cancer zodiac sign

Loyalty, protectiveness, good intuition, and caring nature are the traits that best define cancers. With loyalty like no other, once a cancer opens up to someone, they will be committed and fully devoted to them for life.  Another thing about cancer is that they have excellent intuition, so you’d better never lie to them because they will know and they won’t be afraid to confront you about it.  Cancers are known to be incredibly generous and romantic partners but they also do not enjoy a one-sided relationship, so you have to give something back in return.  Even though a cancer will dive head first into a relationship and fall fully and completely in love, she still enjoys her independence and the ability to just focus solely on herself for a period of time, and will never want to give that up.  An engagement ring for a cancer should be a low-maintenance and comfortable design, for example, a simple halo ring with bezel set stones all around.  There are so many good options for all the Cancer ladies out there so check out our top 9 picks!

Bristol Six Prong Solitaire Ring 

This classic and simple style of engagement ring makes the diamond appear like it is floating on top of the ring band, which is perfect for the big imagination that cancer has.  Propose with this ring in a quiet or secluded yet romantic area where it is just the two of you in that moment.

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Classic Three Stone Ring 

The meaningful idea behind three stone engagement rings is meant to be that the triad of diamonds each represents the past, the present, and the future of a relationship, which makes this style of ring perfect for a sentimental sign like Cancer.

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Antique Halo Ring

The way this band is designed makes it look as though there are flowers or some part of nature woven into this ring, and it makes all the beautiful and special for your SO.

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Filigree Three Stone Ring

This ring very eloquently combines the ideas of the three stone ring with the nature inspired band of the Antique Halo Ring and creates a stunning style that will match your Cancer’s personality perfectly.

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Classic Oval Solitaire 

This ring’s unique shape and design will coincide with your Cancer woman’s lifestyle and characteristics flawlessly.  Propose to your SO with this special lab-grown diamond in a way that professes all of your love for her in a way neither of you can deny.

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Tesoro Ring in Rose Gold

Cancer is the astrological sign that is ruled by the moon, so what better ring for a Cancer than one that resembles the moon.  The round center diamond and surrounding halo gives this ring a moony lunar feel. If your SO feels very connected to her zodiac sign, then this ring is perfect for them.  

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Princess Cut Rings

Cancers are known to make their partners the centers of their whole world and that is what you should be doing for her, and you can show her how you feel by giving her a princess cut ring that you designed yourself because she, of course, is your princess.  Shop our princess cut diamonds here!

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Bloom Solitaire Ring 

With this vintage style ring, it will show off your SO’s playful side with the design and placement of the stones being set to mimic a flower that is blooming.  This beautiful ring will go perfectly with the bouquet of carnations you got her, or whichever her favorite flower is.  

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Bellissima Ring 

What better way to tell your partner you think they are absolutely gorgeous than through the most important gift you will ever give to them?  Bellissima means gorgeous in Italian and this would fit even more perfectly if your Cancer happened to be from Italy!  This could also be your surprise way of telling her you are taking her to Italy for a spontaneous trip.  Nobody can resist that!

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