer easy ring customization with our online ring builder. Start by choosing the diamond you want, then choose the setting and the metal color. It doesn’t get any easier!

Angelina Jolie

Although she’s now divorced, Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring from Brad Pitt is still undeniably a unique piece of art. The stunning ring features an emerald cut diamond in the center flanked by trapezoid-shaped diamonds.

These trapezoid diamonds extend down both sides of the ring’s shanks. Each side diamond gets gradually smaller the further away it is from the center stone, which adds to its interesting look.

Venus Ring

The Venus Ring.

If you love the opulence of Angelina Jolie’s ring, then you will love our Venus Ring. This stunner features 30 gemstones and can rival some of the best celebrity engagement rings. It features an emerald cut center stone, as well as three rows of diamonds on either side. These diamond rows wrap halfway down the sides and gradually decrease in size.

Amal Clooney

After a whirlwind romance (just six months), the seemingly forever bachelor George Clooney proposed to his wife Amal in 2014.

The engagement ring George proposed with features a 7-carat emerald cut diamond flanked on either side by a single baguette diamond. The ring is sophisticated and fashion-forward–just like Amal.

Donna Solitaire Ring

The Donna Solitaire Ring.

Sophisticated and sleek are two words that describe our Donna Solitaire Ring. If you appreciate the clean lines of Amal Clooney’s simple yet elegant engagement ring, then our Donna Solitaire is calling your name.

It will go with any outfit and is destined to always be a showstopper with its 1.88 mm cathedral band and elegant curves. This ring is undeniably a stunner and the epitome of refinement.

Serena Williams

When Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian proposed to pro tennis player Serena Williams in 2016, he did so with an impressive ring to match her larger-than-life persona.

Williams’ jaw-dropping emerald cut diamond ring is 17 carats and cost around $3 million. On either side of the large center diamond is a single smaller diamond.

Leslie Ring

The Leslie Ring.

Looking for something similar to the style of Williams’ ring? Our Leslie ring features an emerald cut center stone flanked by a smaller diamond on either side. And while it’s not larger-than-life, it is beautiful with its intricate beading details.

Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring at Clean Origin

Whether you follow what’s trending in the world of celebrity engagement rings or choose something authentically you, we guarantee that we have an engagement ring you will love. All of our rings feature the finest lab grown diamonds that are ethically sourced and environmentally kind.

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