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Teardrop Engagement Ring

by Sophia Huxley
Last updated on August 25, 2023

Teardrop engagement rings, also known as pear-shaped engagement rings, are a gorgeous diamond ring option for many, but it can be tough to know how to shop. Teardrop rings are a fun way to modernize a classic solitaire or add some elegance to your diamond jewelry. We at Clean Origin have compiled some details and tips for you to know exactly where to shop for a teardrop ring and what to purchase.

About Pear Engagement Rings

Pear engagement rings have a pear-shaped stone. This teardrop ring diamond cut is an elongated combination of a marquise and an oval cut. The teardrop shape is a unique, tough to get right, diamond cut and a cult favorite for many celebrities, influencers, and anyone else who enjoys high glam or unexpected, unique jewelry.

While sometimes called a teardrop engagement ring or pear-shaped engagement ring, the diamond shape itself is an elongated pear shape. 

Pear-shaped diamonds sparkle gorgeously, much like round brilliant cut diamonds, but the iconic stone shape has a lot going on in terms of selecting the perfect stone.

What To Look For In A Pear Shaped Diamond

Pear-shaped Ring

We love pear-shaped diamonds! Knowing a lot can prepare you to select a high-quality piece. Here are some tips on finding a pear-shaped diamond!

Beware the Bow Tie

Like oval-cut stones, you’ll have to beware of the bow-tie effect. This refers to dark sections in the middle of your diamond due to the proportions of the cuts. You want a minimal bow-tie effect and proportional cuts to your pear diamond.

Pear Engagement Ring Settings

The style of a pear-shaped diamond ring is not a one-and-done decision. There are plenty of styles and wedding options when selecting a ring like this, so it is vital to really peruse the store you plan to purchase from so you have a great idea as a customer of what collections they may have.

Pear-cut diamond engagement ring options can come in a halo style, a two stone style, a three-stone style with a round, marquise, or pear side stones, an elegant solitaire setting, or a vintage-style setting. This does not even begin to cover the East-West setting option.

East-West settings have the pear-shaped center-cut diamond placed horizontally, which minimizes the possibility of damage to the tip of the diamond and creates a modern, unique style for big diamond rings today.

Engagement rings are more popularly featuring this setting style with solitaire styles or a pave halo around the elegant stone. We have a great East-West Collection that features thoughtful details, a range of gold and platinum metal options, and classic ring shapes for your diamond to be set in.

How To Wear A Pear Diamond Ring

One would traditionally wear a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring with the tip facing away from the palm. However people wear their engagement rings in plenty of ways, so do not feel boxed in by tradition with your pear-cut diamond. You can wear pear-shaped diamonds in numerous ways but prepare for the possibility that someone might try to correct you on your ring etiquette.

To avoid this confusion, it is worthwhile to consider East-West settings. That way, your fancy-cut engagement ring can avoid being controversial jewelry. If you want there to be plenty of conversation about your stunning ring thought, teardrop diamonds are your new best friend.

The Pros and Cons of Pear-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

A Tough-Cut Diamond

Brilliant, proportionate pear-shaped diamonds are hard to come by because of how hard the cut is to make. Enhancing the shape of the diamond with its setting is a common way to acknowledge this issue. Whether by accompanying a thinner pear with two side set diamonds or placing a shorter teardrop in a horizontal setting, there are plenty of ways to embrace this tough cut rather than search for the perfect stone endlessly.

We carry plenty of excellent pear cut options as well, with great gradings done by the GIA, so if you want to check them to get an idea of what kind of cut proportions you may see or what price range you may need to have to get your dream pear diamond, we have your back.

Utilize our virtual appointment service, where you can book a date with a gem specialist to find your perfect diamond! Whether you need help returning to the basics of deciding on fine details, our experts can quickly and efficiently address your concerns and questions fast and efficiently.

A-One of a Kind Diamond

If you find a pear diamond, you love online or in-store, buy it! Every pear-shaped diamond is unique due to how difficult it can be to cut them proportionally. Each pear diamond has the same ingredients and can look similar, but no one is exactly alike.

#NoFilter: Pear Diamonds Showing Color

Pear diamonds sit well with all different metal types in terms of style, but there are reasons why people will prefer yellow gold to white gold or platinum with them. These diamonds reflect color particularly well, meaning they are the perfect cut for a canary diamond. Still, your diamond may appear yellow to the naked eye if you get a lower color grade.

The best fix for this is to set your pear diamond in gold if it has any yellow. This will mask the tint and accentuate the sparkle of your diamond. Details like this will make your ring stand out significantly and create a one-of-a-kind adornment. Look into gold setting choices if your diamond is an F or below in color, or consider a fancy-colored diamond for pear shapes.

Diamond Chipping Beware

Pear-shaped engagement rings are incredibly eye-catching, but the cut is prone to chipping due to the exposed tip of the diamond. While diamonds are by no means fragile, repeated wear and tear can eventually affect the setting or stone. If you work with your hands or do a heavy labor job, you may have to leave your pear-shaped diamond at home or protect it with some gloves.

If you really want to take your pear-shaped diamond to work, consider a bezel setting for it to protect the point. Bezel settings wrap the metal around your brilliant diamond, providing a metal buffer around the point of the stone. This setting detail can create a protective barrier and a fun, modern look for a vintage-style stone.

Price Beyond Compare

The price of teardrop diamonds is a big yes for many people. Teardrop diamonds are generally cheaper than round diamonds of the same carat and quality. You can save even more by shopping for lab grown diamonds. This is because pear-shaped diamonds usually produce less waste when cut from a raw diamond. Additionally, pear-shaped diamonds will look larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. Fancy shapes like pear-cut diamonds are a great way to get a big, high-quality diamond for cheaper than the average round brilliant gemstone.

In your search for a reasonable price, remember that about 80% of your engagement ring’s price is the center stone. Round stones are popular, which ups their price, but many prefer fancy shapes like marquise and pear shape diamonds and love the savings that come with them. One of many ways to guarantee your ring is personalized, a pear-shaped diamond guarantees more excitement than a round brilliant cut diamond and will help you create a unique ring overall.

When online shopping, search for fancy shape options or look at rings that allow you to change the set diamond shape. You could save money in your search for something truly modern.

Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings: The Talk of the Town

The popularity of the pear-shaped engagement ring is acknowledged by many. We are seeing them all over social media as examples of gorgeous, sparkling ring options. A pear diamond has become a status symbol and an eye-catching jewelry choice for many over the last five years.

Famous Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings

Cardi B

Cardi B’s engagement ring from Offset was a unique double halo with an 8-carat pear-shaped diamond in the center. The outer halo is pink diamonds, and the side set stones are also pear-shaped. This ring was said to cost about half a million dollars.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was a fine jewelry collector and owned the Taylor-Burton diamond. A 69.42-carat stone from Cartier, this diamond was later reset from a ring into a necklace because it was too large for on-hand wear. It was a gift from her husband, Richard Burton, for 1.1 million dollars. That would be about 7 million dollars today.

Ariana Grande

Her brief engagement to Pete Davidson featured this stunning 3-carat haloed ring. While she returned it when they did not make it down the aisle, the ring was a popular feature on her social media and a cult favorite of diamond lovers when it was in the public eye.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s fine jewelry collection is one to envy, and it includes 14 engagement rings. The most popular ring to see her wear is her 17-carat pear-shaped diamond set on a pavé diamond band.