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Lab Grown Oval Cut Diamonds

An oval cut diamond is a shape for anyone who loves timeless glitz and glam.

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What is an Oval Cut Diamond?

An oval cut diamond is a diamond cut falls into the category of fancy shapes. It is much like a round diamond but with an elongated shape. This creates the timeless oval that shines with the same brilliance as round brilliant diamonds.

As a diamond fit for a queen, the elongated oval shape of this stone will blow onlookers away with its classic look and brilliance. Perfect on its own or surrounded by accent diamonds for more sparkle, the oval diamond is versatile and unique in style. As an added bonus, oval engagement rings can make the center stone appear larger than other diamonds of similar carat size.

Many celebrities from Kourtney Kardashian to Ariana Grande to Blake Lively and more have shown off their stunning oval cut diamond rings. If you're looking for an oval cut diamond ring, Clean Origin has a selection your significant other is sure to adore.

Are Oval Cut Diamonds More Expensive?
Oval cut diamonds are generally less expensive than most other fancy shaped diamonds. This makes them attractive choices for engagement rings.
Are Oval Diamonds Cheaper Than Round?

You will definitely pay more for round cut diamonds than oval cut diamonds (or any fancy shapes). Round brilliant diamonds are more expensive than oval diamonds because they're in demand, and also because much of the rough diamond is cut away to create a round brilliant.

But you may be able to buy an oval diamond of greater carat weight for the same price you would have paid for a smaller round diamond.

Do Oval Cut Diamonds Look Bigger?

Oval cut diamonds may appear larger to the naked eye than they already are due to their shape. This makes an oval diamond engagement ring a perfect choice for someone who wants to wow their loved one with a stunning diamond.

An oval shape diamond has larger size table than a round diamond. This allows it to maximize carat weight. Since carat weight is not the same as size, oval shape diamonds can be bigger than round diamonds of the same carat weight.

Clean Origin’s Selection Of Oval Diamonds

With over 75 settings from our Halo, Classic, Vintage, Solitaire, and Three-Stone collections (all of which accommodate an oval diamond), you’ll have a wide variety of Clean Origin styles to choose from. Go simple with a white gold solitaire or jazz up your ring with a rose gold, yellow gold, or classic pavé band. No matter what setting and stone combination your loved one desires, you’ll be able to find the perfect match in the Clean Origin selection.


Oval Shaped Diamonds - The 4 C’s

Take a look at our oval diamond 4 C’s information to guide you in your jewelry purchase.

Cut — Although sometimes used synonymously, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between the cut and shape of a diamond. The shape of a diamond (such as oval or round) refers to its physical appearance.

On the other hand, the cut refers to how well the diamond’s features interact with light--and this is incredibly important. A poorly cut diamond can result in light leakage, affecting it's brilliance and sparkle.

Clean Origin only offers diamonds at or above a "good" cut quality. Good, very good, excellent, and ideal are the four available options. However, since an oval diamond is considered a "fancy shape," most grading labs do not offer a cut quality.

Clarity — Clarity refers to the number of inclusions and blemishes in a particular stone. Each diamond has flaws and will be graded from SI2 (having the largest amount) to VVS1 (having the least).

Color — Color in a diamond actually refers to the absence of color. Clean Origin only offers diamonds from D (essentially colorless) to J (some color), even though the diamond color scale extends all the way to Z.

Although it can be hard to tell the difference in color from one letter grade to the one above or below it, color preference varies from person to person. Ovals also have a tendency to show color more than round diamonds.

Carat — Since oval shaped diamonds tend to appear larger than a different shape of the same carat, you can often get more bang for your buck in terms of size while maintaining your budget.

This gives buyers more flexibility when it comes to color and clarity. Or, it allows you to purchase a carat that looks much bigger than the one your significant other was hoping they would receive. Not to mention, the 20-30% you’ll save from purchasing a lab grown diamond could almost double the appearance of your oval stone.

Shopping for an Oval Diamond

One major characteristic to look for in an oval shaped diamond is the bowtie effect. Due to the length of the oval stone, these shapes can include a dark area that runs across the center of the diamond.

The visibility of the bowtie differs from diamond to diamond. Make sure you speak with a diamond expert when purchasing an oval shaped diamond to help find the stone that’s right for you.

You will also want to pay attention to the length to width ratio of your oval diamond. According to the GIA, the typical length to width ratio of oval diamonds range from 1.3:1 to 1.4:1.

Is Color or Clarity More Important In an Oval Diamond?

It all depends on what you're looking for. But if you're trying to stick to a budget and get the most for you money, you may want to prioritize color.

Due to the shape of an oval diamond, inclusions and blemishes are well hidden. For oval diamonds, clarity can be a place where you cut back, making it easy to increase your carat size while still enjoying a beautiful diamond and keeping within your price range.

Oval Lab Grown Diamonds

Oval shaped lab grown diamonds are graded the exact same way (and at the same labs) as oval shaped natural diamonds. This means that you would be looking for the exact same color, clarity, etc. in a mined diamond as you will in your lab grown diamond. The biggest difference between the two will be your available budget.

Lab grown diamonds can be anywhere from 20-30% less expensive, giving you 20-30% more budget to work with. This means your 1.5-carat oval diamond can be increased to a 2-carat oval diamond. This extra budget could also go toward a better color or clarity grade for the perfect diamond that will suit your needs.

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