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Engagement Ring Styles Chart

by Lucy Coleman
Last updated on October 4, 2023
engagement ring styles chart

We understand that there are many engagement ring settings and styles to choose from, so we made this guide and engagement ring styles chart to introduce some of the most popular styles.

Engagement ring shopping is exciting and fun. But if you don’t know where to start, you can become overwhelmed trying to find the perfect engagement ring. Your engagement ring is something that you will cherish forever, so if you’re shopping for yourself or a partner, it’s a good idea to know what’s out there before deciding on your perfect ring.

Understanding Engagement Ring Styles & Settings with This Chart

We’ve listed out some popular styles of engagement rings. This list includes different ways the diamond or gemstone is set, as well as different band styles.

It’s common to mix and match a few styles depending on how you want the ring to look overall, so don’t worry about choosing only one.

Before you choose, we recommend thinking about a theme or mood you have in mind for the ring. This gives you a good place to start, and you can compare each style to this idea to see if it matches.

Classic Ring Styles

Solon ring. Engagement Ring Styles Chart.

Much-loved classic engagement rings are popular for their traditional looks and beauty. In fact, classic rings are extremely common and the most popular ones feature stunning diamonds.

The most classic metals for engagement rings are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum.

If you’re searching for a diamond engagement ring, you have many options. Options include how the diamond is set, how it looks, and how many diamonds you want.

Minimal Engagement Rings

Some people prefer a minimalist style, and the engagement ring is no exception. Minimalist rings are simple, but their simplicity is what gives them an elegant shine.

Minimalist engagement rings aren’t boring at all. In fact, they tend to focus on only one or two design elements and make those parts of the ring truly stand out.

If you like simple jewelry or want an engagement ring that will go with anything you wear, minimalist styles may be great choices for you.

Unique Engagement Ring Styles

Judy ring.

There are so many unique ring designs you can choose from. Nowadays, you don’t have to commission a custom ring from a jewelry designer if you want your ring to match your personal style.

You can customize your perfect ring with online retailers by choosing the type of metal, diamond, and band style all in the comfort of your own home. You still have so many options for making a ring unique to you.

If you still want something a little extra unique, you can look for vintage or antique rings or specific styles like Celtic engagement rings.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Styles

London Cathedral Solitaire Ring. Engagement ring styles chart.

Solitaire rings are some of the most popular diamond engagement rings. A solitaire engagement ring features a single gemstone centered on the band. It is a simple and timeless look that is perfect for any diamond shape.

You can customize your solitaire engagement ring with different metals for the band and unique prong settings for the diamond or other gemstone.

Solitaire rings work well with fancy gemstones like an emerald, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, and more. Indeed, the solitaire style shows off the uniqueness of the gemstone in an elegant and sophisticated way.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Styles

Spiaggia Oval Ring

Three stone rings feature a center stone, usually with two smaller stones flanking the center stone.

There are different combinations of stones for three stone rings. The stones can be either the same size or different sizes. They can also be different shapes as well.

Popular styles include three round brilliant diamonds, three radiant cut diamonds, or three princess cut diamonds.

An oval diamond as the center stone also looks great with two smaller round diamonds or pear shaped diamonds flanking it.

The extra diamonds make the center diamond shine even more, and they add an extra sparkle to the ring overall. You can even combine three stone rings with different styles of bands like a split shank band or twisted band.

If you like the idea of multiple stones in the center of the ring but want a more distinctive look, you might also want to look at two stone engagement rings. These have a unique yet captivating appearance, making them a great choice for a more nontraditional bride.

Halo Engagement Ring Styles

Savannah Halo Ring. Engagement ring styles chart.

A halo ring has a small ring of diamonds that surrounds the center stone. This ‘halo’ effect makes your center diamond appear huge. From a distance, you may not even be able to tell that there is a halo around the diamond.

Often, buying a smaller center stone with smaller diamonds around it is more affordable than a single larger diamond, so a halo setting is a great way to save money on your engagement ring while still getting a large diamond engagement ring.

