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Salt and Pepper Diamond: Everything You Need to Know

by Clean Origin
Posted February 3, 2022
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“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” might be a cliché, but it’s your engagement on the line, and choosing the perfect engagement ring is the only way to seal the deal. If you are looking for something truly unique to give your partner, you should consider a salt and pepper diamond.

For centuries, diamond rings have placed a permanent mark on the jewelry world and set themselves as the best options for engagement rings globally. The most popular among them is the brilliant Cut white diamond. This flawless and perfect stone has held many in awe; without a doubt, it is a beauty to behold. 

However, the need and desire to create a more traditional and unique piece brought about the introduction of Salt and Pepper Diamonds or Galaxy Diamonds has some prefer to call it. This one-of-a-kind and beautiful piece easily stands out among other colored diamonds and can be worn as an engagement ring.

Salt and pepper diamond are diamonds with black and white inclusions when looked at with your naked eye; note that no two salt and pepper diamonds are the same. Some appear dark, some look close to gray, while others may be bright. They are making it even more unique and special. The best part is realizing that no one shares your type of engagement ring since no two diamonds are similar. 

What to Check Out for in Salt & Pepper Diamonds?

A salt and pepper diamond has a distinct look and personality to match their names. It refers to the color of particular diamonds with contrasting shades of black and white. The mix creates diamonds of distinct shapes with smoky and smooth speckled facets that highlight the features of the stone. 

Using salt and pepper diamond engagement rings, you are assured of an exclusive look and personality. However, getting a bit of knowledge before purchasing a collection or a piece is essential in selecting a salt pepper diamond.

How Do Salt and Pepper Diamonds Get Their Look?

Salt pepper diamonds are unique; they stand out among other colored diamonds. Salt pepper diamonds have a special appearance because inclusions naturally occur within their crystal structure, and inclusions are a critical component of all diamond products. 

Various inscription types give salt and pepper diamonds many other look possibilities. Depending on this inclusion, salt and pepper diamonds produce a different result. They could be black or light gray, milky or nearly black in all spectrums. Sometimes it is possible to find green, yellow, gold, orange, or red colors.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds Engagement Ring

Deciding the perfect stone for your engagement ring isn’t always the easiest. Giving there are many diamonds you can select from. If you have decided to go with salt and pepper diamonds, here are a few things to take note off;

Your Budget

Traditionally brilliant cut white diamonds cost more than salt and pepper diamonds. However, it would help if you did not think you were buying a cheap trinket; salt and pepper have become increasingly popular, with Jewelry designers taking its price up while remaining affordable. 

So, if you are on a budget and you want the glamour that comes with wearing diamonds, then salt and pepper are just right for you.  

Ring Size

The perfect ring size is essential to create your engagement ring. Your salt and pepper engagement ring should fit your finger and that of your love perfectly, so you must get both your finger and that of your significant other measured. There are different ways to get this done:

  • Take it to a jeweler
  • Invest in a ring mandrel 
  • Use the ring sizing chart
  • Trace it
  • Try it on yourself
Structural Integrity

Structurally sound, salt and pepper diamonds are a 10 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, but they may lose structural integrity if there are too many inclusions. 

The stone’s structural integrity is vital; too many imperfections and inclusion can mean the stone is fragile and can cause it to lose its structural integrity. You wouldn’t want that. 

We would never offer any of our customers a fragile or structurally unsound diamond, and neither would any of our jewelers. But it’s always important to ask about fidelity; your jewelry designer must well inform you about the durability of a salt and pepper diamond before including it in an engagement ring.


Salt and pepper diamonds suit both vintage and contemporary ring styles. They fit into any fashion era; you wouldn’t have to worry about being in vogue. 

Whatever stylish setting you desire, salt and pepper have a way of always fitting in; whether it is for a minimalist style or maximalist style, a salt and pepper diamond fits perfectly. It also works well for rough ring design and high-end settings. 

Reasons to Choose a Salt and Pepper Engagement Ring

Dynamic alternative: An established goal for each ring is how lovers experience their love from the particular, distinct, and vibrant look of the salt and pepper diamond. It’s just not regular. 

We are not perfect: its imperfection has a powerful way of reminding couples that they are not perfect, they would get it wrong sometimes, but the love they share would see them through. 

Less costly: You wouldn’t have to destroy your bank account to own one completely. The salt and pepper diamonds are less expensive than a pure diamond, given the same carat weight.

