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Top 25 Most Notable Celebrity Wedding Rings

by Annie Earnshaw
Last updated on August 21, 2023

Celebrity wedding rings give tons of inspiration for new couples even if you don’t have a multi-million-dollar budget. Whether you love the classics like the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond or adore something more modern like Kourtney Kardashian’s oval-cut center stone, these engagement rings are some of the brightest to ever grace a left ring finger.

Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin is an Australian television personality. She’s also the daughter of the famous Steve Irwin. Like her late father, Bindi is a wildlife advocate. Her engagement, wedding, and baby announcement photos all included her passion for animals!

Bindi’s engagement ring features a 2-carat oval-cut diamond as the center stone. The diamond ring also has a twisting pavé pattern with smaller diamonds. Lastly, her ring has a rose gold band.

Diamond experts estimate that Bindi’s ring costs around $25,000. This is a small sum when it comes to celebrity engagement rings. The oval-cut stone itself might be the reason why her ring is inexpensive.

Bindi’s now-husband Chandler Powell picked a lab-grown diamond instead of a mined diamond. Lab-grown diamonds cut the environmental and ethical concerns of the diamond industry. They can also be 20-30% cheaper than mined diamonds. This means you can get a bigger diamond without breaking your budget.

Lookalike: The Noelle Classic Ring

Noelle Classic Ring

If Bindi’s lab-grown engagement ring inspires you, you can get the Noelle Classic Ring. This dazzling ring features a rose gold band and marquise-shaped metalwork. The metal detail imitates the twisting band of Bindi’s ring. Tilt the ring on its side to catch the hidden gemstones, which provide a little extra sparkle.

Nikki Reed

Twilight actress Nikki Reed’s engagement ring matches her love of nature. Her diamond engagement ring features a round center stone with 10 diamond “petals” set in yellow gold, creating a flower motif.

Nikki’s engagement ring features a mined diamond. However, she’s since said that she wants to replace the original stone with a lab-grown diamond. Reed says lab-grown diamonds weren’t as popular when she and her husband Ian Somerhalder got engaged in 2015. However, she plans to replace the diamond with a more ethical stone in the future.

Lookalike: The Floral Petal Halo Ring

If you want to add a little bit of nature to your left ring finger, the Floral Petal Halo Ring is the engagement ring for you. The lab-grown round center stone complements the classic diamond halo setting. Petal-shaped diamond channels sit on each side of this ethereal engagement ring.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey had one of the world’s largest celebrity engagement rings. At 35 carats, her exquisite ring features an emerald-cut center stone flanked by two tapered baguettes. Carey’s ex-fiancé, Australian billionaire James Packer, gifted the pop star this engagement ring during their 2016 engagement. However, the couple called off the nuptials less than a year later.

In 2018, Carey reportedly sold the ring. While Packer purchased the ring for a whopping $10 million, Carey sold it for $2.1 million.

Lookalike: The Farrah Ring

Classic emerald diamond ring

The Farrah Ring features a classic large center stone with an emerald cut. Adding to the radiance of the large center diamond is a pavé diamond band, which creates extra brilliance. This engagement ring is for you or your partner if you’re looking for a flashy yet refined engagement ring!

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring is a timeless jewelry piece. Many brides still reference it for inspiration today. After all, Elizabeth Taylor was so stranger to celebrity engagement rings. She got married eight times to seven different men.

Her most famous engagement ring wasn’t an engagement ring at all. The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond (then the Krupp Diamond) is a 33.9-carat Asscher-cut diamond. Elizabeth wore it to celebrate her marriage to fellow actor Richard Burton. When Burton purchased the diamond at auction, it cost him $307,000. In 2011, the diamond ring went to auction for $8.8 million.

Lookalike: The Evelyn Ring

Evelyn Ring 14K White Gold

Capture the sheer size of Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond engagement ring with the Evelyn Ring. This stunning design features a halo of baguette and round diamonds. These smaller stones make your diamond ring look larger than life. Top it all off with an emerald-cut diamond and this engagement ring is ready to sparkle.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is a style inspiration when it comes to celebrity engagement rings. She married two different high-profile men: Former President John F. Kennedy and shipping heir Aristotle Onassis. Because of this, Jackie was no stranger to a dazzling engagement ring.

Jackie O’s engagement ring from Aristotle Onassis is especially striking. To celebrate their nuptials, Onassis gave Jackie a 40-carat marquise-cut diamond called Lesotho III. The diamond came from celebrity jeweler Harry Winston. The ring cost $2.6 million in 1968. Now, it’s worth an estimated $19.45 million.

