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Canary Diamond: Everything You Need to Know

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 19, 2023

There is something about colored diamonds that makes them special. We can’t entirely place our fingers on it, but colored diamonds sometimes have a more edgy feel than colorless diamonds.

One of our favorite colored diamonds has to be the canary diamond. This fancy yellow diamond is famous for its deep shade of yellow and overall elegance. You may also hear people sometimes refer to the canary diamond as a yellow diamond. It’s no secret why, because even though it is one of the most famous colored diamonds, not many people can say they know much about it.

Not to worry, we will discuss all you need to know about the canary yellow diamonds here! Suppose you consider making your partner’s engagement rings using the canary diamond. In that case, this is where you need to be for all the juicy details.

What Are Canary Diamonds?

Canary Yellow Diamonds are the highest quality yellow diamond of their kind globally, offering excellent quality. Unlike dull and light yellow tints, these diamonds have a deep yellow color.

Canary Diamond is usually a fancy yellow diamond with a GIA color score ranging from fancy intense to fancy vivid. It is a casual term that refers to yellow diamonds in pure white color and is not an official term.

These diamonds are rare, beautiful, and are more expensive to sell than most yellow diamond types.

The Difference Between Yellow Diamond and Canary Diamond

Please note that not all yellow diamonds are canary diamonds in your pursuit of canary diamonds, so if you see a yellow diamond with a yellow shade, don’t be too quick to jump for joy. You must look at it closely and ensure it has all the features of a canary diamond.

Better still, have an expert carefully inspect it so that you know no one will scam you of your hard-earned money. It is also best to purchase from reputable stores, especially online stores where you can see reviews before placing an order.

Here is the thing, colored diamonds are never the same; they tend to have unique features that differentiate them. This is the same with yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds are simply not the same; there are different yellow diamonds with different color combinations; we have orange-yellow diamonds, brownish-yellow diamonds, greenish-yellow diamonds, and many more.

Canary diamonds or canary yellow diamonds are pure yellow diamonds; they have a strong and deep shade of yellow and do not reflect a different color. Some say that the yellow of canary diamonds is a pure, intense yellow. However, the value of canary diamonds to pure yellow diamonds can’t be compared; a higher value belongs to canary yellow diamonds

How Expensive Are Canary Yellow Diamonds?

Diamonds are of great value and are typically expensive. People even consider diamonds as one of the top investments you can possibly make; even if you are getting your fiancé a diamond engagement ring because you love her, best believe you have made a worthy investment.

Yes, canary diamonds are on the pricey side, and the reason is they are rare gems; the rarer a gem is, the more expensive it is. This isn’t the case with only canary diamonds, though. Every natural colored diamond is rare and expensive, but the best thing about this canary diamond is that it is more affordable when compared to other natural colored diamonds.

This fancy vivid yellow diamond will cost you about $4000 for a 1 carat. The price also depends on how intense you want the diamond to be; a more intense yellow diamond will cost you at least 40% more.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Because of their rarities and beauty, these beautiful yellow diamonds have become part of many stunning engagement rings. All women want their dream rings, and many want their own rings. This fancy yellow-colored diamond is more attractive than the ordinary colorless engagement rings because they are unique.

You can find fancy yellows at relatively reasonable prices because of their abundance in nature; however, they are still more pricey when placed on a beautifully designed engagement ring.

Many women are leaning towards yellow diamond engagement rings not just because they are beautiful but also because they stand out uniquely from colorless diamonds. The canary diamond can be cut into different shapes and cuts; the cushion cut diamond ring has been one of the top cuts if you want to give your diamond ring a larger-than-life look. A halo setting is also a good look for your engagement ring.

How to Choose the Best Settings for Your Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

When purchasing a Yellow Diamond Ring, be careful to choose the color of the engraved gemstone. The yellow diamond offers a unique opportunity for contrast or complementarity in color. Engagement ring settings come in several materials such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold, yellow gold prongs, or rose gold plated. These metals vary in color; this affects the shape of a diamond in the ring. A lighter metal like platinum or silver can give a striking contrast to a vivid yellow diamond.

Here are the best settings for your yellow diamond ring;

Prong Settings

This is the most popular setting for yellow diamond rings. Mental prongs are arranged so that the yellow diamond is placed and gripped tightly; this keeps the yellow diamond secured and prevents it from falling off.

Bezel Settings

This is the best setting to go for if you are regularly wearing your engagement ring because the bezel setting will have the yellow diamond circled with metal to keep it safe and secured. It also gives it a beautiful look, and the absence of prongs makes it easy to clean regularly.

Halo Settings

For this setting, the yellow diamond is at the center and surrounded by intricate yellow diamonds called the halo. The halo engagement ring setting gives your yellow diamond engagement ring an impressive look and makes the diamond appear larger. This setting is particularly lovely for colored diamonds more than colorless diamonds or colorless stones.

