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5 Easy Ways to Secretly Find Her Ring Size

by Brandon
January 5, 2018

After months of saving and weeks of shopping, you’ve finally found the perfect engagement ring. You’re ready to buy, but there’s one small problem…you don’t know her ring size.

Ordering the ring without so much as an estimation is a risky move. So, before you go the route of an educated guess, make an effort to secretly get her ring size.

It’s a challenging task, but not impossible. And, with these 5 tricks up your sleeve, you’re bound to get close.

#1: Borrow one of her existing rings

This is probably one of the more sneakier, easier methods to secretly get an accurate ring size. However, there are a few steps to follow to make sure you pull it off successfully.

  • Take note of which rings she wears on which fingers. You’ll want to remember one of the rings that she wears on her ring finger. If not her ring finger, her middle finger is the next best thing.
  • When she’s not around, find the ring you singled out. Be sure to put it back exactly where it was.
  • Place the ring on a piece of paper and trace the inside of the ring.
  • Cut out the circle
  • you traced.
  • Print out our ring sizing chart. Find her size by placing your cut-out over each of the circles on the chart. If it’s a close call between two sizes, go with the one that is slightly larger.
  • If you don’t have a printer, you can get out a ruler and use the measurements in the chart as a guide.

Keep in mind that a woman’s dominant hand might be larger than her less dominant hand. If you took a ring that she typically wears on her more dominant hand, go up half a size.

Another option is to take the ring to a jeweler and have it measured. While this will result in a more accurate measurement, she may notice the ring is missing.

#2: Ask her family

Call up her mom or closest family member and ask if they know her size. With any luck, they will have bought her a ring as a gift or have allowed her to try on one of their rings.

Be warned – if her family has the gift of gab you risk someone spilling the beans. However, if you trust her family to keep the secret, this could result in the exact information you need.

Tactic #4: Recruit someone to ask

There are two things girls like more than getting an engagement ring – talking about engagement rings and trying on engagement rings.

If she has a close friend who recently got engaged, call them to ask if your girlfriend has ever disclosed her ring size or tried on her engagement ring.

If she’s tried on the ring, get as much detail as possible. How well did it fit? Was it too big or too small? The more information you have, the more accurate the estimation.

If she hasn’t tried on the engagement ring, recruit her friend to find an excuse to ask her ring size the next time they chat.

If you’re both blanking on a sneaky way to ask, try this:

Have her friend text her and say that she’s shopping and found a ring she’d love. Luckily, they are on sale, and she wants to buy her one but needs to know which size. There’s no need to actually “buy” the ring. Just use the excuse that her size wasn’t available.

#5: Buy matching mood rings.

If your girlfriend is a fan of 90s nostalgia, this can be a sweet surprise with an ulterior motive.

While casually hanging out, pretend to be browsing Amazon. Search for mood rings, and ask her if she remembers them. Convince her it would be funny to buy a matching set and tell her you need her ring size so you can order her one.

You can either buy them for real or just use the excuse they’re out of her size. But we recommend buying them because…well, mood rings.

Here’s one from Amazon that’s gender neutral.

#6: Just ask her.

If you ultimately decide to abort the secret ring size mission and straight up ask her, you’re not alone. These days, about 50% of brides pick out their engagement ring.

This doesn’t totally ruin the element of surprise, though because you still have the proposal. If she is aware you’re engagement ring shopping, keep the details of the actual proposal top secret.

It’s okay if you get it wrong.

If you’re bound and determined to keep the ring and proposal a complete surprise, these 5 methods will get you pretty close to the right size.

If you miss the mark and the ring ends up being the wrong size, it’s not a huge deal. The ring will just need to be resized, which most jewelers will do for free.