The ring was so valuable that Jackie wore it twice before opting to keep the ring in a bank vault. The Lesotho III diamond engagement ring is reportedly one of the most expensive of all time.

Lookalike: The Trinity Classic Ring

Trinity Classic Ring

The Trinity Classic Ring mimics one of the best celebrity engagement rings. The marquise-cut engagement ring elongates the line of the finger and adds extra sparkle with pavé diamonds. This ring features a cathedral setting, so you can pair it with a matching pavé diamond wedding band.

Grace Kelly 

Grace Kelly sported one of the most famous celebrity engagement rings. From her iconic lace wedding gown to her 10.48-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, Grace Kelly left a lasting impact on the wedding industry.

Her dazzling diamond engagement ring includes an emerald-cut diamond flanked by two baguette diamonds. The stunning engagement ring features a platinum band and setting for a lifetime of love and wear.

In 1956 when Prince Rainier of Monaco proposed to Grace Kelly, the ring cost $4,060,000. Now, the diamond ring fetches $38,866,738. Her ring is considered one of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Lookalike: The Sierra Classic Ring

Sierra Classic Ring

The Sierra Classic Ring features an emerald-cut center stone and two tapered diamond baguettes just like Grace Kelly’s engagement ring. The cathedral setting shoulders and additional round diamonds along the platinum band add extra elegance to this diamond ring. If you like the look of multiple stones in the center, you could also put your own spin on Grace Kelly’s style with a two stone engagement ring.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s engagement rings from rapper Kanye West are some of the best celebrity engagement rings of the 21st century. And, of course, she has more than one.

Kanye popped the question in 2013 with an engagement ring from celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. During his proposal, he gave Kim a 15-carat cushion-cut diamond ring on a delicate band encrusted with micro pavé diamonds. This rock carried a D color rating and was internally flawless, meaning this diamond was as close to perfect as a diamond can get.

Next, Kanye gifted Kim a second diamond engagement ring from Lorraine Schwartz. Her new ring came three years after the first one. This new diamond ring featured a 20-carat emerald-cut diamond. Unfortunately, Kim didn’t get to enjoy this ring for long. Later that year, 12 men robbed Kim at gunpoint in Paris, taking a total of $10.8 million in jewelry.

After that, Kim reevaluated how public she is on her social media. She now rarely wears her own jewelry in public.

Lookalike: The Claire Classic Ring

Claire Classic Ring

The Claire Classic Ring is an engagement ring that’s all about elegance. This cushion-cut engagement ring features a delicate band of pavé diamonds, creating an eye-catching design that pairs beautifully with a diamond wedding band.

Kourtney Kardashian

When it comes to the best celebrity engagement rings, the Kardashian family is always making headlines. Kourtney Kardashian announced her engagement to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker in late 2021. She also shared snaps of her phenomenal engagement ring.

Kourtney’s ring is an oval-cut diamond engagement ring that’s estimated at about 15 carats. The delicate pavé band on this diamond ring is part of what makes it so special. The massive diamond contrasts the dainty band, creating a perfectly balanced engagement ring.

Subsequently, Kourtney and Travis got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple attended the 2022 Grammys that night. After that, they went to a 24-hour chapel and tied the knot.

Lookalike: The Quiet Beauty Oval Ring

Quiet Beauty Oval Ring

If you or your partner want an engagement ring with lots of contrast like Kourtney’s, look for a customizable engagement ring. Experienced jewelers can help you find a diamond of the right size and determine how thin a band you can have. The Quiet Beauty Oval Ring is a customizable engagement ring that can support up to a 3-carat diamond.


Beyoncé’s engagement ring is certainly fit for a Queen B. Her emerald-cut diamond engagement ring features an 18-carat diamond that takes up Beyoncé’s entire finger. Her now-husband Jay-Z knocked it out of the park with this diamond dazzler from celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.

In addition, Beyoncé’s ring also has an unexpected detail: a split shank diamond band. Each half of the split shank reaches out toward the top and bottom of the center stone. The band also has a platinum setting.

Lookalike: The Tula Ring

Capture the look of Beyoncé’s stunning engagement ring with the Tula Ring. This split shank diamond ring features 44 lab-grown diamonds that rise up to meet your dazzling center stone. Moreover, you can wear this ring with diamond wedding rings to add even more sparkle.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber’s engagement ring owes some inspiration to another celebrity: actress Blake Lively. Before her 2018 proposal, Hailey Bieber retweeted a Twitter post that said “If my ring isn’t as big as Blake Lively’s, I don’t want to get married.”