Pavé Settings

Another setting you should consider trying out is the pavé engagment ring setting; you can have an engagement ring literally paved with yellow diamonds. This setting gives your yellow diamond engagement ring an elegant look and leaves it sparkling always. The secret behind this setting is that the jeweler creates difficult-to-see prongs to set each tiny yellow diamond in. This is a very popular choice for yellow diamond engagement rings.

Cluster Settings

The best thing about going for this setting is that it reduces the cost needed to obtain yellow diamond engagement rings. You can tell what this setting is about just from its name. The idea is to make the yellow diamond look like one large diamond by bringing together a cluster of smaller yellow diamonds. This setting definitely brings a lot of sparkle to engagement rings.

Cathedral Settings

Cathedrals are mostly found in churches, but this setting has found its way into the design world of diamonds and sparkles. This setting is also a favorite among brides because it looks elegant on their fingers. To get this set, the yellow diamond in the preferred number of prongs and arches frames the yellow diamond, giving it a higher and larger appearance. This setting also gives yellow diamond engagement rings an impressive and timeless look.  

Engagement Ring Shapes for Your Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond

There are many details to look into before you can propose to your lovely fiancé. First on the list should be if she likes colored diamonds, second should be if yellow is her favorite color and if diamonds are indeed her best friend. Then her size and other details can follow.

Another detail that many people tend to overlook is the shape of the diamond. The shape of the canary yellow diamond engagement ring you want should be carefully chosen because it determines how the engagement ring would turn out.

Here are some of the best diamond shapes you can work with:


The cushion-cut diamond ring gives your yellow diamond engagement ring a traditional look. The yellow diamond is cut in a square shape with rounded corners to get the yellow cushion cut. This shape increases the brilliance of the yellow diamond but can reduce its intensity a bit. Regardless this is a great shape for yellow diamond engagement rings.


If the cushion cut isn’t what you want, then give the oval cut a try. An oval-cut yellow diamond engagement ring has an elongated shape which makes the finger look longer; this shape typically makes the diamond sparkle more; it also gives yellow diamond engagement rings an elegant look you would expect from fancy vivid yellow diamonds.


The pear shape is best for a perfect yellow diamond engagement ring; it gives the yellow diamond ring a bold and larger appearance. When cut well, they give a brilliant look to your diamond and sit perfectly on your finger.

Heart Cut

Giving your yellow diamond engagement ring a heart cut gives complete meaning to your love story. Yellow signifies happiness and hope; the heart shape means love. With the combination of both ideas, your love story is meant to last forever.

Aside from that, the heart cut for your yellow diamond can be challenging because it is a complicated cut, but it isn’t impossible; if an expert cuts it properly, the yellow diamond sparkles a lot and appears more brilliant. This rather popular diamond cut is perfect for you if you are a romantic.

Radiant Cut

Another shape you can have your yellow diamond engagement ring cut into is the radiant cut. A yellow radiant cut diamond ring gives your engagement ring a timeless, bespoke, and elegant look. It has a similar look as the emerald cut. This cut for yellow diamonds is quite rare because of how much diamond you would need to achieve this. It might cost you more to achieve this.


The marquise cut gives your yellow diamond ring an elongated narrow shape. It gives the yellow diamond an effortless elegance and brilliance. Still, if it isn’t well cut, the diamond can chip and break, so if you are going for this cut because it is not so common, you have to be careful not to get it chipped or broken.


The emerald cut gives a simplicity to yellow diamond engagement rings that isn’t commonly found in other diamond cuts; however, this is a good choice if you want the light from the yellow diamond to have a dramatic effect. The emerald cut has a rectangle shape with cut corners. A preferred choice if your partner loves artful designs.


Princess-cut for yellow engagement rings need a protective setting to guard against chipping. However, this is a very modern and trendy look for your yellow diamond engagement ring; it can be cut into a square or rectangle shape; either way, the brilliance of the diamond sparkles easily. this cut will definitely make her feel like a princess.

Round Cut

For a classical look, this is your best choice. The round-cut diamond ring is a top choice for your engagement ring. This shape increases your yellow diamond’s brilliance and increases the light from the yellow diamond.

Lab Grown Yellow Diamonds

Lab grown yellow diamonds are not usually made naturally. Researchers developed methods in laboratories that allow the creation of diamonds carrying the same physical attributes as natural-type diamonds. Fancy Yellow Diamonds are crafted in lab conditions. It is an interesting option for those who want a more affordable and ethical option than natural yellow diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are significantly less expensive than natural ones because they’re easier to find. But these stones do not have any physical difference from natural diamonds and therefore only a trained professional with very precise tools can tell the difference.