Spring is a time of rejuvenation/regeneration and a time where love flourishes. When flowers start to bloom and the air gets warmer, we all come out of our hibernation and get excited about the future! Springtime is the perfect season to propose to your significant other since it is the perfect time for new activities and beginnings. Proposals should be personalized, but we’re here to help give you a great starting point to pop the question during this magical season.

Seasonal Proposal Activities

  1. Springtime’s blooming flowers are the epitome of beauty and wonder. Take your partner to a flower festival or wildflower field for an awe-inspiring proposal. The tulip festivals in Michigan and Washington are amazing, and the cherry blossom festival in Washington D.C. is incredible. Or, go to the wildflowers in the Mojave Desert in California!
  2. Take your S/O to your favorite restaurant with a seasonal menu. You could call the restaurant before, and arrange for a special flowery dinner or dessert. Not to mention, it might be the perfect temperature outside for an outdoor table!
  3. Find the most beautiful vista in your city. Maybe it’s a hike, on a rooftop, or by the water; go there and propose in the beautiful spring light of dawn or dusk!

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Proposals at Home

  1. Want to share this special moment alone at home? Try surprising your partner with a romantic night in, scattering springtime flowers or tulips around the house with a path leading to you!
  2. Have a springtime egg hunt or scavenger hunt ready when your partner gets home, and lead them around the house with clues finally ending with your proposal.
  3. Make a movie or slideshow with all of your cherished photos, videos, and memories and show it to your partner at home. Pretend it’s a new show you want to see, and as the video ends you can propose.

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Proposals on the Water

  1. Find a ferry in your city and ask your partner to take a springtime day trip with you! Propose on the boat, and have onlookers share in your joy. Many ferries even serve food and drinks, which is a bonus.
  2. As the world blooms again, ask your partner to take a walk with you at your nearest beach, river, or lake. Propose by setting up an area with flowers beforehand, or bringing the ring along with you on the walk. 
  3. Spring is a great time to get outdoors for a camping trip. Take your partner camping and propose while stargazing!
  4. Many cities have parks where you can take a boat out on the water. Propose here on a nice day for an intimate and serene moment, with the scent of blooming flowers in the background.
  5. Research your nearest waterfall or hot springs and go there on a relaxing hike or walk, leaving winter’s stress behind.

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Proposals with Food

  1. The best way to the heart is through the stomach. But don’t worry if cooking isn’t in your wheelhouse; one great proposal idea is to set up an intimate romantic dinner outside or in, catered by one of your favorite hotels or restaurants. You can even plan a surprise after-party with friends or family!
  2. Take a cooking class and propose there. All cities offer cooking classes, including Eataly in Los Angeles, NYC, and Chicago. If you and your partner love trying new things, a cooking class is a good way to go!
  3. Is your partner an ice cream fiend? Do some digging into your local Ben & Jerry’s store, as some can make custom flavors/pints. If you’re proposing to an ice cream lover, it does not get much better than this. All orders have to be placed in advance!

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