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Tennis Chain Diamond Jewelry: A Guide

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on August 26, 2023
diamond tennis chain jewelry

Diamond tennis chains are very popular either as sleek and elegant additions or as bold statements. There are many ways to wear a tennis chain, but they are most often seen as necklaces and bracelets.

What Is a Tennis Chain?

A tennis chain is a row of diamonds set in a metal chain. It is very simple but has lots of style.

The name ‘tennis chain’ originated in 1978 when tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet during a match at the US Open. After pausing the match and searching for it in the public eye, the classic diamond line chain became known as the tennis chain.

Diamond Tennis Necklaces

Diamond Necklaces Go With Any Outfit.
Diamond Tennis Necklaces Go With Any Outfit

The diamond tennis necklace is one of the best and most versatile items to add to your jewelry collection. It is sleek and elegant and will add sophistication to any outfit.

When you shop for a tennis necklace, there are many styles you can choose from. From the metal to the shape and also the size of the diamonds, you can customize all of the details to your personal preference.

Gold Chains

You can choose white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and even platinum if it is available for the chain of the necklace. The color of the metal will determine how the necklace looks.


Classic tennis necklace.

Most diamond tennis necklaces have simple round cut diamonds. In fact, round cut diamonds are the most popular brilliant cut diamond shape, and you can vary how the necklace looks with the setting of the diamonds.

Other popular diamond shapes include baguette cut and emerald cut diamonds.

Total Carat Weight

When shopping, you’ll find the total carat weight of the necklace (which is the carat weight of all the diamonds added together). Most of the time, the diamonds will be smaller since there is a row of them.

You can, however, find tennis necklaces that have larger diamonds, which will have a greater total carat weight. A small tennis chain may be around 10 carats in total weight, whereas a larger tennis chain may be around 50 carats in total weight. If you want something different, you can find any option in between.

Each stone in the necklace will be very similar in quality and have a similar average color rating. This ensures all the diamonds look the same.

Diamond Setting

Graduated Tennis Necklace.

The stones will typically be set in a simple prong setting, but there are variations. Some may feature bezel settings around the diamonds. A kite setting will give the diamonds a pointed shape. Additionally, other chains may have more intricate settings like one that makes the chain appear braided or twisted.

Different Styles of Tennis Chain Jewelry

More often than not, tennis chains feature diamonds of all the same size. However, a graduated tennis chain has diamonds of different sizes.

The diamonds towards the center gradually get larger until they reach the center stone, which is the largest. This is very subtle and adds an extra layer of elegance without being too overwhelming.

Some tennis chains feature more than one row of diamonds. Other chains separate the diamonds, so instead of each diamond coming right after another, they have a metal chain between them. This creates a beaded chain look and is often combined with different diamond settings.


Gatsby tennis necklace.

The length of the chain matters a lot, too. If you want more of a choker style, you can find shorter classic chains. Longer chains may be more customizable with graduated diamonds or fancier styles.

Men’s Tennis Chains

Tennis chains are very popular not only for women, but also for men. They are sleek and classic for everyday wear and are great at dressing up a look.

Look for something sturdy and classic so you can wear it with any outfit. You should also keep in mind the style of the chain. If you want a bold look, bigger diamonds and a yellow gold chain will do the trick. If you’re looking for something more subtle, a white gold chain with the same size diamonds is more of a classic tennis chain.

Diamond Tennis Chain Bracelets


If you love diamond tennis chains, you can stock up on tennis bracelets to add that extra glamor to your wardrobe.

Diamond tennis bracelets are almost the same as necklaces, except they are shorter and worn around the wrist. You can buy a bracelet with the same custom style as your necklace or search for a more unique piece.

Clean Origin Tennis Chains

All Clean Origin Necklaces and Bracelets Are Made With Lab Grown Diamonds.
All Clean Origin Tennis Necklaces and Bracelets Are Made With Lab Grown Diamonds

Clean Origin offers several diamond tennis necklaces to choose from. Each item is ethically and responsibly sourced so you can feel good about your jewelry.

All tennis chains at Clean Origin feature beautiful lab grown diamonds

. By buying lab grown, you are choosing ethical and affordable jewelry that will last a lifetime.

With Clean Origin, you can shop online for tennis chains that will perfectly complement your style. If you don’t want to visit a store, you can browse online before deciding on what style you like.

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