Justin clearly heard his future wife loud and clear! Later, the oval engagement ring he gifted her sits between 6 and 10 carats with a hidden halo setting that adds some extra brilliance to the ring. The 18-karat yellow gold band supports the dazzling solitaire diamond.

Hailey also pairs her stunning ring with a diamond-encrusted pavé band. The curved band hugs her engagement ring seamlessly.

Lookalike: The Classic Oval Solitaire Ring

The simplicity of the Classic Oval Solitaire Ring is what makes this engagement ring so special. The six-pronged setting and tapered band beautifully support the oval-cut center stone. In addition, you can add some extra engagement bling (and mimic Hailey’s engagement ring) with a curved pavé diamond band.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen’s engagement ring is a cushion-cut diamond on a pavé eternity band. The model often pairs her engagement ring from singer John Legend with pavé diamond eternity bands on either side of her center stone.

The couple’s proposal has a funny story to go along with the diamond dazzler. When John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were flying to the Maldives in 2011, airport security almost spoiled the proposal by revealing the ring box in John’s bag. However, John was able to keep his plans a secret.

Over a decade later, John and Chrissy share two children and are open about their struggles with fertility and family life.

Lookalike: The Solon Ring

If Chrissy’s ring sparks inspiration, the Solon Ring has the same pavé design with a gorgeous cushion-cut diamond. Get an engagement ring that looks just like Chrissy’s at a fraction of the price. You can also pair the ring with two diamond eternity bands just like Chrissy does!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger when it comes to a dazzling engagement ring; the “Jenny from the Block” singer has been engaged a total of six times now that she’s announced her engagement to actor Ben Affleck. Is J.Lo the modern Elizabeth Taylor?

Jennifer Lopez has consequently influenced engagement ring trends multiple times, most recently with her stunning green diamond from Ben Affleck. The 8.5-carat natural green diamond ring also features two supporting diamonds and a stunning platinum setting.


Classic Tapered Baguette Ring

Green diamonds are incredibly rare. In other words, they’ll be tough to find on the market. However, pair the Classic Tapered Baguette Ring with a lab-grown colored diamond and you’ll get a remarkably similar look.

Paris Hilton

Like many celebrity engagement rings, Paris Hilton’s diamond stunner also has an emerald-cut diamond as the center stone. This beautiful diamond sits somewhere between 10 and 20 carats in a platinum band and tension setting. Two shield-cut diamonds also flank the center stone. Paris loves geometric shapes, so her ring certainly had to feature sharp lines and angles.

While we don’t know the exact worth of Paris Hilton’s engagement ring, the diamond and setting cost approximately $2 million.

Lookalike: The Lisbon 3 Stone Ring

Lisbon 3 Stone Ring

The Lisbon 3 Stone Ring resembles one of our favorite celebrity engagement rings in its size and quantity of diamonds. This ring features three stunning round diamonds with a center diamond that can be swapped out for a cut of your choice. The channel-set diamond ring band also gives this engagement ring extra elegance.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox made headlines in early 2022 with her unexpected toi et moi engagement ring. Her fiancé, musician Machine Gun Kelly, commissioned the ring so that it was made of two separate bands that bind together by magnets. But this ring has an unexpected detail: the points with hurt if Megan tries to remove the ring. Therefore, this ring symbolizes that breaking two soulmates apart causes pain.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have certainly drawn attention with their unorthodox romance, but their celebrity engagement ring does have a sweet message that perfectly fits the two fiancés. Their celebrity engagement ring has broken a lot of barriers with rings. Many jewelers, wedding industry professionals, and customers are now having conversations about the symbolism behind engagement rings because of their example.

Lookalike: The Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring

Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring

What makes Megan Fox’s ring so striking is the heart motif that the two gemstones create. If you love the symbolism of her engagement ring but want a style that’s more approachable, consider the Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring. The lab-grown sapphires and heart-shaped metalwork are a toned-down version of Megan’s iconic celebrity engagement ring.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s spectacular engagement ring from fiancé Max Ehrich was a true showstopper. Their celebrity engagement ring featured an emerald-cut diamond and a pair of trapezoid-shaped diamonds on the side. Before their proposal, celebrity jeweler Peter Marco hand-set the diamonds in a platinum band.

But what about the carat and cost of this engagement ring? The massive emerald-cut diamond reportedly weighs between 10 and 20 carats, meaning the whole ring could cost anywhere between $2.5 million and $5 million.

