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Summer Proposal Ideas

by Haley Anhut
Last updated on June 14, 2021

All of the beach bums, vacationers, mountain climbers and sailors know the immediate appeal of that perfect hot summer day, where there are no clouds, a beaming sun, and just a faint gust of wind every now and then.  These summer days are always best spent with the ones you love, especially if it’s that one special someone.  If you and your partner love nothing more than a relaxing and lazy day in the sun with an ice-cold drink in your hand, this just might be the most idyllic way for you to ask that one question that will most definitely change everything.

Outdoor Proposals

The perfect summer day at the beach may be hard to come by, but it is always just as amazing as it sounds.  So why not make it even better?  You can take your partner to the beach with a fully packed picnic basket with all their favorites for a tasty lunch and when dessert comes around, you can pop the question!

A proposal at sunset is some girls’ biggest dream come true.  Along with the most beautiful view, you have the one you want to spend the rest of your life with right beside you.  There could not be a better moment to ask.

If you and your partner love to be out in nature and like to visit the parks around your city, a very romantic and unique way to propose is to buy a bench in a park (like they have in Central Park in NYC) and write on the plaque the message you would like to convey in your proposal.  This is an incredibly intimate and very sweet idea for a couple who enjoys the outdoorsy aspects of life.  Another plus to this idea is that the bench will now be there forever and it will always be a reminder of that special moment.  

A proposal atop a boat while sailing through the calm water is almost too romantic to be true.  If you live in a city on the water, there are multiple boat rental companies that can charter you a sailboat for the day, and include a captain.  You can propose to the one you love with the sun shining on the two of you and wind blowing through your hair, all while the boat beneath your feet is coasting through the water. 

Destination Proposal

Summer is the best (and most convenient) time to go on vacation with your significant other.  Say a romantic trip to Santorini in the Greek Islands.  After a day of sightseeing and eating freshly grilled seafood on the beach while drinking Ouzo, you can ask that big question after a magical dinner of looking out at the sea.  

A classic “oldie but a goodie” is a proposal at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  While this idea is used a lot, it still maintains that very romantic and beautiful feeling that attracts so much attention.

Almost anywhere in Italy, whether it be Venice, Rome, Florence, etc., would be an absolutely gorgeous spot to get engaged.  You could request a chef to spell out “marry me?” on a pizza, or have a message inscribed on a very nice bottle of wine or simply go to the beautiful spot in Rome known as the Trevi Fountain.

Movie-Inspired Proposals

In the movie Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon, Andrew proposes to Melanie by blindfolding her and bringing her into one of the biggest jewelry stores in New York City, which he rented out for the entire night, and he gets down on one knee and says “pick whichever one you want”.  While this one may be a bit over the top, and quite expensive, it is still pretty amazing, and romantic.  

A very simple yet sweet proposal is shown in the movie He’s Just Not That Into You.  Beth and Neil are moving in together and Beth finds a pair of his cargo shorts (which she always hated) and so she goes to throw them out but Neil tells her to check all the pockets first. From one of the pockets, she pulls out a box and inside is a ring.  When Beth turns around, Neil is on one knee proposing.  If you want to do something very private and where you feel most at home, why not do it at home?

In the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Ian and Toula are just lying in bed together when all of the sudden he says “I don’t know how to say this…will you marry me?”.  She laughs and says yes.  This is very modest and sweet and probably pretty spontaneous, but nonetheless very intimate.  

In the Sex and The City movie, Mr. Big brings Carrie into a ginormous dream closet, in their new apartment, that could probably hold an entire store’s worth of clothes and he gets down on one knee and proposes.  Instead of using a diamond ring to ‘close the deal’, he picks up a Manolo Blahnik shoe and puts it on her foot.  Later, of course, he does give her a ring.  This type of proposal was very in-sync with each of their characters and worked very well.

Family Oriented Proposals

If you and your partner have already started your family, you could take any regular day and turn it into something special.  If you have a baby or a child, they could wear a shirt or onesie that says something along the lines of “Will you marry my Daddy?”.  This will make diaper changing or feeding time extra special.  

Another very sweet idea is using your dog, or cat, and attaching the engagement ring to their collar.  You can let the dog or cat run into your SO’s arms and they will have another very sweet surprise in their hands.  

If you would like your family and friends to be more involved, a simple but creative idea for a proposal is to start up a card game with everyone, including your partner,  and when you lay your cards down, they have “marry me?” written across them.  While you may not win the game of cards, you have one the heart of the one you love.  

Another proposal that could involve all your friends and more is to do a flash mob in front of your SO.  You can choose a place that is special for you guys and bring her there and then everyone breaks out in song.  It is quite dramatic and eye-catching but also very sweet and endearing.  A classic song that people use when proposing is Jason Derulo’s “Marry Me” for obvious reasons, but you can choose any song that has special meaning for the two of you.  After the flash mob is over and everyone has stopped dancing, you two can be in the middle of everyone with you down on one knee asking that question.