Resizing Your Engagement Ring

You’ve been given your dream ring, but maybe your fiance was a little off when it came to choosing a size. Fear not, ring resizing is a very common practice for most engagement rings and wedding rings, and you can easily bring your ring to a jeweler so it fits just right! 

Before you bring your ring to get resized, you should know how a ring should ideally fit on your finger. It should be snug but comfortable. Your ring should go on your finger easily, but it shouldn’t come off as easy. In fact, it should feel a little tight if you try to slip it off your finger. If your ring feels uncomfortably tight, or you can’t get it on, you’ll definitely need a bigger size. If your ring goes on and slips off easily, you’ll need it to fit tighter. If you’re still second-guessing if your ring fits properly or not, bring it to a jeweler to get an expert opinion. You want to wear your ring for years to come — make sure it fits perfectly to avoid damaging or losing it!

How Small Or Large Can I Make My Ring?

The majority of rings can be resized 1 or 2 sizes, depending on the style of your ring. Any sizing adjustment larger than 2 sizes is not advisable as it can damage your ring. If you have a classic setting, diamonds will be added or taken away around the band depending on the size you need. Solitaire settings are usually a bit easier to resize because there are no diamonds on the band. However, there are some styles that cannot be resized, like eternity bands, so it’s important to figure out your size before purchasing. On our website, items will be clearly marked in the product description that cannot be resized, and we will make every effort to work with you to ensure that the correct size is ordered. Additionally, if you choose to engrave a sweet message into your ring after purchasing it, be sure the ring is the proper size prior to having it engraved as we cannot guarantee the integrity of the engraving during the resizing process. Ideally, for any ring you buy whether that is your engagement ring, wedding ring, or eternity band you want to get as close as possible to your ring size.

How Long Does It Take?

At Clean Origin, most rings take around 5-7 days to resize. Some styles may require some additional work, but it shouldn’t take longer than 2 weeks. Our jewelers take their time when resizing your ring in order to ensure that the prongs on the band are secure and the diamonds are all tightened.

How Much Does It Cost?

This will depend on various factors such as material costs and labor fees. The price can range anywhere from $20 for a simple job, or hundreds of dollars for a more complicated fix. At Clean Origin, you are allowed 1 free resizing within 100 days of your purchase. An incredible offer, and added peace of mind if you are in-between sizes for an engagement ring. 

I Don’t Know My Ring Size

If you don’t know your ring size, check out this guide that will help you quickly and easily figure it out. It is important to remember that your ring size may change throughout your life. If you’re pregnant, for example, your ring size will change as your fingers may become swollen. If you’ve recently had a drastic weight change, that may affect your ring size as well. It’s always better to double-check your size before purchasing, even if you think you may know. There are various methods you can use to figure out your ring size, but the most accurate will be if you go into a jeweler and they do it for you. If you are the proposer, check out these 5 sneaky ways to find her ring size, without spoiling the surprise. If you’re unable to find her ring size before making the purchase, we would recommend going bigger rather than smaller in size. It is much easier to size a ring down than it is to make it bigger. 

Can You Make A Ring Smaller?

Yes! Making your ring smaller is typically much easier than making it larger. The ring will have a piece cut out of the band, and then it’ll be formed back into a circle again! The jeweler will polish and clean the band, so you won’t notice where the cut was made. And with all resizing, the simpler the ring, the easier it will be to alter the ring. Also, ask to keep any leftover metal that is cut away from the ring, and hold on to it in case you need to alter the size again. However, remember it is not advisable to resize the ring more than 2 times. 

Can You Make A Ring Larger?

Yes, but it can be more complicated than making it smaller. Many jewelers do this by stretching the metal, but this limits how much larger you can make the ring. Stretching too far can damage your ring. At Clean Origin, the metal band is cut and more metal is added into the band, where it is then polished. When making a ring larger, it is much easier to do with simple bands, such as solitaire settings, rather than a setting that has channel set diamonds or diamonds around the band. This requires the jeweler to work some magic and rearrange the stones or even add in more diamonds

Can You Resize Any Metal?

White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum can all be resized. You may read that Rose Gold can crack if resized, but that is not true. Wherever you take your ring to be resized, make sure it’s a reputable place that will take care of your ring and only resize it if it won’t damage the ring. 

What If I Can’t Get It Resized Immediately?

If you’re in a time crunch and can’t send your ring out to get professionally resized, a temporary fix is possible, but remember that it should only be temporary. You can add a ring guard which is cheap and easy to use. However, there are some tricks to making your ring bigger or smaller at home that we would advise you to avoid! Do not use a ring stretcher, which could damage your ring. Do not use nail polish or hot glue or anything similar to make your ring fit more snug. Your ring is a valuable item, crafted with love, and meant to last a lifetime. This is not the time to perform DIY techniques to make your ring smaller or larger in order to save money. Ring guards, or something similar, are the only technique we’d recommend, but again this should only be temporary. The last thing you want is your ring to slip off and never be found again or get stuck on your finger requiring it to be cut off.