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15-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Every Couple

by Shannon Hayner
Last updated on March 22, 2024
15 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Being together for fifteen years is a huge accomplishment. This is a very special anniversary that will be memorable for the rest of your life. It’s important to find the right gift that will show your partner how much you love them and how much your relationship means to you. If you’re searching for the perfect anniversary gift, look no further with these 15-year anniversary gift ideas.

Clean Origin does not carry crystal jewelry. This post is meant for educational purposes only. We encourage you to explore our lab grown diamond options.

Fifteen Years: The Crystal Wedding Anniversary

Couple cuddling together

The 15th wedding anniversary is called the crystal anniversary because the traditional gift is crystal.

Crystal represents clear and sparkling love. It gives off a glimmer, especially in bright light. Anything made out of crystal fits this tradition. Gifts for men and women can be made out of crystal.

After 15 years of being together, it is clear how much a couple loves each other and intends to spend more wonderful time together. Crystal symbolizes the brightness, clarity, and sometimes fragility of a relationship of fifteen years.

How Do You Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage?

A 3 ct. tw. Oval 7 Stone Comfort Ring in yellow gold, featuring a striking row of seven prong-set, lab-grown oval diamonds aligned side-by-side. The design offers a low profile for ease of wear, while the comfort fit band ensures a smooth feel on the finger. Each diamond is masterfully cut to exhibit exceptional sparkle and clarity, contributing to the ring's luxurious appeal.
15-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Anniversary Band

Reaching a 15-year milestone in your marriage calls for celebration and reflection. It’s a moment to honor the love and companionship that has flourished over the years.

Consider giving a meaningful gift that mirrors the beauty of this journey. Choose from our selection of 5 and 7 stone bands, each stone representing the love and memories you’ve cherished together.

Anniversary bands are a popular gift, and many people also renew wedding vows on their anniversary.

Traditional 15-Year Anniversary Gifts

Model resting on rock while wearing a diamond ring

Anything made out of crystal or glass can be considered a traditional gift for a 15-year anniversary. Traditionally, crystal glass is preferred for gifts over rock crystal because it is shiny and crystal clear.

If you want to have a crystal theme for gifts for your anniversary, there are plenty of great crystal gift ideas!

Crystal Glasses

A crystal glass represents everything that crystal symbolizes for a relationship. A new set of new dinner glasses is the perfect traditional gift that is still practical.

If you and your partner like to drink wine, why not buy a special wine with a set of crystal wine glasses? Or you can go for stemless wine glasses as a modern gift.


A crystal vase for all the flowers your partner receives is another great way to incorporate traditional gifts.

With something like a vase, you can really match your partner’s personal style. If they like modern and contemporary styles, you can find a unique vase. Or they may prefer vintage and antique styles.

Crystal Frame

A crystal frame is a perfect gift because you can put anything you want inside of it. This could be a new piece of art or a framed picture of the two of you. A crystal frame is also perfect for any household and will be an appreciated decoration your partner can look at every day.

Crystal Candleholders

Candleholders are a great addition to any home and can also be special decorations for holidays. If your partner loves the look of candles and is always on top of home decor, crystal candleholders may be a great option.

Cuff Links

For someone who wears suits often, a pair of crystal cuff links are a special way to represent this significant milestone in your relationship. You can find some with a unique style or a cool design to make them stand out. They will most likely be worn for a special occasion, reminding them of this momentous anniversary.

Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is perfect for a woman who loves to show off her style. There are tons of options for crystal jewelry.

Keep in mind that a crystal is not the same as a diamond and may not be of the same quality. When shopping and gift-giving, make sure you know the durability of the jewelry and how to care for it.

Modern Gifts for 15 Year Anniversary

Clean Origin Lab Created Diamond Eternity Bands
Clean Origin Lab Created Diamond Eternity Bands

There are also popular modern gifts for your partner for the 15-year anniversary. The modern symbol for the 15th anniversary is a watch. This is a great gift for both women and men.

A Watch

A watch is actually a very popular modern 15th-anniversary gift. While it may not always be made of crystal, a nice watch is one of the best wedding anniversary gifts for your partner. You can have your wedding date engraved on the backside for an extra special touch.

