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Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring

by Annie Earnshaw
Last updated on October 16, 2023
jennifer lopez engagement ring

The Jennifer Lopez engagement ring from Ben Affleck is just as stunning as the singer and actress herself!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are engaged for a second time. Jennifer announced her engagement on Friday, April 8 via her On the J.Lo newsletter. Devoted fans might have seen this relationship status update coming. Ben and Jen recently bought a $50 million Bel-Air home together.

After wearing five other engagement rings, fans are hoping this is the one that sticks around. Jen’s engagement to Ben Affleck marks her sixth engagement, reminding followers of Elizabeth Taylor’s numerous engagement rings.

Lopez and Affleck agree that they’re in a better place for a long-term commitment than they were 18 years ago. “We’re older now, we’re smarter, we have more experience, we’re at different places in our lives, we have kids now, and we have to be very conscious of those things,” Lopez said.

The Diamond Details

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are definitely a Hollywood power couple, so Jen’s engagement ring had to shine just as bright. Not to worry: her green diamond engagement ring could be seen from space!

Ben gave Jen a massive green diamond ring set in either platinum or white gold to celebrate their love and upcoming nuptials. Her new bling appears to be an 8.5-carat natural green diamond surrounded by two colorless diamonds. Ilan Portugali from Beverly Hills Diamonds sourced the green sparkler.

Jennifer Lopez is the first celebrity to sport a natural green diamond. Her choice reminds fans of her pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck, who proposed for the first time in 2002. Jen’s pink diamond ring sparked a pink diamond craze. Are green diamonds the next engagement ring trend on the scene?

Jennifer Lopez Has a Special Connection to Green Diamonds

J.Lo’s green diamond is special for more than its size, color, and cost. Jennifer Lopez explained that she has a special connection to the color green. She also considers green to be her lucky color.

“I always say the color green is my lucky color,” Lopez told her subscribers in a past version of her On the J.Lo newsletter. “Maybe you can remember a certain green dress. I’ve realized there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green.”

Lopez wrote more about how her love of green inspired her to purchase one of her favorite art pieces: a painting of a green bird perched on a hand. The piece also features the words “Let Go.”

“I don’t buy a lot of art, but I bought this,” she wrote. “One because I love hummingbirds, and two because I love the color green. Birds always fly around me. I’ve always had a special connection with hummingbirds. I realized that a lot of people say they symbolize love. So whenever it feels like wherever I go, they follow me. Whenever I am in a moment of doubt and confusion, one will magically appear by my window, reminding me that the universe will always speak to us if we are open to the signs.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Engagement Rings

Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond ring from Ben Affleck falls right in line with her influence on the colored diamond trend. Over six engagements and three marriages, Jennifer Lopez has shown a preference for a colored diamond. Here’s a look at her engagement rings from past relationships.

1997: Ojani Noa

Jennifer Lopez’s first marriage was to restauranteur Ojani Noa in 1997. Upon their engagement, Noa gifted Lopez a $100,000 pear-shaped diamond ring with a yellow gold band. The couple divorced after one year of marriage.

2001: Cris Judd

Three years after divorcing Ojani Noa, J.Lo met her next husband Cris Judd on the set of her “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” music video. For her second engagement, Judd gifted her a white diamond with an emerald cut that was worth six figures. Was this engagement ring what inspired her love of emerald-cut diamonds?

2002: Ben Affleck

This isn’t Ben and Jen’s first shot at marriage. Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Ben Affleck for the first time in 2002, but the couple postponed their wedding a few days before the ceremony. They eventually called off their engagement in 2004.

Jen’s previous engagement ring from Ben Affleck is one for the books. The Harry Winston colored diamond engagement ring features a 6.10-carat radiant-cut pink diamond. The entire ring cost Ben around $1.2 million.

At the time, Jennifer Lopez called this pink diamond ring “the most magnificent thing [she’s] ever seen.”

2004: Marc Anthony

After Jen and Ben called off their first engagement, she moved on from pink diamonds to blue ones. Fellower singer Marc Anthony proposed to J.Lo with an 8.5-carat blue diamond from Harry Winston. The cushion-cut diamond cost an estimated $4 million in 2003.

Jennifer’s marriage to Marc Anthony was her longest marriage to date. The couple stayed together until 2015, when they finalized their divorce. They share two children, twins Emme and Max.

2017: Alex Rodriguez

Before reuniting with Ben Affleck, Jennifer had a four-year relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. The couple started dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2019. Rodriguez went with a colorless diamond for his fiancée with an emerald-cut ring. The flawless 16-carat stunner cost Rodriguez a whopping $1.8 million. After postponing their 2020 wedding, J.Lo and A-Rod called off their engagement in 2021.

Why Are Green Diamonds So Special?

Green Diamond close-up

The word “diamond” often brings sparkling clear rocks to mind. White or colorless diamonds are the most popular on the market, but colored diamonds have a brilliant reputation.

Most mined diamonds are white or colorless diamonds, meaning they have virtually no color. These diamonds fall somewhere on a color grade from D to Z. D diamonds have no color at all while Z diamonds have a strong yellow tint. The purer the color, the more expensive the diamond.

Colored diamonds like the rare green diamond have entirely different rating systems. These fancy diamonds are the opposite of colorless: a richer color means a more expensive diamond.

What Is the Most Expensive Colored Diamond?

Fancy diamonds aren’t all worth the same amount. Some colors are more expensive than others. Colored diamonds fall into four main categories for price.

Relatively Affordable: Gray, brown, and fancy yellow diamonds

Mid-Range: Intense and vivid orange and yellow diamonds

Relatively Expensive: Pink, purple, violet, blue, and green diamonds

Ultra Expensive: Red diamonds

For each type of diamond, the four C’s of diamonds will determine the exact price of the individual diamond. An ideal cut, high clarity, rich color, and large carat weight will all increase the price of a diamond.

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