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Lab Grown Diamond Marquise Engagement Rings

Originally designed for royalty, marquise engagement rings offer a timeless feel for the modern couple.

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What Is a Marquise Diamond?

A marquise cut diamond has an elongated, elliptical shape with two pointed ends. It is also referred to as a "football" shape or a "navette" (little ship).

Balance and symmetry are vital when choosing a marquise cut gemstone, as well as girdle thickness. Girdle thickness is especially important for the stone's structure; sufficient thickness offers support and prevents damage. So be sure to choose a stone that isn't too long or short, and make sure it is just the right thickness.

What Does a Marquise Cut Diamond Symbolize?

Thanks to its origins, the marquise diamond ring symbolizes royalty--and possibly a love story.

The marquise diamond originated in France in the mid 1700s. It is said to have been commissioned by King Louis XV for his mistress Marquise de Pompadour. He thought the shape of her mouth was so beautiful that he had artisans create a diamond that resembled it.

Are Marquise Engagement Rings Popular?

Not currently, but that could change. The yellow gold marquise engagement ring was popular in the 1970s and 1980s. And until recently it has been considered by younger generations to be dated. However, as with everything else, trends come and go.

The marquise engagement ring may be making a comeback, especially as more celebrities are spotted with marquise center diamond rings on their fingers. The marquise cut also has a vintage appeal that speaks to younger people who enjoy the nostalgia of decades past.

And in addition to its vintage feel, the marquise is an interesting shape that can be modernized for an updated (and even edgy) style. With options like white gold or platinum bands embellished with pavé diamonds, various shapes of side stones, and even halos, there are endless ways to create a contemporary design.

Celebrities With Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

Catherine Zeta-Jones has a 10-carat marquise cut natural diamond ring. The marquise center diamond is set horizontally on a platinum band and is surrounded by a diamond halo.

Ashlee Simpson is a prime example of a younger celebrity with a marquise engagement ring. Her ring features a 5-carat marquise cut diamond set in both platinum and yellow gold. Surrounding it are 140 white diamonds as well as rubies.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis also had a marquise engagement ring (from her second husband, Aristotle Onassis). However, it wasn't just any ring. It featured the Lesotho III--a 40.42 carat marquise cut diamond. The Lesotho III was one of eighteen gemstones cut from the Lesotho, a 601 carat diamond discovered in Lesotho, South Africa, in the 1960s.

Are Marquise Diamonds More Expensive?

Surprisingly, no. Despite their expensive look and glittering shine, the marquise diamond is one of the most affordable diamond engagement ring options. And one of the best advantages of choosing a marquise cut engagement ring is its perceived size--a marquise diamond looks bigger than it is.

Thanks to the marquise cut diamonds elongated shape, it can appear larger than a more expensive round cut diamond of the same carat weight. It can also rival a round brilliant's sparkle.

According to the International Gem Society (IGI) "Diamond cutters confirm that the modern marquise cut handles light almost as perfectly as a round brilliant cut diamond." So not only do you get a beautiful diamond that looks larger than it is, but you also get one that shines just as bright as a pricier round brilliant.

What Wedding Band Goes With a Marquise Engagement Ring?

Since a marquise diamond is a unique shape, you may want to choose a simple wedding band without extra details. A simple band will allow your marquise center diamond to be the focal point of your wedding set. A classic, solid metal band would work well in this case.

But if you prefer a wedding band with some more sparkle, pavé diamonds are a nice touch. Pavé diamonds are small so they won't overwhelm your engagement ring. They will simply add extra shine to an already stunning center diamond.

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