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How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose?

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 22, 2023
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Have you found your special someone and deleted all of the dating apps from your phone? Even if you have, you still may not be sure about sealing the deal. Many people struggle with this because they fall deeply in love after just a few months of dating but are stuck wondering how soon is too soon to propose.

True love is a highly passionate, beautiful experience that no one wants to end. Wanting to take the relationship a step further and making future plans together is always something lovers have in mind. But who defines these timelines? The couple? Society? Their families? Friends?

This article aims to help guide more couples through this decision-making process. It also helps them to find answers on how soon is too soon to propose. Our hope is that we can help you navigate this process, even just a little.

Only You and Your Partner Know How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose

Halo Engagement Ring--how soon is too soon to propose?

Ultimately, there is no hard and fast rule to go by. You and your partner alone determine engagement timelines. If you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, it is easy for the two of you to be blinded by love and daydream about wedding bells. Therefore, before you rush your timeline, slow down to consider a few relevant points. The following are a few questions you and your significant other can answer to help decide:

  • Do you agree it is time for married life?
  • In daily life, how do you handle disagreements and conflicts when they arise?
  • Are both of your families happy with your relationship?
  • How much money do you each have saved?
  • Do you know how many children you want to have (if any)?
  • How do you want to raise your children?
  • Do you have religious differences?

You will answer many more questions before you decide to get married, and you can create custom questions based on your relationship. Do not feel pressured into marriage. Instead, see the question and answer process as growth for your relationship. You can also look at it as a way to understand each other on a deeper level. So take your time; be sure to have the “big” conversations before saying I do.

Not Sure When to Propose?

How Soon Should You Propose?

Asking a partner to marry you is one of the most crucial parts of any person’s life. It’s a lifetime commitment that you don’t want to jump into without some thought. And these are some guidelines to help you understand if it’s a good time for both of you.

Propose if You Are in Love and Respect Each Other

One of the biggest reasons to get engaged is that you are in love and respect one another. Over time you have enjoyed each other’s company and believe it is meant to be.

You Use “We” and Not “I”

How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose?: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
Wedding Rings

You find yourself using “we” and “us” in general conversations, even when not necessary. If you have noticed this, it shows you are thinking about yourself and your partner as a unit. This is a good sign that the two of you are ready for marriage.

When They Are Dropping Hints

When they drop hints, you will know your partner is ready. They talk about weddings a lot and mention how nice an engagement ring would look on their finger. Consider this a sign, and be prepared to get engaged.

You Reach a Major Milestone

You have probably set out to achieve something before you think of marriage and have reached it. Most couples decide they want to be financially stable enough to afford a car or a house before they get engaged. And some people want to finish their degrees first. Regardless, you don’t have to wait until you have everything together to get an engagement ring for your partner.

You Share a House Together

Marriage also means being together and sharing the same space. If you have started living together and it has been going well, it isn’t a bad idea to propose. You know your partner keeps the toilet clean and is good at arranging the living room. In other words, you know that you’re able to share the responsibilities of a household.

You Don’t Want to Remain Single

If you enjoy being in a relationship with this person and the single life isn’t for you anymore, why not take it a step further? This shows you are ready to marry them.

You Have Support From Your Families

When you are thinking of proposing, you may also wonder what your family would think. When you have the support of your family and friends, their support makes the wedding more achievable.

You Want to Spend Your Future With This Person

Do you dread the idea of spending the rest of your life with this person? Can you imagine living without them? Are you afraid to discuss your goals, dreams, and plans with them? Is your life together unenjoyable? Are you nervous about a long-term commitment? If you’ve answered “no” to all of these questions, then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan your engagement!

You Support Each Other

When you are with someone who supports things that matter most to you, you should plan your wedding. They’re always there to share your wins and losses, and they are always available when you need them. How soon is too soon to propose shouldn’t be too difficult to decide if you have a good, supportive partner. You should be on your way to planning an engagement and a wedding.

