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7 Ideas for Proposing on the Beach

by Molly Jones
Last updated on July 11, 2023
Proposing on the Beach

Proposing on the beach is a great idea if you and your loved one are die-hard beach bums. Between the sound of the waves gently crashing in the background, the sand between your toes, and the warm weather, we have to admit that there’s nothing quite like it.

But coming up with exciting beach proposal ideas can be difficult and overwhelming. Not to fear– we’ve compiled a list of our seven favorite beach proposal ideas. From a romantic beach proposal on a boat to an epic beach proposal on a helicopter, you’re sure to find the perfect proposal idea for you!

Plan a Treasure Hunt and Allow Your Ring Box to Become Buried Treasure

Ideas for Beach Proposals
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A romantic beach proposal that sends your soon-to-be fiancé on a zany chase and ends with a buried treasure chest revealing your sweet engagement ring is a unique and memorable way to pop the question. Make the treasure hunt sentimental by including clues based on past trips to the beach and the memories you made there. And after you’re done, consider celebrating with a beach bonfire and s’mores!

Coordinate a Romantic Beach Picnic Complete with a Marriage Proposal

Ideas for Beach Proposals
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If you and your partner are both foodies and beach bums, then there’s nothing better than a beach picnic. Pack a picnic basket full of your love’s favorite foods and beverages so both their heart and stomach will be happy. Take the time to enjoy each other’s company while gazing out at the expansive ocean. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, make some s’mores over a small bonfire.

Looking for an intimate moment between the two of you? If your partner is an early bird, then surprise them with an early morning romantic breakfast complete with waffles, maple syrup, and mimosas. You can even decorate the table with a sand dollar, some cute seashells, flower petals, and tea lights for added ambiance.

Surprise Them with a Helicopter Ride or Sunset Boat Trip

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Looking for extravagant beach proposal ideas? Plan ahead and find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world around you by booking a helicopter ride or sunset sail for two.

Go big and write your proposal message in large letters on the sand, then surprise your partner with an epic helicopter ride that takes the two of you around the sights of the beach and finishes at the proposal spot. Or you could charter a small boat for two and spend the day out on the water. The setting sun provides an amazing backdrop for your big moment.

Create Unforgettable Memories by Proposing with a Message in a Bottle

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Every girl dreams of one day finding a romantic message in a bottle. So why not make that dream a reality by leading your soon-to-be fiancé to the water during high tide to “find” your marriage proposal in a bottle?

As your partner reads the message and takes in your heartfelt words, drop to one knee and pop the question with your engagement ring. Two words of caution, however; First, as this method is sure to garner the attention of the beachgoers around you, be sure that your partner is ok with a public proposal. Secondly, if you are someone that doesn’t like getting wet, this may not be the right proposal for you– you’ll be on your knees in the surf!

Incorporate a Sand Sculpture to Pop the Question

Beach proposals that speak to the specific interests of the couple create an unforgettable moment that is extra special. So if your partner is an artist, or if you are yourself, why not create a stunning sand sculpture that shows how special they are to you?

Imagine a giant engagement ring made completely from sand, or create a mini portrait of the two of you! If a sand sculpture seems a little out of your reach, then consider building a sand castle and hiding the ring box and engagement ring. Your partner can then find it in a small treasure chest or large shell.

Create Memories on a Scuba Diving Trip

Make your beach proposal interactive by booking a scuba trip and proposing mid-dive. Just be sure to find a diving site that will provide the perfect backdrop for taking underwater photos. Of course, for this idea, it is incredibly important to plan ahead and be sure that your partner would enjoy a proposal that doesn’t involve you on one knee, so speak to a trusted friend before the big question. Also, remember to secure the engagement ring to the box! You don’t want it floating away or getting caught up in a current as soon as you open the box!

Keep It Simple with a Walk on the Beach

A proposal on the beach is a surefire way to start the rest of your lives together in the best possible way. If you are looking for an understated and timeless proposal, you can’t go wrong with a romantic barefoot stroll and a proposal in a secluded area.

Extra points if you’re able to push it to the last day of your beach vacation! That way, you can create an entire romantic day that culminates in a walk on the beach, with both of you dreaming of the beach vacations to come. Then after finding a quiet area, you can surprise them by dropping to one knee and promising to make those dreams a reality!

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Proposing on the Beach

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