Engagement, Proposal Ideas

Where To Pop The Big Question

by Brandon
July 13, 2018

For many people, asking the question at the right time and choosing the right place to do it at is almost as important as the wedding itself. If you’re planning a proposal and want to be sure it hits all the right chords, here are a few of our favorite locations to do so.

1) Where You Had Your First Date

It sounds tacky, but nostalgia is romantic and a built in storyline takes the pressure off of everything else to be perfect.

2) New York City

You have the Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, the Brooklyn Bridge and one of the world’s most famed skylines to work with. In a city that doesn’t sleep, the ideas are limitless.


3) At The Top Of A Mountain

Altitude, solitude and exercise is a winning combination. You don’t need to hike the peaks of Mount Everest to create a memorable engagement moment. But the Hollywood sign? Count us in.

4) The Eiffel Tower

The iconic landmark offers plenty of places in which to propose – without having to scale to the top to do it. The first floor offers a breath-taking transparent floor with stunning views of what lies below, while the second floor has panoramic views as well as glass elevators to take visitors to the top of the tower.


5) Disney World

Create a Cinderella moment in the most magical place on earth. The famed castle is also home to one of the world’s most exclusive hotel rooms, available exclusively for events.

6) The Greek Islands

Beautiful beaches, majestic cliffs, pristine sunsets and a Mediterranean mentality in which time stands still. Athens is also one of Europe’s most underrated cities and more affordable than Rome and Paris.


7) At Home

Pop the question without going out! Proposing at home can be done at any time, without fretting a laundry list of details. It’s also the top place to create a truly spontaneous proposal, catching your partner by surprise.

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