Lookalike: The Fantasy Ring

As we’ve seen in this list, anyone who loves celebrity engagement rings should especially consider a bold emerald-cut diamond ring. The Fantasy Ring features an emerald-cut diamond set in your choice of precious metal. The tapered round diamond sides also mimic the trapezoidal diamonds on Demi’s ring.

Meghan Markle

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wears one of the best celebrity engagement rings. Her beautiful three-stone ring (also called a past-present-future ring) features touching homages to her husband Prince Harry and her late mother-in-law Princess Diana.

The center stone of Meghan’s ring comes from Botswana, where Prince Harry hand-selected the diamond for her ring. Botswana is reportedly one of Harry and Meghan’s favorite places to visit, so he chose a conflict-free diamond from the country. He then added two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection to flank the center stone.

In 2019, the Duchess of Sussex appeared with an upgraded version of her original ring. The original yellow gold band was now encrusted with pavé diamonds. Prince Harry later revealed that he’d changed Meghan’s engagement ring to match a diamond eternity band that he gifted his wife on their first anniversary.

Lookalike: The Vineyard 3 Stone Ring

Similar to the Duchess of Sussex’s engagement ring, the Vineyard 3 Stone Ring is all about the details. The raised setting, hidden diamond detail, and scalloped interior make this engagement ring a gorgeous option.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s 2015 engagement ring is one of the best celebrity engagement rings if you’re looking for heart-shaped inspiration. The singer’s gorgeous ring featured a 6-carat heart-shaped diamond.

Underneath the stunning rock is a pavé diamond ring band with special diamond details. Lady Gaga’s then-fiancé Taylor Kinney added a diamond-encrusted “T + S,” representing their names. (Stefani is Lady Gaga’s legal name.) All that bling didn’t come for cheap: Lady Gaga’s ring cost around $500,000 total for the diamond and setting.

Though Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney’s engagement didn’t work out, we’re still seeing the effects of this groundbreaking ring. Since her engagement, many celebrities are opting for heart-shaped rings. In April 2022, singer Avril Lavigne got engaged to boyfriend Mod Sun with a heart-shaped diamond ring.

Lookalike: The Petite Floating Gem Ring

Petite Floating Gem Ring

Capture the delicacy of Lady Gaga’s engagement ring with this stunning pavé diamond ring band. You can also add a heart-shaped diamond of your choice to complete this opulent engagement ring look.

Blake Lively

Actress Blake Lively is another celebrity with a love for colored diamonds. In 2012, Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds surprised fans by announcing their marriage after a secret engagement.

Blake’s radiant rock is a 12-carat oval-cut diamond engagement ring with a micro pavé band. The solitaire setting allows the breathtaking pink diamond to shine in its full glory. Top it all off with a rose gold setting and this ring is a pink-tinted dream.

Ryan Reynolds spent a hefty sum before he popped the question. To make sure his ring for Blake was absolutely perfect, he spent a grand total of $2 million with celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. Lively’s ring has undeniably impacted wedding ring trends.

Lookalike: The Grace Classic Ring

Oval engagement rings calling your name? If you want to emulate Blake Lively’s rose-tinted rock, check out the Grace Classic Ring. The rose gold pavé band has 36 tiny diamonds and also has a slight split shank detail. You can also pair this ring with a colored lab-grown diamond to get the complete Blake Lively engagement ring look.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara’s engagement ring is all about the sparkle. The Colombian actress’ cushion-cut diamond ring features a dazzling center stone that’s anywhere between 5 and 7 carats. The stunning diamond ring also features a halo of smaller diamonds and a pavé-encrusted platinum band.

The size isn’t the only impressive quality of this engagement ring. The center stone supposedly has an F clarity rating, meaning that Sofia’s diamond ring is not far from flawless. All in all, her ring from now-husband Joe Manganiello costs an estimated $500,000.

Lookalike: The Duchess Ring

Duchess Ring

If you love the look of Sofia Vergara’s breathtaking engagement ring but don’t want to compromise your budget, look no further. The Duchess Ring features a lab-grown cushion-cut center stone with a halo setting and delicate pavé band.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is the epitome of Hollywood royalty, so her stunning ring from Brad Pitt is definitely worthy of royalty. Pitt popped the question with a 16-carat emerald-cut engagement ring that’s inspired by Art Deco engagement ring style.

Brad Pitt was apparently very involved in designing Angelina’s engagement ring. He worked directly with jeweler Robert Procop to create her perfect ring. Brad also wanted the baguette and trapezoid-cut diamonds to wrap around her finger for extra sparkle and intrigue.

