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5 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

by Haley Anhut
April 25, 2019
man holding box with engagement ring inside

When it comes to popping the big question, it seems like a lot of marriage proposal ideas have either been overdone or are way too over the top. If you’re looking for a unique, creative proposal idea that still has a personal touch and an element of surprise, you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down five different ideas that can each be personalized to your relationship and future fiance. Plus, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to check off before you finally flash that Clean Origin engagement ring.

How Do I Prepare For a Marriage Proposal?

Step 1

Take a deep breath. This is an exciting time and it shouldn’t be stressful.

Step 2

Get the ring. Make sure you plan for enough time to receive the ring and ensure it’s exactly what you want before you propose. Your Clean Origin ring will arrive in 7 to 10 business days since each ring is made to order. We also allow a generous 100 days to make a return or exchange. Our suggestion is to purchase the ring 3-4 weeks out from when you plan on proposing.

Step 3

Talk with both friends and family. It’s 2021 and you might not be planning to ask anyone for permission to propose. But, if you’re close with your partner’s family, it can be nice to include them in either the planning or post-engagement celebration. Just be warned; if the proposal is supposed to be a surprise, the fewer people you confide in, the less likely anyone will spill the beans.

Step 4

Plan where you’re going to be. Location is key to the next three steps. Double-check that your ‘spot’ will be open on the big day and if photographing your proposal is a possibility. If it’s a restaurant or place of business, call or go in and talk with a manager about your plans. If it’s a park or somewhere outdoors, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. If you want the proposal to be private, make sure the area you’ve chosen is only accessible to you. The last thing you want is to be in a spot where you thought you’d be alone and now have onlookers.

Step 5

Make plans for your significant other. Much like on your actual wedding day, your significant other will want to look nice at this pivotal moment, especially if you decide to video or photograph your proposal! Set up a morning at the spa or a lunch with her best friends at a nice restaurant. Get. Her. A. Manicure. Trust us on that one.

Step 6

Decide on what you’re going to say. We’ll go into detail on this later, but you’ll want to do at least a bit of speech planning before the big day. If your partner loves romance, think of something romantic to say or a romantic way to propose. The last thing you want is to get down on one knee and be at a loss for words.

Step 7

Make plans for after. You’ve just had the best marriage proposal idea ever…now what? Like we mentioned above, incorporating close friends and family into the after-party is a great idea. Treat your significant other to a nice meal either at a restaurant or in the comfort of your home. Rent a limo to drive around the city for the night or a campfire in the backyard to snuggle up with some good music. You don’t need a huge budget for this part, but simply a celebration to fit both your personalities.

How Can I Propose in a Unique Way?

From jumbotrons to writing in the sand, you might think that pretty much every marriage proposal idea has been done. But no two proposals are ever the same and there are easy ways to make a proposal personalized and unlike anything else. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

You’ve Got Mail

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Stealing a bit from the 2007 chick flick ‘P.S. I Love You’, you’ll need to perfectly schedule a few weeks of mail. Whether you’re sending clues or physical pieces to a “Will You Marry Me” puzzle, you’ll want to make sure the execution is perfect. As your significant other is assembling the final pieces or reading the last clue, have the ring ready in hand!

Couples That Play Together…

For many couples, there’s an activity that they both really enjoy doing together. Whether it’s snowboarding, half marathons or cooking, it’s a special time that brings them closer together. Elevate the activity just a bit and you could have the perfect proposal. If you love water activities, plan a trip to a beautiful destination like Lake Tahoe and pop the question on the boat after a fun-filled day of wakeboarding. You’ll have the perfect combination of personalization and surprise!

Drop The Mic

While some couples might want a proposal that’s a bit more low-key, others love the excitement of a PDP — publicly displayed proposal. One of the best ways to get the attention of all onlookers…and your future fiance, is to get ahold of a microphone. Plan a weekend getaway and talk with your flight attendants to see if a mid-flight announcement can be made. If you’re going to see a favorite local band, email or call them beforehand to see if they’ll let you on stage. Or, call your local radio station to see if they’ll add a special message in with the nightly news.

Get Personal

Maybe you’re about to propose to your high school sweetheart, or you met while studying abroad in Italy. Every couple has a unique story and a history that can be incorporated into a marriage proposal. Find something unique to your relationship and make it the focal point of the evening. Whether it’s the first restaurant where you had a date or the spot of your first kiss, including this special memory will mean so much more than you realize.

Make It A Party

Who doesn’t love a good celebration? Find an excuse to plan a party with your friends and family. Maybe you just moved into a new house or there’s a fun holiday (Cinco De Mayo is coming up!) that calls for a get-together. Whatever the occasion may be, it will be the perfect facade for your proposal! Not to mention, you’ll already have the most important people surrounding you after she says ‘I Do’!

No matter what marriage proposal idea you come up with, just follow our #1 golden rule: specialize it for your relationship, not anyone else’s. With this at the core of all your decisions, you’ll be sure to blow it out of the water!