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Marquise Diamond Ring

by Clean Origin
Last updated on August 22, 2023

We might live in modern times, but the request for jewelry like the marquise diamond ring which has unique vintage styles still creeps in. The talk of the town is that the marquise diamond ring gives an edgy look that somehow fits into this era.

A marquise diamond ring has a unique and storied shape; one look at it and you can tell it isn’t a modern ring; rather, it is a ring style that belongs to the 7th century period. However, there have been many changes in designing the setting of the marquise diamond ring so that it has both a modern and traditional look.

Marquise diamond ring has a long and narrow shape that gives it its antique look and allows the brilliance and sparkle to shine out in the best way; some call it eye shape or football shape. Marquise diamond ring is definitely one of the best choices for your diamond engagement ring if you want something unique and rare.

How Expensive Are Marquise Diamonds Rings?

You might be wondering how expensive the Marquise diamond ring can be. If you would like to buy it, this is a piece of important information for you to look at. The price of marquise diamond rings varies from retailer to retailer. Still, at the end of the day, the cost of designing the diamond determines how expensive it will be. A great deal of expertise goes into cutting and polishing any diamond. Diamonds cost quite a lot of money, although the joy they bring can not be quantified.

However, marquise diamond rings are not as expensive as other popular and modern shapes like an oval diamond ring or round diamond ring,

which usually waste a lot of diamond in the process of cutting out their shape. There isn’t much diamond wasted in cutting the shape of a Marquise diamond ring. The more diamond that is wasted during shaping the diamond, the more expensive it will be.

Compared to other shapes of diamonds with more modern appeal and popularity, like the princess shape diamond, marquise diamond rings are a little less popular, which makes them less expensive.

Are Marquise Diamonds Out of Style?

Wait a minute, because the marquise diamonds ring has a vintage and antique look doesn’t make it less deserving of a place in today’s world. Although, it was made popular in the 18th century by king Louis xiv, who wanted a diamond ring that looked like the lips of his mistress.

The marquise cut became popular in the ’70s and ’90s. Still, it began losing its popularity with the introduction of more modern cuts, which seemed to give a lot of sparkle and brilliance. However, the marquise diamond has found its way back into modern fashion, with jewelry makers giving the marquise cut diamond a more beautiful design, which has brought it back into style.

To give the vintage jewelry a mixture of a traditional and modern look, jewelry makers now use more unique metals, like platinum and white gold, and their silver look gives the marquise cut diamond more sparkle. Yellow gold and gold metals have also been incorporated into the design of this ring to create a balance between a modern and traditional look.

Jewelry makers have also developed fascinating diamond settings like the prong setting, which gives the marquise diamond a firm hold. The 6 prong setting is one of the favorite settings for a marquise cut diamond. There is the bezel setting or halo setting; this setting gives marquise cut diamonds the modern edge that keeps them in style.

So if you want to know if you are still in vogue wearing marquise cut diamonds, you certainly are!

How Special Is a Marquise Diamond?

The marquise diamond has a special history in royalty, making its first appearance with the desire of a king to show how much he loves his mistress and how the beauty and shape of her lips deserve to be immortalized in a diamond. How romantic!

The marquise diamond is the perfect shape to give your finger a slimmer and slender look; this is possible because of its shape; the marquise diamond has a long and narrow shape with pointed ends. The long body of this diamond makes it appear larger than it actually is, making it seem like an equal carat weight with a round diamond which has a bigger carat weight.

Marquise cuts are also more affordable than popular diamond shapes. So, you get a truly unique and rare gem for an affordable price.

1 Carat Marquise Diamond: Is It Worth It?

A 1-carat marquise diamond is about $4000 to $5000, which is about 20% lesser than the cost of a 1 carat round diamond. Despite the price difference, 1-carat marquise diamond rings appear just as large as a 1-carat round diamond.

A 1-carat marquise diamond is definitely worth it. With the right metal, diamond settings, and jeweler, you will definitely get a diamond ring that can rival any other popular diamond cut. But before then, choosing a 1-carat marquise diamond with good quality is important. The 4c’s is a sure guide to getting the best 1-carat marquise diamond quality.

Marquise-Cut Engagement Ring

Now that it is time to propose, choosing the perfect engagement ring can be challenging even though there are many stores with special offers on various diamond shapes and styles. Here is one thing to note, do not be in a hurry to select your partners’ ring.

It is hard to say “on the top of the list” with a marquise cut engagement ring because they are not actually “on the top of the list.” Neither are they off the list of diamond shapes you should consider as an engagement ring for your partner.

But suppose you want a diamond with an interesting history and one that isn’t too common. In that case, marquise engagement rings are a great choice, especially as a vintage engagement ring.