All that extra bling doesn’t come for cheap! Angelina’s ring cost a whopping $500,000.

Lookalike: The Bellissiama Ring

Bellissiama Ring

What makes Angelina Jolie’s ring so stunning is the geometric angles of the diamonds. If you love her ring, pick up a ring that also has geometric angles! The Bellissiama Ring boasts 10 lab-grown round diamonds in a bezel setting, creating the angular look of Angelina’s ring.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union’s perfect cushion-cut diamond engagement ring is truly breathtaking. This 8.5-carat cushion-cut diamond ring is massive even by Hollywood standards! The diamond alone is reportedly worth over $1 million, though the exact price of the rock isn’t public information.

Aside from the sheer size of Gabrielle’s rock, this ring has some special details. The solitaire setting features a little extra pizzazz with a pavé-studded basket holding the center stone. Her ring is a fabulous mix of classic and modern styles.

When basketball player Dwayne Wade was getting ready to pop the question to Gabrielle Union, his search for the perfect cushion-cut diamond wasn’t an easy one. Wade took three separate trips to Miami, Florida with his jeweler, Jason of Beverly Hills, to find the enormous stone.

Lookalike: The Holly Solitaire Ring

Holly Solitaire Ring

If you’re looking for a ring like Gabrielle Union’s check out the Holly Solitaire Ring. The Holly has delicate cathedral shoulders that carry bands of pavé diamond sparkle. Talk about casual elegance!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s diamond engagement ring is the epitome of beautiful simplicity. Her understated ring has an elongated cushion or emerald-cut center stone that’s anywhere between 4 and 5 carats. Her ring from Alison Lou, an NYC jeweler, sits on a thin yellow gold band and costs between $60,000 and $100,000.

Jennifer stepped out with her ring in 2019 after then-fiancé Cooke Maroney proposed. The couple has been out of the spotlight for much of their relationship. However, Jennifer’s ring stirred up lots of interest.

Lookalike: The Quiet Beauty Emerald-Cut Ring

Quiet Beauty Emerald Cut Ring front view

The Quiet Beauty Emerald-Cut Ring is all about the center stone. This thin band in your choice of precious metal allows your emerald-cut diamond to dazzle and sparkle in any light. Also, the basket features a hidden halo detail for a little extra shine.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith’s engagement ring is another diamond stunner. The emerald-cut diamond ring is over 12 carats, but the bling doesn’t stop with the center stone. Jada’s emerald-cut center stone is flanked by two tapered baguettes. The price tag on Jada’s ring? Over $250,000.

It’s a rare treat when fans get to see Jada sport her dazzling engagement ring. Since she got married, Jada has been outspoken about the realities of her relationship with fellow actor Will Smith. Therefore, Jada doesn’t wear her diamond in public very often.

Lookalike: The Janie Classic Ring

If Jada’s ring makes you swoon, take a look at the Janie Classic Ring. This stunning ring has the opulence and grandeur of Jada’s ring with a little extra bling. Three round diamonds sit on either side of the lovely baguette-cut diamonds.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s engagement ring is truly one-of-a-kind. The singer’s unique, flower-shaped ring is made of a ruby or vivid pink diamond center stone surrounded by eight diamond “petals.”

The cost of the ring is tough to nail down; it all comes down to the center stone. If the center stone is a ruby, the ring probably costs around $25,000 to $50,000. However, a pink diamond center stone would make the ring much more expensive, probably $500,000 to $2 million.

Lookalike: The Collette Halo Ring

Collette Halo Ring

The Collette Halo Ring brings the flower motif of Katy Perry’s ring into everyday wear. The eight flower “petals” gently hug your lab-grown center stone. You can even customize this ring with a fancy colored diamond to get a ring just like Katy’s!

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway debuted a 6-carat emerald-cut diamond after her 2011 engagement to fellow actor Adam Schulman. The Hollywood starlet’s $150,000 ring has a shiny platinum setting encrusted with a delicate pavé band.

Anne’s engagement ring features a conflict-free mined diamond. Conflict-free mined diamonds reduce the likelihood that your diamond comes from unethical origins. However, the only way to be truly certain your diamond is ethical is to shop lab-grown.

Lookalike: The Grand Windsor Ring

Grand Windsor Ring

The Grand Windsor Ring is a timeless and classic setting just like Anne Hathaway’s. A delicate row of pavé diamonds climb up the cathedral shoulders and envelope your lab-grown diamond of choice.

Published by Annie Earnshaw

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