Pavé Engagement Ring

Pave Set Pear Shape Halo Ring. Engagement ring styles chart.

Pavé settings are common in diamond jewelry, especially in rings. This is where a small row of diamonds is set in the band of the ring.

The extra diamonds add extra sparkle and shine to the ring. They can go all the way around the band or just be near the top.

Pavé rings can have one band or multiple bands with diamonds studded across them. They are often used with halo set diamonds to give them that extra touch of sparkle.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring Styles

Martis Ring. Engagement ring styles chart.

Bezel set diamonds feature a thin band of metal around the diamond. Instead of the edges of the diamonds being exposed, they are all covered and protected by the bezel.

A bezel setting has many advantages including durability, since it protects your diamond from scratches, nicks, and breaks.

Consider a bezel engagement ring if you like the look of a bezel setting and want a unique ring.

Bezel settings look good with round diamonds, pear diamonds, emerald diamonds, oval diamonds, and more. Keep in mind there are also half bezel and partial bezel settings. These bezel settings are more popular with diamonds like the pear shaped diamond and radiant diamond.

Channel Set Engagement Rings

Perfect Fit Channel Set Petite Ring.

A channel setting is very similar to a pavé setting. It features a groove in the center of the band that has diamonds set in it.

The difference between pavé diamonds and channel set diamonds is that channel set diamonds are more distinct, while pavé diamonds are more subtle.

A pavé setting is meant to look like the band was paved with diamonds, and they blend into the band more.

In contrast, a channel setting features a distinctive groove and two thin bands of metal above and below this groove.

Vintage Styles (or Vintage-Inspired) Engagement Rings

Kent Halo Ring

You can shop for vintage engagement rings at many popular retailers. Vintage rings tend to have more unique styles.

Depending on the inspiration for the ring, they may also either include features that were popular in ancient times or have historical references.

If you have a vintage engagement ring that is a family heirloom, that may be the perfect ring to propose with. You can have a jeweler resize your vintage ring or reset the diamond from an old ring into a new band.

Colored Stone Engagement Ring

Bellflower Sapphire Halo Ring

You don’t have to have a classic colorless diamond for your engagement ring. In fact, many people choose different colored diamonds or other gemstones for their engagement rings.


Sapphires are also extremely durable, and they are loved for their bright blue color. They come in a range of shades and their natural coloring is coveted by many. Sapphires can also be lab grown, which means you can save money on them.


The emerald is another popular gemstone for engagement rings. The deep green color complements pale skin and cooler skin tones very nicely. Emerald shows inclusions and flaws, though, so finding a flawless emerald stone can be rare.


Ruby is a popular choice, and for good reason. The romantic red color of rubies symbolizes love and passion. Ruby engagement rings look great with yellow gold or rose gold bands to add to the overall feel. Ruby also symbolizes nurture, knowledge, and wealth.

Etched Engagement Rings

An etched engagement ring has engravings along the band in many styles. Etchings could either be part of a vintage inspired ring or be simple and modern.

Simple etchings look great on thin bands, whereas wider bands offer more room for intricate designs.

Split Shank Engagement Rings

A split shank engagement ring has a split in the band near the center stone or stones. This split can be wide or thin and paired with a three stone ring, pavé ring, or twisted band design.

Split shank rings are usually wider because of the two bands that come together. This makes them great at showing off large diamonds and rectangular shaped diamonds like ones that are emerald or radiant cut.

How Do I Choose from Engagement Ring Styles in This Chart?

Halo Engagement Ring
Halo Engagement Ring

Each of these styles has its own unique look. Feel free to mix and match the ones you like the most from this engagement ring styles chart, browsing different combinations of styles to see what jumps out at you.

If you’re still stuck or can’t find what you’re looking for, reach out and schedule a virtual appointment with a jewelry expert. They can help guide you in the right direction.

We hope our engagement ring style guide helped you learn about some of the most popular styles for engagement rings and gave you some ideas on what you want for your ring.