Why You Should Choose Marquise Cut Engagement Ring

Marquise diamonds are not usually seen as engagement rings, but more people are leaning towards them these days. It is mostly because of its unique appearance that isn’t found in other diamond shapes. Here’s why marquise cut engagement rings would be perfect for your partner.

It Has an Elegant Look

Marquise engagement rings have an elegant look that is unique in itself. You will first notice its long, eye-like solitaire that sits elegantly on a round band when you see it. When worn on your finger, its elegance comes out to play in all its glory. So if you want an engagement ring with a lot of sophistication and beauty this is a good choice

They Are Not Common

Marquise engagement rings are not typically used as engagement rings and are not too popular compared to other shapes; this gives a unique twist to your relationship with your partner, making it all the more special. Get your partner a diamond as unique as your love.

For Less, You Get More

The marquise diamond shape makes your engagement ring look bigger compared to the shape of other diamonds with bigger sizes. You basically purchase a diamond ring that appears larger than it actually is.

A Perfect Sign of Love

You want your engagement ring to be more than just a ring but a sign of the love you share together. Because marquise engagement rings have a history in love. It will definitely serve as a sign of the love you share with your partner. Vida Marquise Cut Halo Promise Ring will definitely blow her mind away.

A Valuable Possession for the One You Love

Purchasing marquise engagement rings has its benefits, but that is if you will buy from a reputable store with quality diamonds that are professionally graded. This way, you are sure that you are being offered diamond engagement rings that will retain value over the years.

How to Buy Marquise Engagement Rings

You have obviously decided that a marquise cut diamond will be perfect as an engagement ring for your partner, and we are excited just as you are. However, your excitement is not enough to get you a high-quality marquise engagement ring. What then do you need to look out for so that you are guaranteed only the best jewelry sitting in a lovely engagement ring box.

Buy From an Online Store

There are many benefits of buying your marquise engagement ring from an online store. You get to see the image of the ring before you speak to a jewelry consultant who offers a lot of helpful information before you pay.

From the comfort of your home, you compare the different styles of marquise engagement ring the style shop has to offer and what special offers the store might provide. You get to see how the marquise ring looks when used on different metals like platinum, rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold before you purchase.

This store also has an email list where you can own an account. You will receive emails on any special offer and if there are similar items available for you to buy. The best thing is that you get your diamond ring delivered to you at any location of your choice or allow store pickup.

But make sure you are buying from a reputable store. Go through the reviews to read the different accounts of previous customers’ experiences. At Clean Origin we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the business.

Carefully Choose the Setting of the Ring

The pointed end of the marquise diamond is always in danger of getting a chip; you have to carefully choose a setting that protects your ring from getting chipped or breaking. The best setting to choose in this case will be the prong.

The bezel setting does a good job of protecting the edges of the diamond; it also gives the diamond its much-needed sparkle and brilliance, making it more attractive and elegant.

Go For Marquise Diamond With an Excellent Symmetry

Symmetry is a big deal when it comes to your marquise engagement ring. Only choose marquise engagement rings that look as straight as possible. Both ends should align properly, and they should look exactly the same. Obviously, the marquise diamond isn’t symmetric, so it gives it a very off look that you may not want.

Look Out for Inclusion in Your Diamond Ring

This is where clarity grading comes in; you would be able to determine if the inclusion in the diamond can be seen with your naked eye and if there is any blemish you should be worried about. This is probably one of the best reasons to see your stone before purchasing it. Suppose the marquise diamond has an inclusion that can obviously be seen. In that case, it is of lower quality, and it is best you avoid it.

Closely Look at the Cut Grade

A marquise engagement ring with a good cut grade would have a depth of about 58% to 62%, a table of 53%-63%, a very thin or slightly thick girdle, and a pavilion depth of 42. 8% to 43. 2%, a length to width ratio of about 1.85 to 2.00, and no culet. Carefully look at the cut quality of the stone you want to use for your engagement ring to be sure it falls into any of this range.

Closely Look at the Color Grade

Colorless marquise diamonds with grades D to F are usually high in demand because they are a good grade for these diamonds. If the color grade of the diamond falls below these grades, the price tends to drop. However, you can still find quality marquise diamonds below this grade, especially if you pair it with an appropriate metal like the yellow diamond; you will overall get an engagement ring of fair quality at an even lesser price.

Lab Grown Marquise Diamonds

There is no difference between lab grown marquise diamonds and natural marquise diamonds; they both have the same quality and have the same grades in color, cut, clarity and carat. The only real difference between both would be the price. Lab grown marquise diamonds cost 20% to 40% less than natural marquise diamonds, making them more affordable.

Critically look at the features of a lab grown marquise engagement ring, with the same principles you would use to look at a natural marquise engagement ring. Lab grown diamonds are also called lab created diamonds, and they are GIA certified.