Past Relationships Shouldn’t Decide if It’s Too Soon to Propose

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Most couples leave their past relationships with lessons learned and promise to do better in their next relationship. Oftentimes, individuals will take those lessons and go their separate ways only to meet another person and get engaged much sooner than expected. The important thing is to ensure you are with someone you are willing to spend the rest of your life with. But first, take note of the following:

  • Deal with any issues from your previous relationships that might affect your current relationship
  • Ensure you have talked about any important matter before proposing
  • Know what you did right and improve on it
  • Know what you did wrong and avoid it

Your past relationships are in the past. This time, focus on keeping a healthy relationship that focuses on love, mutual respect, and understanding.

Proposal Tips

Once you realize you are a good match, the urge to drop to one knee and pop the question fills your mind. You want everything to be perfect, and so do we, but before you buy an engagement ring, here are a few guidelines to help you.

Be on the Same Page

Be absolutely sure this is something both of you want. Talk about marriage as part of your conversations. Find out how they feel about taking the next big step; you can tell your partner is ready from the things they say and do. If you are both on the same page, you are sure to have a successful proposal.

Let Your Parents Know

As old-fashioned as this may seem, it is always a good idea to tell the parents–especially if you have a good relationship with them. Let them in on it. They might offer great tips that can help guide you in the right direction.

Make Sure You Have the Ring

Eleganza Ring
Eleganza Ring

You want to get the perfect ring, so be sure to pay attention to the jewelry they wear. Do they wear gold, rose gold, or diamond jewelry? You could also start a conversation around friends about ring ideas to hear what your partner has to say. Be sure to get their correct size. Remember that if you aim to impress with a larger gem, lab grown diamonds are much more affordable.

You could ask them, but if you don’t want to drop hints, use one of their rings for measurement. Another method is wearing their ring on your finger and marking where it stops. Expert jewelers can also determine your partner’s size, or check out this ring size chart.

Ask a Professional

Proposal planners can help you pull off a successful proposal. It may be expensive, but if it’s important to you, it’s an investment worth making. This is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime. Anything for love!


You do not want to mess this up. Rehearse your words carefully, and do not forget to ask, “Will you marry me.” Obvious, right? Yes, but you may be nervous, so don’t forget that important question. If you need to, write down what you want to say and reference it right before you ask.

Choose the Right Moment

Do your best to remain calm. Once you ensure that everything is right and everyone is in position, you will not have any reason to be nervous. As long as you’ve rehearsed what you want to say and do, you will be just fine. Especially if what you say comes from your heart.

Have Someone Take Pictures

Are you going to let this big day pass without capturing it? You should have a professional photographer (or even a friend) ready to take beautiful pictures for you. You will cherish your pictures for a lifetime.

The Moment We Have Been Waiting For: Pop the Question

How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose?: Proposal

Let your partner enjoy the surprise. With all of the emotions flying around, slide the ring on their finger and celebrate. Do your best to be present and at the moment so you can remember it forever.

Still Unsure About How Soon Is Too Soon to Propose? Consider Relationship Milestones

Relationship Milestones Matter When You Consider Proposing--how soon is too soon to propose?

Dating is a time for partners to get to know each other. In this period, you learn a lot about each other. You come to understand your likes and dislikes and your favorite things and places. The two of you will also learn about each other’s family and friends. You find out how compatible you are with each other with the hope of having a successful marriage.

There isn’t a perfect time or length to propose to your partner. Instead of thinking about the right time, think about relationship milestones. Worry less about how soon is too soon to propose and more about whether you have specific experiences before getting engaged. But at the end of the day, every relationship timeline is unique, so you shouldn’t compare yours to others. Always do what is best for you and your partner.

What Experts Say Makes a Successful Marriage

Man and woman embracing, smiling.

Most experts recommend one or two years of dating before marriage. But we believe that a successful marriage depends on your level of commitment, along with the desire to make it work, rather than the number of years you date.

Experts also suggest you learn from your past relationships to determine how soon to propose if you have had any. It would be best if you also focused on how ready you are for marriage regardless of your desired date.

There is no right or wrong time to determine when to get engaged or if your marriage will last. But if you are both intentional and ready to put in the work, there is hope for a lasting marriage.

If you know you have found the one, we are here for you. Allow us to help you find the perfect ring for your partner.