East-West Engagement Rings

Wondering what an East-west engagement ring is? Just with how the name stands out, it's the same way this ring with a modern twist makes you stand out uniquely!

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How To Shop For An East-West Engagement Ring

With a horizontal setting instead of the traditional classic vertically placed stone setting, You can choose any cut of diamond from a pear to marquise to emerald to oval for that trendy style!

Is she that bride that loves to be modern yet different? We have a wide variety of ring styles just for you. Explore more of our top-notch lab-created engagement rings, made from 100% ethical diamonds.

When people shop for rings, their focus is mostly on how shiny the diamonds are. However, the East-west engagement rings create that extra finishing beauty for your diamond ring. Whether you glitz up your ring with diamond accents, or gemstones, with an East-West engagement ring, you're not left behind.

When looking out for an east-west engagement ring, be sure that the horizontal setting must be strong enough to hold the center stone of your choice, as this ensures durability.

Although the east-west ring can be worn with any stone cut, A hint is to search for the emerald, pear, and oval cuts as they cannot be any more magnificent, and they have topped the trend in recent years.

Worried about the ring size? Of course, we don't want you worried about that; We have your back with this ring size chart.

East-west Engagement Ring Styles by Shape

The East-West Ring and its features are stunning in their own right. Are you looking for the just perfect ring shape for your partner? Going for the east-west setting tells us your partner has excellent taste.

The Emerald cut diamond ring makes a statement with its brilliance. You could go with the long emerald (just make sure you check in on that length-to-width ratio) or even the shorter emerald and add some side stones to make it even more stunning.

Looking to get that sparkly vibe for her? The oval cut is for you. It allows enough light through to the center stone to display its elegance. Or The Marquise cut shape that speaks for itself and says "class."

Whether your partner loves modern minimalism or is all for bold and stunning, the east-west ring styles are a game-changer, mainly because of their horizontal setting twist.

Do You Need More Help?

With the variety of east-west styles, we understand that it can be challenging to choose. This is why it is with pleasure that we at Clean Origin are here to help you make your decision-making process a breeze. You can rest assured you are getting quality.

Need some help with making a choice? You can schedule a virtual appointment with our jewelry experts to help you walk through it and ensure you remain that bride that appears in all brilliance!

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