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Round engagement rings are the most popular of all engagement shapes– and for good reason. This timeless cut always brings the sparkle!

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What Are Round Engagement Rings?

The timeless round-cut engagement ring will always be en vogue, featuring the world's most popular diamond shape. This classic shape makes its way onto everyone's wish list thanks to its clean elegance and style that lasts through the ages. Brilliant faceting ensures significant sparkle and the ability to maximize light return which, in turn, creates a diamond with high brilliance. A round-cut diamond ring will also stand out in various styles, from a simple solitaire to a shining halo setting.

Clean Origin’s Selection of Round Engagement Rings

Within our comprehensive collection of round engagement rings, you’ll find an assortment of options to suit your loved one’s style and budget. Shine the spotlight on the refined center stone with a setting from our halo, classic, vintage, or solitaire collections, creating a sparkler that your significant other will immediately love. Clean Origin offers round engagement rings in 18k and 14k yellow, white, rose gold, and platinum.

Tips For Buying a Round Engagement Ring

When it comes to round engagement ring styles, choosing a round-cut diamond is only part of the decision process. Here’s a list of the details to account for when shopping round diamond engagement rings.

Think About Style

Round-cut diamonds can work for anyone's style. If your loved one prefers sleek clothing and accessories, a round-cut diamond in a solitaire band will suit them well. If they like wearing timeless styles with their quirky touch, consider adding a vintage setting to the mix.

Level Up For Little Cost

If you're looking to purchase a small diamond, consider halo engagement rings. Surrounded by smaller diamonds, the center stone will appear more significant than its carat weight — and won’t cost nearly as much as upgrading to a larger diamond.

Mind The Cut

When you decide to purchase a round diamond, the cut is the most important factor to consider. Round diamonds are the only shape that the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades for the full spectrum of ‘cut’ options. The institute assigns each diamond one of the following cut grades: ideal, excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.

Clean Origin only offers round diamonds at or above a good cut. If you have questions about diamond cuts, don't hesitate to contact a jewelry consultant who can help you find your perfect engagement ring.

Consider Color

Color is an entirely subjective choice. While colorless diamonds, like D-F diamonds, are the most popular, some prefer warmer colors. If your loved one seems to wear a lot of reds, oranges, and rich yellows, a G-H diamond may be something to consider. Additionally, some G-H diamonds may look better next to rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold wedding bands.

History of Round Engagement Rings

Completely circular shapes weren’t possible until the invention of the diamond bruting (cutting) machine in the late 1800s. Before technological advancement, diamonds were not cut into a circular shape but a cushion shape, one of the most popular cuts of the time.

Jewelers called the first round diamonds “European-cut diamonds,” which were much different from the round-cut diamonds that are so popular today. European-cut diamonds were very popular with jewelers since it wastes little of the original diamond.

As a result, over the last thirty years, round brilliant cut diamonds have become the most popular diamonds available. Simple yet elegant, these diamonds suit nearly any style.

Celebrities With Round Engagement Rings

Simple round engagement rings are hugely popular with the rich and famous. Here are a few celebrities who have opted for round-cut engagement rings.

Mila Kunis

A gift from husband Ashton Kutcher, Mila’s round engagement ring is kept secure in a lockbox. It’s no wonder, as the five-carat round-cut diamond set in a solitaire Tiffany’s band is worth $250,000.

Allison Williams

American actress Allison Williams is reportedly “obsessed” with her ring from husband, Ricky Van Veen. The nearly three-carat diamond rests in a solitaire setting on a platinum ring with stunning baguette side stones.

Emily Blunt

This Neil Lane engagement ring, given to the actress by actor John Krasinski, was inspired by the Edwardian era’s intricate aesthetic. The three-carat round-cut diamond is worth around $100K.

Miranda Kerr

Australian model Miranda is married to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, who gifted her a round-cut diamond flanked with baguettes for their engagement. The diamond is estimated to be 1.75 to 2.5 carats and is worth around $75,000 to $100,000.

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