Splurging on a high-quality watch is something that will pay off if your partner wears it frequently. It will surely remind them of you every time they look at the time!

Wall and Table Clocks

Another option is a clock for the home or for your partner’s desk. Wall clocks add just a touch of sophistication to any room and come in many styles to match your home.

Diamond Tennis Necklace or Bracelet

Model posing with a diamond ring, necklace, and earring
Clean Origin’s Diamond Tennis Necklace

Diamond tennis necklaces or bracelets are the perfect timeless anniversary gift that expresses your timeless relationship. A classic tennis bracelet goes with any outfit and adds just enough sophistication to your partner’s jewelry collection.

Diamond Pendant

Clean Origin's Diamond Pendant and Rings
Clean Origin’s Diamond Pendant and Rings

A diamond pendant necklace will always be a gift your loved one will enjoy. Wearing it reminds them of your relationship and the love you share.

There are many styles of diamond pendant necklaces, from simple to intricate to vintage. Check out Clean Origin’s diamond pendants.

Eternity Rings

Diamond Eternity Bands
Diamond Eternity Bands

An eternity ring symbolizes a promise and commitment to a relationship. After 15 years of being in a relationship or marriage, it is the perfect time to gift an eternity ring. You can find simple bands or more detailed diamond rings.

Other 15-Year Anniversary Symbols

There are many symbols that represent 15-year anniversaries beyond crystals and watches. These may give you ideas for a unique gift for your partner.

What Color Represents the 15th Anniversary?

The color that represents 15-year anniversaries is ruby red. A lot of the traditional symbols for the 15th anniversary are red. You can also have a red theme when shopping for anniversary gifts for your partner.

15-Year Anniversary Flower

Other 15-Year Anniversary Symbols
Other 15-Year Anniversary Symbols

Roses are the flower that represents 15-year anniversaries. After 15 years, you have been through it all with your partner. Roses also represent love and passion.

It may be time for a rekindling of your romance. Surprise your partner with a bouquet of red roses.

15-Year Anniversary Gemstone

Chic 15th-anniversary gifts: Oval pink diamond promise rings. One features a three-stone halo; the other, a single halo design, both set in elegant yellow and white gold.
Preset Pink Lab Create Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

The gemstone that represents 15 years of a happy marriage is the ruby. Like roses, red rubies symbolize passion and intense love. Celebrate your long-lasting marriage with a stunning ruby necklace or ring.

If you can’t find the perfect ruby, consider pink diamonds or rose gold jewelry instead. They still have a feminine aesthetic while representing love and romance.

Give Something Personal

Couple hugging from behind

For any anniversary, you can give something meaningful, even if it isn’t a traditional gift.

Write Your Partner a Note

A sweet letter from the heart beats any gift you can buy. Reminisce about your wedding day or tell your partner how much you love them. This is a priceless gift that will make your relationship even stronger.

Make Something From the Heart

If you do art of any kind, making a special gift for your spouse can mean the world to them. Make sure to spend some time thinking about how to customize it as the perfect anniversary gift. You can include special memories, words, or photos that mean a lot to you.

Even if you’re not an artist, making something with your own hands is worth it when you see how much your spouse adores it.

Write a Love Poem

Make your 15-year anniversary gift a special reminder of how amazing your spouse is by writing a love song or poem from them. If it comes from the heart, it doesn’t matter how bad you think it is. They will love the effort you put in to make them smile.

No matter what you choose to give your partner for your 15th anniversary, take the time to celebrate you and your love. It will surely be an anniversary to remember!

Find More Anniversary Gift Ideas at Clean Origin

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Commemorating 15 years of marriage is a momentous occasion that calls for acknowledgment and appreciation. To convey your affection and admiration for your partner, you might want to consider presenting them with a lab-grown diamond from Clean Origin, which comes in a breathtaking gift box. This kind gesture will surely allow you to articulate your love and gratefulness in a significant manner. Moreover, you could curate a customized playlist featuring your wedding song and share it with your beloved spouse, making your celebration as magical as your relationship.

We offer a diverse selection of lab-grown diamonds that cater to both traditional and modern preferences. Regardless of your choice, it will serve as a stunning and everlasting symbol of your love for your partner.