Create Your Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Creating your engagement ring is an exceptional process. Your jewelry has to be carefully handcrafted to fit your desired taste, and your design specification matters a lot.

 Once you have chosen a natural salt and pepper diamond, the next step is to decide on the gold color. Some prefer 24k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, or rose gold. Also, Determine your setting type and metal finish. 

How Do You Care For a Salt-And-Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring?

Salt-and-pepper diamonds will show lesser wear and damage than traditional diamonds, but the cleaning must remain essential. Even though it will not get dull as quickly as other stones, you must maintain your rings regularly, and you can do it by cleaning up dirt on the rings and bands. 

Keep the ring off when putting in a bath. The water will not affect your salt and pepper diamond ring but, in time, will cause a dulling and reduction of the luminosity of the Rings. Whether you are in the mood to wear an elegant diamond ring with salt or pepper, browse this collection of different engagement ring styles and budgets.

Salt-And-Pepper Diamond Rings: Pros and Cons

Salt and pepper diamonds have extremely high values, and this one-of-a-kind stone has more character than incredibly sought, pristine diamonds. They also make distinctive rings. The rings tend toward the left but not far away from the center without going overboard in the avant-garde territory, making it easier to differentiate. 

Salt and pepper diamonds are sturdy but are considered weaker than traditional diamonds because of their many inclusions, its better to have your ring designed with a more protective setting like a bezel or, better still, radiance. Regardless, they are, in fact, stronger than some gemstone.

Not for Salt and Pepper Diamond, Your Best Alternatives 

Perhaps you feel salt and pepper diamond wouldn’t do it for you. Here are some alternatives you should consider. 

  • Lab-Created Diamonds
  • Round Diamond
  • Princess Diamond
  • Oval Diamond
  • Emerald Diamond
  • Cushion Diamond
  • Pear Diamond

Salt and Pepper Diamond: The 4 C’s

Salt and pepper diamonds and colorless diamonds have specific differences you will want to note as you search for the perfect engagement ring. However, they are formed in the same way and from the same material, but they have different quality factors. 

Regardless of the diamond cut, you should understand the necessary information to help you make the best decisions for your ring. It’s essential to know how the 4 C’s relate to salt and pepper diamonds.


Salt and pepper diamonds are cut to reveal the stone’s patterns and unique inclusions. Fancy cuts for the rocks are also better than stones with many inclusions. If the stone has a high number of inclusions, the stone’s brilliance will reduce a lot when cutting. 

Salt and pepper diamonds come out well in fancy cuts such as rose-cut and fancy cut and shapes such as kites, round, hexagons, rose cut, pear, step cuts, triangles, and oval. You might also prefer raw or rough salt and pepper diamonds best used for rustic settings.


Clarity here means the number of blemishes and inclusions in a diamond. There is no diamond that call be called entirely perfect, and all diamond has what makes them imperfect. The salt and pepper diamond inclusion are formed by a neat distribution of black and white light, highlighting its prominent feature and unique identity.


When it comes to the color of a diamond, it means the absence of color. The lesser the color a diamond has, the higher the grade. The black inclusion in a salt and pepper diamond makes it look gray, giving it a darker appearance. However, the body color of the diamond can range from gray to milky and colorless, which tends to have an impact on the overall look of the diamond. 


Salt and pepper diamonds are easy to find because they are affordable. These stones are readily available, and their prices do not increase with an increased carat weight the way traditional diamonds do. A colorless diamond costs almost 200% of the price of a salt and pepper diamond of the same carat. 

Lab-Grown Salt and Pepper Diamond 

Salt and pepper diamond are naturally sourced diamonds, but you can get the lab-grown variant. The lab-grown salt and pepper diamond and mined salt and pepper diamond have identical chemicals construction and appearance. Lab-grown salt and pepper diamond are perfect alternatives to the natural ones. When comparing the two, look carefully at the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Also, decide the length-to-width ratio you prefer. You can get Lab-grown diamonds at a 20-30% lower price so that you can add extra carat to your one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Benefits of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

They are Environment friendly. The mining process causes a minimized disturbance to the environment and nature, as mining companies have put considerable effort towards reducing its effect on the ecosystem. 

Over time there has been a high demand for these diamonds; their unique features and interesting shape have attracted buyers’ interest. Its natural difference is another selling point; some consider it a rare find.