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Your Guide to Pink Diamonds

by Haley Anhut
March 25, 2021
pink diamond

Taking your relationship to the next level can be an intimidating thought, but the idea of getting ripped off when you buy the perfect engagement ring is even scarier. Diamonds are a universal symbol of purity and perfection and are regarded as the stone of commitment and promise between two individuals. Choosing a diamond is about setting the tone for a relationship and giving a visual to the emotions you harbor deep inside. Create a new narrative for your relationship by purchasing a pink diamond for your special someone.

Where to Find Pink Diamonds

Though you have many options when searching for the perfect diamond, your search should always start with a reputable vendor. Online vendors should have high-quality photos, clearly identified grades and the option to purchase ethically sourced stones, without the added pressure you might receive in-store. Don’t get caught up in the rush of emotions and forge ahead with the lowest price tag. Beautiful, pure diamonds should always be your goal.

How to Pick the Perfect Pink Diamond

Relatively obvious, given the name, a pink diamond is a diamond colored with a pink hue. Some other diamond colors are caused by chemical impurities in the stone’s composition, but this isn’t the case with a pink stone. Gemologists haven’t been able to crack the code of pink coloring, though it is known for certain that impurities aren’t to blame. Some theories attribute massive amounts of pressure during formations or exposure to seismic shocks that altered the original molecular structure. Whatever is to blame, pink diamonds are the rarest of colored diamonds, except for red diamonds.

The rare-colored diamonds were often found in the Western Australia Argyle diamond mine, but this mine has since closed. Pink stones have come from mines in Canada, South Africa, India and Russia. However, pink diamonds can also be created in a lab. This creates stones that are sourced with an environmentally conscious approach, treating these pink diamonds as the unique treasures they are.

In fact, Clean Origin supplied Riverdale actress, Camila Mendes, with a record-setting 5.01 carat radiant-cut lab grown pink diamond in a ring for the 2018 People’s Choice Awards.

Intensity Levels

Diamonds have different rating scales, and pink diamonds are graded according to the strength and intensity of color. While there is predominantly the main hue of pink, these diamonds could have secondary overtones in orange, brown or purple. The scale determined by the Gemological Institute of America grades pink diamonds as follows:

  • Faint
  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark or Fancy Deep

Each grade level isn’t an exact coloring, as the grades are a range. Diamond experts understand these scales, and you do well to leave the judge of grades and value to these experts. You may also encounter a rating scale that moves from one to nine. This would be grading according to the Argyle color system, and numbers are assigned on saturation and color. The more saturated and richer the coloring, the more the diamond is worth. This is why purchasing from a reputable dealer makes the difference. You want assurances that you are getting the most value for the price point. 

Price Points

You can’t put a price tag on love and the lifetime of pleasure the right diamond ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry will bring to your special someone. However, sometimes your bank account limits how much diamond you can afford to buy. High-quality red and pink mined diamonds are the most expensive natural-colored diamonds that money can buy. The rating and size determine the costs, with the Graff Pink, a 24.78-carat rated as fancy intense, being auctioned for $46.2 million. At the time, it was called one of the greatest diamonds that had ever been discovered.

You may not be able to afford a million-dollar diamond, but you don’t have to abandon your ideas of giving your true love a brilliant pink stone. Lab-created fancy diamonds are an excellent affordable option if you want to impress the love of your life. You get the same brilliance, clarity, and beauty without all the undesirables of diamond sourcing.

Size and Color

Carats are the weight measurement of diamonds. This is not the same as the term karat, as this is a gold standard of purity. Carats are reserved for gemstones and refer to the actual weight of the stone. One carat is equivalent to about .02 grams or about the same as an office paperclip. Carats are ranked on a scale of 100 points. For example, a 50-point gemstone would be equal to .50 carats.

The secondary colors of a pink diamond can impact the price of the stone. The more pure the tone, the more expensive it will be. Some individuals prefer the unique look of modifying tones like purple or brown, and in addition to the visual difference, the variety in clarity results in a lower priced stone.

Know How To Choose a Setting

The brilliant hue of pink diamonds creates stunning engagement rings. Your personal preference for a setting style comes into play when deciding which way to showcase the magnificent stone, but there are some tips to enhance the eye-catching qualities of fancy diamonds:

  1. Three-stone setting: By flanking your pink diamond with side stones, it enhances the size and sparkle of the center stone. This is a great setting for diamonds that are less than .50 carat.
  2. Halo setting: In this setting, your pink diamond’s size and color are enhanced with a circle of smaller stones or brilliants that can either share the same cut as the center stone or have a varied shape.
  3. Double halo setting: To really make the center pink diamond appear larger, a double halo setting is a tiered or double layer of accent stones around the center stone.
  4. Solitaire: For a large carat pink diamond, you can highlight the gorgeous color in a stand-alone solitaire setting.